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Being a pilot or captain of your own ship does not mean you are a shipping company. That being said however any ship may freelance and take on some cargo to various destinations. Currently the focus is on setting up stations to be in the position to easily create cargo manifests to give to players who have ships and can transport cargo from one destination to another.

The following terms will be used to recognize participating carriers.

-FREELANCE recognized as an individual that occasionally runs cargo. May or may not have a paid crew or helpers aboard. 1 Vessel. No licenses required for standard unmarked goods. When running cargo thru Unitrade' freelance ships who report over commlink their route and destination will be looked for if they go missing.

-Shipping Company recognized as a company of individuals who's main income is transporting cargo or freight. Whatever the organizational structure the crew and all parties involved get a percentage of the proceeds. Shipping companies of any size take skills tests before they are given a license to carry marked goods.

- Convoy recognized as two or more ships carrying goods together towards a destination. May be compromised of a trading group, dozens of shipping companies or one large shipping company. As certain time of the year make for easier transit from one planet or system to another... a convoy should not be confused with a "RUN"... where dozens of smaller convoys all make the trip at around the same time from one place to another.

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