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Council of Trustees
Jack Cloudborn, Matrix, Tuscan

Trade Enforcer/Protector
Commander Rasia


Meetings before the following transcript were not recorded.

November 24th 2017 Hosted by Pelos Station
Jack Cloudborn: greetings we are here for the unitrade meeting'
Aliah Dufaux: could you all come this way
Aliah Dufaux: have a seat
Aliah Dufaux: no weapons please
Jack Cloudborn: thank you all for hosting this months meeting' may i have permission to teleport in a display
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: sorry about that just got here from a patrol
Aliah Dufaux: sure
Aliah Dufaux: understood
Aliah Dufaux: please have a seat
KrakkenAres Pleides: Greetings. New welcome visitors
KrakkenAres Pleides salutes!
Trish: Hello
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: nods
Jack Cloudborn: and of course now i cant find it in inventory
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: hello tuscan
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: its been a while since we last saw each other
Tuscan Lectar: Greetings Rasia, how are you this find day. Hope al si wel with you and yours
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: well as good as an NVX unit can be i guess
Aliah Dufaux: there is food on the red table if you wish something to eat
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: im a gyniod but thanks for the offer none the less
Jack Cloudborn: straps on his comm. "i'll be a few minutes checking on others."
Tuscan Lectar: As stated you are wlecoem to food, drink, Explore if you like *smiles*
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: im not sure if jack informed you all but the nvx units are going to be the enforcers of unitrade
Jack Cloudborn: thank you tuscan
Jack Cloudborn: i brought that up at a prior meetins... as well as tele-presence robots may be used for mutual aid of other stations ectera
Tuscan Lectar: Sielke had informed me she wil not be able to make the meeting today.
Tuscan Lectar: Who?? NVX ahh who or whom are they??
Jack Cloudborn: Station N9 will be an hour late inbound 45 min officially
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: i am NVX unit number 148 the NVX units are a group of combat capable nonpartisian gynoids of various skills and abilities
Jack Cloudborn: trade enforcers will come in handy for broken promises pirates and the like' make sure cargo is returned and the like
Trish: Will Matrix be joining us?
Jack Cloudborn: noted on sielke shes been quiet on comms with me' i hope i have not offended her in some way.. i hope matrix will be as of the moment i do not have a active comm signal
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: we are kind of like mercs only one unit is more than capable on its own against armies
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: i myself am a scout and recon ultralight unit
Trish: Will there be a route that needs to be followed from one area to another?
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: ta
Jack Cloudborn: many of the other nvx and nva units are scattered across the galaxies to my knowledge... and to what i understand they have served as station protectors in the past
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: thats what my patrol was determining trish
Tuscan Lectar: OK. SooOOO your species will be the "Constables" for the Trade consortium... keeping the peace and Providing protection where possible?
Trish: Role play ..Space game that is being set up
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: we are not a spiecies we are gynoids or constructs but yes you are correct
Jack Cloudborn: Much of the terminal over there is linked up to a large buoy communications network acrosss known and unknown space' routes and other practices are determined by the parties involved' however the unitrade system offers education and adaptiblity to new input from users.
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: its system is loosely baised on the network that is used by the nvx units
Jack Cloudborn: trade groups are third teir parties whom use unitrade compromise services'
KrakkenAres Pleides: Well as you patrol and protect teh Trading stations If your group runs into any elements of Haulks Pirate ships or Elements of Lord Grants Vessels. Please Inform the Allaince..
Jack Cloudborn: ah good matrix is here
Aliah Dufaux: Greetings Matrix
Aliah Dufaux: please have a seat
Matrix: cant see thm yet
Tuscan Lectar: Greetings Matrix, how are you glad you can make it
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: we will prolly engage them i know I will engage then full on myself I can't speak for the other units
KrakkenAres Pleides: Cant see. told you not to drink tht Tequila last night but NOoOoooooooo. hope your eyesight comes back lololol
Jack Cloudborn: non locally certain parties have pledged their support to this undertaking as well.
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: *nods to matrix*
Matrix: thats not stellar..
