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Cargo Manifest

A cargo manifest is a paper document or electronic file which provides an inventory of a shipment.

Step 1:
Fill out the cargo manifest including the information in the notecard description. (From: To:: ectera)

Step 2.
Contact a rper who enjoys shipping cargo as part of their rp experience on sl. Give them your filled out cargo manifest.
Rp out haggling over price and time delivery will take.

Step 3
The time delivery may take is up to you and the freighter.
A) time is sped up so you can rp it in one session
B) A rp is scheduled at a future RL time given distance for the ship to travel.
C) The freighter delivers the cargo manifest to the the locations "Place Cargo Manifest here" dropbox. To do this just drag the manifest out of inventory and onto the dropbox.


From: To: Shipping By: Distance:

Cargo Manifest:

Name Weight
Crate 12
1200 White Gloves .025
89 Lasguns .25

Total 0.275 tons

When offering a job to a ship or shipping company what they need is primarily weight and destination. They do not always need to know all the particulars of your shipment. See Quick Reference for converting weights into tons.

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