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T.J. Johnson aka Strike

    Human Evolved- 
          Created by Lord Reynard


Stats / Appearance

Gender Male
Age 25
Status Single
Alias strike
Gamescape FR Story Forge
Location Mutant Syndrome Earth
Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 300 lbs. (Perfectly preportioned to the eye)

Stature: Lean and highly athletic, not bulky but solid.

Skin tone: Red Tan

Hair color: Dark Red streaked with highlights of white and black.

Hair style: waist length when its down he keeps it tamed by braiding it into multiple braids then tying them all together at the back of his head. When hooded it is nearly invisible.

Eye color: Amber Brown with imperceptible rings of red in them.

Attire: he wears a pair of polar Camo BDU pants with a Shemagh wrapped tightly around his waist concealing his utility belt, he blouses his pants into his heavy black boots in military form. He prefers to wear his hooded sweater over the plating he built with his under clothes between, a second black and white Shemagh wrapped around his face and neck conceals the insulated metal face mask he wears.

Abilities: Electricity, Extreme physique/Highly durable

Jeet Kune Do:
Intercepting Fist Technique :allows him to intercept his opponents attacks rendering the attack partially or totally useless.
Unarmed strike: his training has turned his hands and feet into weapons allowing them to do either subduel or bludgeon damage.
Free Running:
Inventive maneuvering: moving through town in unusual ways allows him to more easily avoid pursuers and more quickly capture his quarry.
Avoidance pro: practiced at dodging vehicles, falling objects and the like has made him more reflexive when running giving him a higher chance to dodge.

-Ability Skills:
Shocking touch: delivers a mild zap stunning one Target for a short time (touch).
Electro-Magnetism I: able to draw small magnetic objects to him or repel them from him (five pounds max)
Arc I: one arc of lightning passes from him to his target within 10' doing severe electrical damage as well as stunning for 1 minute (only works once an hour leaves him tired)
Chain lightning: strikes 1 target then upto 3 more, the first must be within 5' and the others within 10' (once daily leaving him highly fatigued)
Durable: his muscle and bone are both structurally stronger than average and his healing factor is up by tenfold, this also increases his metabolism and appetite.
Unaging:his healing factor keeps him from aging.
No fear: when a normal person would fear for their life he remains calm.
Additional Information His real name is 'unknown' he stole the name from the uniform and single dog tag he woke up with in the NWEMTRC (North West Emergency Medical Triage and Recovery Camp) AKA the 'new meat rack', military personal were brought here from across the NW before The Fall.
Quotes "That was a shocking moment for you, wasn't it?"
"I will find the truth"
"What? Didn't think I could take a hit or two? Guess again!"


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A wanderer in the plains nations he is welcomed in an tribal village but prefers filling contracts and travelling from place to place. He was 25 when the syndrome came, that week changed him greatly, now only a few years later the world was nowhere near what it was.
Being a pre-gen he remembers some of what it was like before the syndrome. His family vanished, separated by the quarantines that inevitably failed. He honestly couldn't remember much of who he had been before, a common side effect of the syndrome, though it only attacked personal things; family, friends, and self, not school or learning but things like names places. This was why He constantly sought the truth of what the syndrome was and where it had come from he knew there was more to it than met the eye but couldn't tell what.

Journal Entries

Journal Name Timeline Created
In the Beginning 0023, 10, 13 25 October 2013
Pursuit and Escape Pt. 1 of 3 0023, 10, 14 07 November 2013
Pursuit and Escape Pt. 2 of 3 0023, 10, 14 11 November 2013

Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
The Mutant Syndrome
"The syndrome swept the world in 7 one week it changed everything and now...there is no going back. Earth was hit by a mass evolution event no one knows the cause but it wiped out two-thirds of the planets populace, turned to dust by a strange disease. The survivors fell into 3 distinct classes: the first were Muties/Mutates/Freaks, mindless monsters wandering the planet attacking and eating anything that moves, coming in several varieties of gruesome they are a threat to all life; Next are the Clean, those inexplicably spared any effect of the disease whatsoever (civilians mostly); the third is where some find themselves. Some call them the changed, others say Evolved. The only thing for certain is that they are something beyond human. Like a comic book their lives are filled with amazing abilities, strange creatures, and the search for the cause of the disease, and maybe even a cure.... "
15 October 2013

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created on 15-Oct-2013     last edited 26-Oct-2013

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