Tuscan Lectar: heheh still hung over ther Matrix. lolol
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: no matrix its not
Matrix: must i?
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: but I don't blame you me and stellar do get mixed up alot
Tuscan Lectar: NooooO. if you are comfy. and it Therapeutic. enjoy *grin*
Jack Cloudborn: if everyone agrees that is appropriate at this stage to start adopting more formal proceedures at the monthly unitrade meeting I would like to suggest the custom of the floor' where the floor is passed and granted.
Tuscan Lectar: Stella is always in Blue... though we are trying our best to bring her over to the Dark side. heheh
Matrix: roger that jack..
Matrix: ahem.
Tuscan Lectar: "Fish and Chips" Yes!!!
Matrix: *sits up more official like
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: tuscan you won't be able to move stellar she's pretty set in her morals
Jack Cloudborn: darkness is generally fond of camoflauging its true color' add a light source and one often finds what is dark is actualy rather animated in color
Tuscan Lectar: *munch**munch**munch**munch**munch**munch*
Matrix: ty nano, thats enough
Matrix: *looks at the floor, waiting.*
Trish: Would it be posible to do some sort of "test run"
Trish: What we need to do , where to go and how to get there
Jack Cloudborn: smiles at matrix's more official sitting position. "if it is unanimous then i would like to set forth a motion as trustee that a representantive of pelos station and matrix also be granted the title trustee at this time. That being said I would like to grant the floor to tuscan at this time for the host speech."
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: nods
Matrix: seconded
Jack Cloudborn: Notes to himself his habit of liking to say at this time... though usually its at this particular moment in time... rather then the shorter variation.
Matrix: will that be in the minutes , jack?
Tuscan Lectar: I like to welcome all to our Monthly meeting of the Trade consortium though I know we are under a different identifier
Jack Cloudborn: i really dont want to follow rogers or roberts rules of order exactly but some definition we define together
Matrix: play it by ear?
Matrix: i like the floor thing
Tuscan Lectar: I welcome the Ladies Trish, Aliah, Matgrix and Rasia. as well as The Lords Jack and Proconsual Krakken Ares.
Jack Cloudborn: me too but technically we should be quiet so tuscan can speak
Tuscan Lectar: ... and I know jack you dont liek the Lord infront of yoru name *smiles* but that is our way . SooOoooO.. . *smiles*
Tuscan Lectar: To give al a brief presentatiosn of our Statiosn here
Tuscan Lectar: As you can see. it pretty big
Tuscan Lectar: Isevrs Four Missions.
Tuscan Lectar: 1. It is a Stgatosn that can service and provide maintenance to any SHip in this sectgor and beyond.
Tuscan Lectar: It is capable of Handling small SHuttle craft, Cargo Vessels. of any size.
Jack Cloudborn: Smirks in a friendly matter glad that Tuscan noted his preference. Though noting to mention again that his name is a title akin to lord already.
Tuscan Lectar: 2. It is a Stations that houses elements fo the Pryxis Alliance. Who responsibility is to protect the Interest ehre i nteh Mu Draconis Sector. Though a few may have difference of opinion as to our true reasons here
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: *closes eyes for a second as she instinctively focuses on a layout scan*
Matrix: sighs
Tuscan Lectar: 3. Trade Station. A wide barieis fo trading cargo ships come through here for Refueling.... Exchange of Their cargo for another transfer fo cargo to other ships so this stations serves as a Rendezvous point
Matrix: request translation of 'ehre i nteh'
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: here in the
Matrix: ty
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: nods
Tuscan Lectar: 4. Diplomatic Activities. We had the opportuniies to Provide the station as a Neutral Platform for a variety fo diplomatic Activities.
Matrix: tries not to laugh at the use of the word Neutral
Tuscan Lectar: Please note Given this station is open to all. Ther ewil come a time where hmm our adversaries would come unannounce and well. attack us
Tuscan Lectar: In that as you al notice our directional arrows are presently at Green
Tuscan Lectar: If you come near and see it in Red Strongly advise you to stay clear until "Green" is ineffect.
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: i perfer unbiased myself *smile*
Matrix: yhanks for the heads up
Jack Cloudborn: Takes mental notes on all that is said.
