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Pyrial Concord

    Vampire Lord — Neutral 
          Created by EyeoftheNyte


Stats / Appearance

Gender Male
Age 265
Status Single
Alias pyrial_concord
Gamescape Yahoo!
Location Concord Estate
Clan Concord Clan
Pyrial Concord is approxomately 6' even wtih long dark hair. His complection is pale and his face quite angular. Usually wearing some form of black clothing, he never shows himself unless properly clothed and groomed.

Pyrial is a master of blades and has made a few himself. He has a room just down stairs from his bed chambers in which he practices. The walls of this room are covered in various blades, some of which have found their way to a couple racks that lay near the walls for easy access.
Additional Information If you have ever hear the expression, "the walls have ears" , or some version of that, it is even more true in this particular castle manor. The onyx stones that were used to build the house do indeed speak to it's master of happenings all about the house. Most times he pays them no heed. But any thing said or done within the walls of Concord Manor, will indeed be known by Pyrial.
Quotes "...even the walls have ears... mine."

"Do not worry about the forest. There are far more dangerous things else where."


Jade Darvison


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The dark lord of the manor himself, Pyrial Concord. Very little is known about
him and it seems that he prefers to keep it that way. All that is known to the
villagers of Bryne and Asczi is that none are alive today that can remember a
time when he was not lord of Concord Manor. Rumors circulate amongst those that
know of his kind that he is of the third generation. None have been brave enough
to find out for sure, however.

The artist/warrior was raised by his father Magnus Concord, the builder of Concord Manor. His mother, one Josalyne Nyte, before becoming Lady Concord, was well known, and documented as being of the second generation. She was killed well before the Manor itself was finished. Slayers came for the both of them, but after killing his beloved, the found it to be a difficult task to slay Magnus. The many years after, Magnus became colder and more of a recluse.

Pyrial took lordship of the manor when a village led a revolt against the ancient vampire and killed him. By aid of a magical book he drew a scene of the village burning. While standing atop of the highest point of the manor he could hear the shrieks and screams of the burning villagers. All that is left of that village today is a charred circle where it used to stand. Not a creature steps food upon the burned ground and not a plant grows. Some say during the darkest hours of the night, Lord Pyrial Concord can be seen walking over the ashes of the rebellious village.

As mentioned before Pyrial has in his possession a magic book. Within this book he sketches many creatures, mostly those that would make a grown many soil himself. But a few he keeps a guardians and messengers about his manor. The wolves for example guarding the grounds just past the gates.

Journal Entries

Journal Name Timeline Created
Pyrial Concord is born 1340 D.W.. 11 August 2004
Pyrial's mother is killed by hired slayers 1366 D.W. 12 August 2004
Pyrial's father is killed 1433 D.W. 11 August 2004

Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
ULT: Canteon
"With the fall of the Telorians in the shockwave... the invasion of Canteon and the typically overwhelming number of zombies... black lagoonians and well... all out war. The realm is pretty much closed for buisness. That is unless your business is war. Welcome to the reality or realm known as Canteon. Home to the Underground Library & Tavern... where brownies build mechs, mages contemplate boiling their eyes, and a society of Telorians are attempting to keep the gods out of their buisness. Only well they keep turning into gods themselves. "
12 August 2004
Concord Manor 30 October 2009

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created on 10-Aug-2004     last edited 21-Jan-2013

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