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So you want to Join the ULT RP?

Note - A character does not have to join ULT to purchase objects from the ULT Stores. Nor does purchase of any item create a cross-over connection between ULT or other storylines.

-Joining Requirements-
1. Good "Player" Manners (Characters are always free to misbehave)
2. Time to rp in scheduled games or post on our rp boards as you are able.
3. The courage to do a little research.

To Join
To join click on group home and scroll down until you see the Membership box. You'll need to have created a character in order to join with one. Once you hit join group a pm will be sent off to the ULT Moderators to notify us that you wish to join.

In addition we ask that you familarize yourself with ULT:Canteon by doing the following.

1. Name a town in the Southbarim Province of the Nevereth region of Canteon. To do this click on maps/nevereth region/southbarim province and note the name of the only town in this region.

2. What are the young of Buffalo Bunnies called? (Click on guides/ race and fauna index/buffalo bunny. Read the notes on reproduction.)

3. Understand how to get currency for your character after you join. (Click on Tutorials/General & FAQ read "What advantages are there to having a rp job and how do I do it?" Then click on Custom Profile Feilds, choose either ocupation or ocupation (listed).

4. What does ULT stand for? (Click on stores/underground library and tavern) Research material is available in Guides as well as in Transcripts after you join.)

5. There are dozens of ways to get involved in the ULT:Canteon group. Under Reference/OOC Staff are some additional jobs you could take on for fun. Building creatures, places and what not is part of rp too. After you send off your request to join our group you'll receive a pm from one of the moderators. In this pm you'll be asked to answer these five questions. This fifth question is the most important of all. How do you want to participate?

If you have more questions read this

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