Matrix: ill warn the pilots passing tgrgouh
Tuscan Lectar: Again the Pelo staion is open to all and provides a wide variety fo services . Moreover, it is also a sanctuary.. haven if you will fi said Cargo Trading ships come under attack or pirates show there ugly head
Matrix: nods
Tuscan Lectar: along with teh NVX wil respond to protect and WE wil santzed al who bring harm to said trading vessels
Tuscan Lectar: We wil not give sanctuary to any Raiding Pirate vessels
Tuscan Lectar: If they send an SOS to us we wil respond take prisoners... this is non Negotiable
Tuscan Lectar: Any questions, comments? Suggestions? *smiles*
Matrix: the room looks nice
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: this is where you and me stand apart tuscan ifca purate vessel is i distress I will aid them
Tuscan Lectar: Thanks. .this serves as teh Lounge cafe Dance environment.
Tuscan Lectar: After the meeting if those who would like We can give a quick tour
Trish: Yes I'd Like that
Tuscan Lectar: Wel Rasia If it a pirate ship under the banner of Baron Haulk or Lord Grant We can respect your stance in such matters. I can only say you and yours hopefuly get to them first .
Jack Cloudborn: I would like to comment that after seeing this station personally and this well suited room I can more fully understand the suggestion that Pelo station would make a good reguar Unitrade meeting space. I would like to set forth a motion that next months meeting be held here as well. Stating as well that motions are not voted upon. only adopted or floored.
Tuscan Lectar: Now given Baron Haulk is a war Criminal with both The Pryxis Allaince and Araxes government. Well .. I stronly advise you jsut move away for we will attack
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: pffft tuscan you know better than anyone that gamma andcI are often at each others throats
KrakkenAres Pleides: But of course . teh Unittrade group ahs a permenant Home here always
KrakkenAres Pleides: You and all are more then welcome
Matrix: when will your station be open for cargo ships?
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: baron haulk however i've not made contact with
Tuscan Lectar: We are in concurrence. Meeting cna be here as well as all her can hodl their own Confabs.
Tuscan Lectar: I fail to mention
Matrix: and what services will you provide for ships and crew?
Trish: Will we have to mark our space shipswith some logo?
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: no your callsign should be enough
Tuscan Lectar: this side fo the stgatiosn si basically open to all All who woudl liek to partake in its environemt.
Tuscan Lectar: On the other sie though is the Pryxis Allaince Military and science facilitgies.
Jack Cloudborn: thank you... may i request formally tuscan that you whom have the floor put the motion to the assembly for adoption?
Tuscan Lectar: escorts would be required
Tuscan Lectar: I put forward teh motion that henceforth All Formal Meetings fo the Unitrade ( Consortium) be held here at the Pelo Stations. All in favor concurrence say Aye?
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: nos
KrakkenAres Pleides: Aye
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: *nods
Matrix: YAY!!
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: affirmative
Trish: yay
Jack Cloudborn: and the letter of the motion be for the next month' there is some confusion yet over the use of the word trade consortium which i will define as a trade group type... the notion of creating a trade consortium which will utilize unitrade comprimise services is something we have the power to do as inidivuals as should do' and i am not opposed to that trade consortium being based here on pelos station.
Aliah Dufaux: agreed
Jack Cloudborn: I of course concur
Matrix: does unitrade have a logo we can all use?
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: not currently however do you all have callsigns
Jack Cloudborn: it does... it may change in the future i'll pass you the image file
Matrix: that would be nice to easilly identify unitrade vessels
Matrix: ty jack
Trish: Where do we regester our Vessels?
Jack Cloudborn: i may need to modify the image for placement on vessels
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: here or pancea also has that sbility
Jack Cloudborn: unitrade recognizes vessels
Jack Cloudborn: it does not register them
Jack Cloudborn: registration denotes property to a degree... recognition sight
Jack Cloudborn: http: group_page_db.asp?did=107
Matrix: no worries
Jack Cloudborn: tuscan may i also request my motion for the appointment of yourself and matrix be put to the assembly for adoption at this time
Matrix: were gonna be adopted?
