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Jack Cloudborn

    Ancient All Trades — Chaotic Neutral 


Stats / Appearance

Character Picture
Gender Male
Status Single
Alias jackofthebean
Gamescape Second Life
Location Araxes Borealis
Clan Ancient Order of Old Ones
As a founder and free agent of the order of the old ones he maintains an impressive build of muscles and quick reflexes. His hair is as white as the clouds he was born in... and is shaved on the sides to form a mohawk. While his eyes a similar color green to the stalk. His clothing varies greatly upon which lands he travels. Yet he can often be found wearing a HEX Suit made of psybric fabric.
Additional Information Currently living on Panacea Station orbiting the planet Araxes.
Quotes "I am not a sir, not a knight, not a sir. My title is Jack and although this is a name it's meaning and it's duties are remembered in me."



Moriko Miyamamotyo



Violet miyamamotto

Chanrafiki Batista


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He of the bean was born and raised halfway up a beanstalk. Eventually he wandered living many lives amongst the peoples of gor ,the space leagues, many a land of mischief and magic, and far too often... war torn realms. He now works as a free agent of the ancient order of old ones. He does not share his real name nor the various peoples he may perform missions for.

As an old one he has spent thousands of years at a time in hibernation chambers, indu

Journal Entries

Journal Name Timeline Created
KOP Log Entry 001   19 September 2015
KOP Log Entry 002   19 October 2015
KOL Log 001   19 October 2015
KOL Log #2   09 July 2016
Araxes I   06 September 2018

Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
"The Order of the Old Ones is a multi-genre spy organization on Secondlife"
04 October 2015
UNITRADE Compromise
"UNITRADE is a Compromise organization which recognizes and provides intergalactic services for ships, stations and trading groups. "
15 October 2017
NVX Unit Group
"Story Forge's sister group to SL's NVX joint combat wing for gynoids anyone is welcome to join. Hope to see you there 148 out ps: we are currently based out of pancea station"
05 March 2018

Featured In:

Featured in:

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