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Quick Reference

Distance from one station to another.
(# of jump gates used and any fees for travel from one place to another should be listed.)
Orbiting same planet. = 1 to 500,000 miles or km
Same Solar System. = .00001 to 100 ly
Same Galaxy - 100 to 100,000,000 ly
Intergalactic - 100,000,000 to 100,000,000,000 ly

Weight in decimals of tons converted to lbs.
/// 1 ton = 2,000 lbs. /// 0.5 = 1,000 lbs/ /// .25 = 500 lbs. /// .125 = 250 lbs. /// .05 = 100 lbs. /// .025 = 50 lbs. /// .005 = 10 lbs. /// .0005 = 1 lbs. ///

/// 1000 kg = 1 ton /// 500 kg = .5 /// 250 kg = .25 /// 100 kg = .1 //

Currency & Economics

Several currencies have here been collected for your possible rp use in-game. Several of these are available at Unitrade Terminals as gifts.

- Star Credits Wallet -
No Lore has been developed for this object. How Star Credits function is unknown.

- Trade Chip Disk -
Used primarily for barter and non-credit or currency transactions. Trade chips are commonly used to establish trust and note traders in good standing.

- Cache Disk-
A cache disk is used to safeguard electronic currency and records which an individual does not want on public record.

- IG&C Exchange Card -
These cards are actually small data plates used to note and transact business between various monetary and goods exchanges.

- Universal Academy Wallet -
A Wallet which stores universal and transferable records of education. As many societies require payment for education this wallet is capable of storing electronic currency and specifically tailored currency designed for educational systems.

- Standard Credits Disk -
((EXAMPLE how standard credits may be rped.))) As defined by many types of civilizations... one standard credit is based on a average person's daily transaction needs for food/lodging/services/equipment in a region for one day/night cycle. A decimal such as .001 might be the cost of a small paper cup of water. Standard Credits are suggested only to be used for personal consumption and usage. This is rarely the case in practice as the average individual often uses standard credits for luxury. non-productive purposes or taking care of family and loved ones. Administrators and managers of regions however are not responsible for individuals whom choose to spend their credits in a non-standardized fashion. A cap of 999,999,999 credits may be lawfully owned by any one individual. Wages in standard credits are issued lawfully in multipliers of X1-X30 per day or hourly work session. To pay an individual 31 credits on a planet for one days work is most often a criminal act. The first three zeros are called low range. Which is to say that anyone with 2 and 3/4 years worth of credits' is always low on credits. The purchase of an average to wealthy home is usually in the Mid range or the next three zeros. While the truly wealthy of any particular world always have credits in the high range. Worlds which use standard credits do not utilize insurance companies. Many of the limitations on standard credits are in no way applicable the moment one leaves atmosphere for space.

- Mega Credits Disk -
(Example how mega credits may be rped. See standard credits for reference) One Mega credit is automatically 1 Billion Standard Credits. To put a mega credit into perspective. One mega credit will allow an individual to live like an average person on a planet for 3 million years without needing or desiring to earn another credit. Mega Credits are used by large organizations with reach on multiple planets and star systems and not by individuals. It is illegal for an individual to own a mega credit. Though no such law exists outside an atmosphere in space.

- UTC Cred Chip -
This unique 3" x 3 1/2 cartridge has on its surface a unique chip which allows the owner a degree of personal protection of their electronic funds and records on the Unitrade Net. Possessing a UTC Cred Chip is not necessary to use Unitrade Terminals. Though thin it is atomically dense making its weight surprising. Before inserting the cartridge into a terminal it is common practice to blow out any dust that has accrued in the surface contacts. This provides a fresh sample of dna which authenticates the owner. Additionally the card is designed to come apart either in emergency situation or in cases where the owner may have met unforseen circumstances. In the latter The three round buttons are often used as jewelry by primitive populations and the surface contacts of the card's bottom will function as a temporary filter for carbon monoxide should the owner run out of oxygen on a vessel. There are said to be other such mysterious and unknown uses to the card yet they are not common knowledge. Those whom mention such usually follow the statement that a Unitrade service tech asked them not to make it common knowledge... as their card was a older model and particular to specific region of space. Such is not uncommon amongst spacer culture where pretty much everything has; a blade to cut wires. screwdriver to access a panel and temporary light source for when the lights go out. That being said... the card's corner is strong enough to turn screws. A seemingly decorative piece may be compressed to reveal a cutting point with which to cut wires or hair. Though it would be impossible to harm oneself or another with it. While the card is coated with a substance that causes it to glow in the dark providing some illumination.

United Galaxy Protectorate Bills

Galactic Postage Stamps

Wafer Chit
Cavorite Coin

Pieces of Eight

Cargo Cult Crate Games!!!
Using MRX Scripts in your cargo crates and MRX Cargo Lifter you can lift and move about crates. Watch the updated text to make sure you are picking up the right crate. Then click the ground to let go of the crate.

Stack 10 crates before your opponent! Two players one judge.

Speed challenge
Move a number of crates from one position to another in a specified amount of time.

Doesnt work due to physics not causing tilting when less then one half of a square bottomed object is unsupported.

Relay Race
In teams move crates along a specified course from one location to another. Team mates are set at various intervals along the track and pass the crate from one to another until the destination is reached.

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