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: o
Matrix: will you be my daddy, jack?
Jack Cloudborn: i'd adopt you in a hearbeat sweety
Tuscan Lectar: heheh cant take these folks now where
Tuscan Lectar: Yes I am in concurrence jack No worries
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: oi we don't need that many officers right now how many entities are currently included jack
Matrix: ill be happy to sweep up the hanger and stuff like that
Jack Cloudborn: unitrade only has officially 1 officer' and a council of trustees sounds nice to me
Matrix: ohhhhh
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: nods
Matrix: ill leave it to rasia then
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: im not just an enforcer I keep pances functioning however I would mind the help,whilst busy with my nvx duties
Jack Cloudborn: and there are many many hats everyone wears' being a trustee in unitrade is being recognized as being trustworthy
Jack Cloudborn: aye' i would also like to forward the motion that we accept rasia as unitrade's official enforcer at this time
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: as of right now im the co of the enforcement division of the nvx units
Matrix: and sweeping the hanger?
Jack Cloudborn: uh relplacing fuel ports on panacea station when certain entities decide fuel is tasty
Matrix: speaking of tasty fuel... i hope you use the right brand of coolent pipe insulation!
Jack Cloudborn: trish' do you have any role or title occuplation you might wish officially in unitrade at this time
Tuscan Lectar: Enforcing what I like to clarify. for earlier both her Team and The position of the Pryxis Alliance will have differences fo opinion when it comes to engaging Baron Haulk specifically ?? outside fo that area needing a bit more clarificaitgons we have no issues for the Official designation.
Jack Cloudborn: eh theres not a brand name anything on panacea'
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: but they are up to code matrix i instaled them myself
Matrix: hey!! i dont smoke just ANT kind of coolent pipe insulation!
Matrix: ANY*
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: wait if you want to get high i'd suggest methane
Matrix: Ahhhh. ...well see well see
Matrix: no rasia... *shudders with the memories*
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: besides the systems are all solidcpiece including insulation
Jack Cloudborn: noted' I would ask rasia that when it is possible that there may be a conflict of interest such is reported... the nvx units as trade enforcers have autonomy... though perhaps there will be no conflict as communication and a bond of friendship may supercede any complications
Matrix: its ok, ill get them open..
Jack Cloudborn: smiles at the comedy.
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: there won't be anything to smoke
Matrix: luckily, its all in MY mind!
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: lol
Jack Cloudborn: Trustee Tuscan may i have the floor?
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: *taps one of the canisters on her boosters*
Matrix: careful what you agree to!
Tuscan Lectar: I now turn the floor over to Jack Cloudborne.
Tuscan Lectar: bows
Jack Cloudborn: thank you Trustee Tuscan
Jack Cloudborn: our friend from station n9 is on route
Jack Cloudborn: welcome
:: ????ll? ::: hello everyone
:: ????ll? ::: hugs all around
Aliah Dufaux: greetings
Matrix: hugs back... you dont have coodies do you?
Jack Cloudborn: This floating robot head here is Otto Arigato Williams... he is here via tele-presence from another station which may be interested in participating in the unitrade project.
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: ohai nine
:: ????ll? ::: hello Ras
Jack Cloudborn: For our meetings the plan is he will be contracted to announce to the assembly the attendees name and titles. Programming is not quite complete however the tele-presence droid is.
Jack Cloudborn: Winks at nine'
Jack Cloudborn: The droid will request names and title from folks before the meeting and then at the start of the meeting introduce everyone.
Tuscan Lectar: You need nto be on teh flor Lady Trish we an get you a sofa.
:: ????ll? :: (ninette.mizin) (??-?) ????? back
Jack Cloudborn: sets his empty tea cup on the droids head
:: ????ll? :: (ninette.mizin) puts a tray on her head... just in case its a common use of the droids
Jack Cloudborn: Trish has expressed interest as taking on the role of Unitrade Emissary capable or transport message and peforming gofer duties.
Matrix: a real Girl Friday!!
Trish: lol
Matrix: if you take pix and write descriptions, yer hired
Jack Cloudborn: Correction Transporter...
