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Unitrade is a compromise intergalactic organization with no territory or holdings. Its purpose and function is to allow safe and fair trading and shipping of goods across space. Any local : group, government ectera has no legal jurisdiction over Unitrade operations except in the case of being able to 1) remove communications equipment from their territory 2) Note what goods are marked as illegal or unwanted in their jurisdicition 3) Request communication blackout in their territory if communication equipment extends into their territory yet is not inside it.

All participating carriers and shippers when they enter a region are bound to follow that regions laws, practices and customs. However they are only bound to do so when they have been given the choice and received those laws and practices.

Unitrade stands for "United Network of Intergalactic Trade" and is composed of various participating stations, ports, carriers ectera. Every participant may leave or join at any time as long as they have completed their prior commitments. These commitments are made on comm channels where all participants make the promise to complete their transactions.

Unitrade has the power to recognize stations, carriers, ports, convoys ectera and following local laws and customs issue licenses where local governments require them for handling cargo which is required to be marked. Unitrade may issue licenses based on common sense practices which cover a variety of marked cargo. To which local governments may require different testing or the use of their own licenses.

Unitrade has the power to issue charters and recognize local trading groups of a particular region. So said groups can pool their collective purchasing and trading power to make better deals with other regions in space.

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