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All Unitrade is... is a bunch of communications equipment and programmed bytes of data roaming about the galaxies. This has been established for those who want to use these comms to trade with one another. It is a Compromise organization. Where you make a promise over comms and hopefully keep that promise. If you break that promise you may not be able to use these comms again.

On the left you will see Ship/ Station/ Trade Group sections. Explore these options.

If you do not see something which ought to be here... please communicate this in the fashion of your own choosing.

Unitrade is a fictional organization in Second Life. It is not owned by Linden Labs or specific to any particular theme, setting or sim. It is a free organization in which you can list your fictional character name, ship, empire, space station, port ectera so that others looking for your goods or services may discover you. Commlink Markets exist for characters to rp the trading of fictional goods and not neccesarily objects in second life or lindens.


Please Notify Us if:
You are a sim owner and do not want Unitrade participants to enter or conduct business in your sim. We will list your sim as a no fly zone. Or you wish a kit or updated kit of terminals and basic cargo ectera.

A character does not complete their transaction with you. IE Goods damaged on arrival. Never arrived ectera. Please note that until a promise is made... there is no contract. If you do not get a promise for un-damaged goods then you are not guarunteed un-damaged goods. Arrival times must be specified.

Participants Beware
(list of warnings not yet defined may be placed here.)

Those whom own sims and have sim rules ectera should

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