Matrix: scripting tasks begin next week
Trish: Sound great!
Jack Cloudborn: this last month i dropped the ball and was late to the first scheduled cargo cult gathering.. subsequently there was a rescheduling and while the events exact format is not firmly decided upon we did have a successful event last friday
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: ok
Matrix: we need to ensure the event takes place in a location we can rp cargo trading, etc
Jack Cloudborn: in the display behind me... you'll note the banner and graphics for that. having gatherings so unitrade services may be found is one of the goals in such respects.
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: this station seems like it'd be favorable for such
Jack Cloudborn: noted matrix. I would suggest that a trade group gathering and a station gathering be added to our collection.
Jack Cloudborn: the next schedules cargo cult gathering is set to take place at the araxes starport
Matrix: now THAT has possibilities
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: true
Jack Cloudborn: I would put forth the motion that a trade group conference perhaps take place here at pelos station in the interest of forming a mu draconis trade group... unitrade recognizes trade groups when such group trade on the megaton or in quanties of 1,000 tons
:: ????ll? ::: i need to run. i'll see you next week, have fun, hugs
Matrix: b, bye
Tuscan Lectar: Enjoy the days Lady Ninette.
Aliah Dufaux: safe travels
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: take care nine hugsxand kisses
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: *facepalms* lol
Jack Cloudborn: thank you nine
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: anyways
Jack Cloudborn: Trustee Matrix would you be interested in taking over the host duties of the cargo cult gathering. I am willing to stand in support of your leadership and operations in such.
Matrix: i understood we were going to do it in rotation, each mamber hosting and on to the next
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: if I may ask would you like a couple nvx units on the ground as well
Jack Cloudborn: i stand corrected and my memory is put in question'
Matrix: im happy to host when my turn comes up
Jack Cloudborn: that would be much appreicated rasia
Matrix: tho i dont want it as a regular duty
Matrix: how many crew do you have on hand rasia?
Jack Cloudborn: primarily it is the changing of location and notification of others hosting as a location to facillitate meeting new people and expanding reach
Matrix: if we start doing fun RP people will come, have no fear
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: it depends on tge day I can likely gauentee at least one at every meeting that being myself If I know the time
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: and have the energy to becthere
Matrix: nods
Matrix: Linux?
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: i work overnights irl
Jack Cloudborn: regarding the terminal they are operational at this stage and the plan is to slowly improve them over time... improvements will include some manner of id chip which will keep track of credits... trying prim drive out on that. and physical blocks of metal to be used instead of notecards for more rp immersiion... lastly and most importantly the presentation of standard cargo manifests from one station or port to another. that will allow ships to pick up a manifest from one station and take it to another for a credit amount. However that standard notecard for regular shipments needs to be created by each station.
Jack Cloudborn: Political or Diplomatic business may be sidestepped by having cargo routed thru your station by npc or other parties.
Matrix: roger that
Jack Cloudborn: that is the conclusion of my part in the project briefing. Would anyone else like the floor at this time?
Tuscan Lectar: Are you referring to Matrix's station?? or this one?
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: i would to address any questions for my division that any may have at thisctime
Tuscan Lectar: Well you know I have Rasia
Jack Cloudborn: any station including panacea' i personally am neutral towards the companions guild. i cede the floor to you rasia
Matrix: i cant think of anything to add... im hoping everyone will make some cargo for our RP.
Tuscan Lectar: and I jsut need to make sure we both do not step on each otehr toes in regards to "providing aide to any ships under teh flag of Baron Haulk
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: yes I know you do thats why I asked
Matrix: well, if the baron is a pirate, well nail his Ass!
Tuscan Lectar: Whereas, IF siad shps are in destress and sends for "SOS." You are fo the postions taht you wil provide aide and any comfort required
Tuscan Lectar: is that correct??
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: mainly aid be it medicine, repairs that weccan do on the spot or a systems failure as fir gamma I can only speak for my self as eachbunit is automous
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: *each unit
Tuscan Lectar: OK. so you have no isues as to when you and yours completed such "humanitarian Activities" We can proceed there after t od waht we need to do
Tuscan Lectar: we woudl not interfer if you and yoru team are there first
Tuscan Lectar: If we are there first. There will be nothing left to give aid and comfort.
