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When preparing a cargo manifest to give to a ship to transport they are most happy when you give them a object they can put in their ships cargo hold.

This means as a ship captain they know how to add the objects you provide in your cargo manifest to their ships linkset. Without changing their link root which would cause problems.

Station crew may want to delegate the creation of cargo manifests into multiple stages to make the work load easier in their creation. Such as... one person writes the cargo manifest, second person prepares the containers and third person places the containers onto the loading deck when the cargo is ready to ship.

All containers should be full perm X copy X modify X transfer. Such does not have to include the texture images used on them. All stations and ships are encouraged to make and use containers special to them. For instance a ship might have its name on the side of the crate... a station might mark various cargo as fragile or special treatment notes.... there is no limit to the imagination here. As discussed elsewhere Unitrade requires you to have a license in order to deal with cargo deemed dangerous or criminal in some systems. This is marked cargo. Every station or ship has the right to know if and when they are carrying marked cargo.

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