Tuscan Lectar: I just wnat to have that clarified.
Tuscan Lectar: Any other pirate we would nto bother. taht I presuem woudl be under your perview.
Tuscan Lectar: Again, jstu do nto want to corss swords
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: nods
Tuscan Lectar: The trading consortium is a positive step to improve relations all around and increase value to cargo owners and business alike
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: I just ask that you wait til the unit thatvmay be on scene first is long gone
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: just so that I don't have to deal with the paperwork
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: any other questions if not I'd like to open up the floor to anyone else
Matrix: ats all about the paperwork rasia, hehehe
Matrix: TRISH!!
Matrix: the floor!!
Jack Cloudborn: i have no determined opinion regarding pirates, baron whats his name or gamma and proceedures described at this time
Tuscan Lectar: WE are in accords Rasia and of course communicatiosn is paramount in such matters I wil amke sure our Soliderare aware of your role, reponsibiliteis. adn contact you prior to any engagemetn if you are in teh area
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: under stood as will myvunits should you be in the area
Matrix: death...DEATH, to ALL who oppose us!!!
Ela-Ninu No.32: "Greetings
Jack Cloudborn: if no one else wants the floor at this time I would like to grant it to the new arrival so they may introduce themselves
Matrix: hi ela )
Aliah Dufaux: greetings
Matrix: do you oppose us?
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: nods to the newcomer
Tuscan Lectar: We have a Representative form teh Gama-3 Refugee Group they are awlayws in need of Traders to help them rebuild thier Homeworld
Tuscan Lectar: As well as Supporting theri folks on Touro
Ela-Ninu No.32: "I represent the Refugees. I am Sub-Commander serving the High Matron
Jack Cloudborn: takes a moment to take in the girl afro in a space helmet apprieciatively.
Matrix: the high matron!!!
Jack Cloudborn: Thank you Trustee Tuscan'
Matrix: is she close by?
Matrix: *looks around ferfully*
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: if Ibmayvask how are things over there as I haven't visitedcin a while
Ela-Ninu No.32: "Yes Capt Matrix. She IS close by.
Ela-Ninu No.32: "Is this a trde meeting?
Matrix: *trembles slightly*
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: matrix don't fret im pretty sure we can come to an understanding
Jack Cloudborn: officially it is a trade services organization called unitrade compromise meeting.. however the services rendered are to traders, trade groups and station traders
Matrix: you dont know the high matron!
Ela-Ninu No.32: "I understand. Please continue. I did not mean to interrupt."
Jack Cloudborn: unitrade comprimise recognizes and facilitates trade via communication and datalink marketplaces
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: representitive may I ask how are the the survivors doing
Matrix: it is a worthwile compromise, i assure you
Ela-Ninu No.32: to Rasia... "The survivors are well thank you." ((she smiles)*
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: good to hear Im sorry I haven't made it out in a while send them my love
Ela-Ninu No.32: "Will do."
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: thank you
Jack Cloudborn: I am not certain how many of the refugees in your colony my ship the newluck were responsible for lifting off world in partnership with moonie... yet i am happy you have a safe place
Matrix: pats the sub commanders leg. good to see you again, dear
Jack Cloudborn: Captain Kid has requested to join us. At our last meeting there was some difficulty I would like to allow her to join in the hopes there will be no further difficulty.
Matrix: agreed
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: affirmative
Ela-Ninu No.32: "Yes thanks to the Pryxians. There are still the majority of Gama 3 people suffering under the dark reign of the Baron Haulk.
Ela-Ninu No.32: "The Pryxians have given many refugees farm land
Ela-Ninu No.32: hugs Capt. Matrix*
Jack Cloudborn: Some of the refugees choose another destination if you would accept mail on their behalf that would most interest them.
Ela-Ninu No.32: "I will accept and I thank you Capt. Cloudborn."
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: do you need any aid in a rebelion im sure there are a couple of my sisters itching for a fight l
Ela-Ninu No.32: "Yes we will need all the hep we can get when the time comes
Ela-Ninu No.32: "help*
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: however my job is in the rescuing of those in greatest danger
KrakkenAres Pleides: We will provide landing rights to any Unitrade compromis Group Ship on Touro
Jack Cloudborn: that is most gracious of you lord krakken
Aliah Dufaux: please excuse I have to go , have a good evening night
KrakkenAres Pleides: Note Ela-Nina. any other ship not part of this Compromise. weillneed to come to teh Pelo station drop off said cargo for the Gama refugees and a Ship of teh Unitrade registry can take to Touro
Ela-Ninu No.32: "Good Night Aliah
Matrix: night aliah
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: aye you take care
Tuscan Lectar: Take care Aliah enjoy the enving
Jack Cloudborn: understood Aliah we are grateful for your company
Tuscan Lectar: Evening
Jack Cloudborn: and escorting us aboard
KrakkenAres Pleides: Take care Aliah
Jack Cloudborn: if there is no disagreement I would like to schedule a trade group conference for next friday here on this station' for the formation of a mu draconis trade group
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: understood
Matrix: cool, ill bring a ship full of cargo!
Jack Cloudborn: and n9 has expressed favorably the notion of hosting a station alliance meeting on her station... though it may be in a hollow image of a gentlemans club
Matrix: lol
Jack Cloudborn: to qualify as a trade group we will have to show a terminal 1 megaton of cargo so thats advised' i'll bring some too
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: heh ypu will likely find me prolly dancing if its where I think it is
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: or manning the bar
Jack Cloudborn: it is' rasia
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: *bursts out laughing* oh this will be fun
Jack Cloudborn: it will be interesting standing on the runway stage instead of the floor
Jack Cloudborn: station n9 is well known for its entertainment services
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: yes it is I dance there regularly
Matrix: i never heard of it
Jack Cloudborn: rasia and i have been friends with them a long time' they have a hollow club there called naughty nines'
Ela-Ninu No.32: "Nor have I. Do yu have coordinates? (an LN)*
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: yes i got it
Matrix: well, i must visit!
Jack Cloudborn: im never certain if the one i have is the right one' the station has moved around in the past some
Ela-Ninu No.32: nods
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: heh we have theme 5 days a week
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: i have the current lm so im me if you want it and I'll send the lm however most of thecentertaining isxfrom 12 to 2
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: daily
Jack Cloudborn: coordinating with n9 as we speak. confirmed dec 8th for station meeting
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: ok
Matrix: good to know. pls send a LM
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: ooh its thexanniversary of perl harbor
Jack Cloudborn: i also do believe it is our hosts pleasure to determine the closing time of the meeting
Jack Cloudborn: and a confrimation and acceptance of the trade group meeting on pelos would be apprieciated as submitted for being scheduled next friday
Rasia Kiseragi NVX-148: unfortuneately I stayed longercthan I intended so I must take my leave and have a much needed recharge in my pod
Jack Cloudborn: understood rasia'
Matrix: you take care rasia
Tuscan Lectar: As I.. Have wer Jack covered al pertinent topics today?
KrakkenAres Pleides: .. and I glad teh Gama Refugees are geetnig addigional Supplies. wil go along way
Ela-Ninu No.32: "Thank you Lord Kraken."
Jack Cloudborn: i believe so. captain amber is inbound' as trustees determining punitive actions would be a group decision regarding breach in codes of conduct
KrakkenAres Pleides: We will if required provide escort to Touro once said ships are on thier way
Matrix: let her be.....for now
Ela-Ninu No.32: "It is good
KrakkenAres Pleides: What breach of Code???
Jack Cloudborn: a matter for discussion at another time lord krakken
Matrix: your late amber
Jack Cloudborn: welcome amber
Jack Cloudborn: offers amber a hand up
Matrix: *looks at her chrono* very late
Ela-Ninu No.32: "Greetings capt. Amber"
Jack Cloudborn: not all her fault i got caught up in the meeting and laged in checking replies
Matrix: youll have to brief her jack

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