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Tidis Poriah Zephir

    Human Mage — Good 
          Created by EyeoftheNyte


Stats / Appearance

Gender Male
Age 27
Status Single
Alias tidis_poriah_zephir
Gamescape Yahoo!
Location Dilysnia Estate



Friendly Rival

Bianca De'Amionette

Megora Nerith

Donovan Konvarc'h


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Tidus was born into a semi-wealthy family. His parents, Koriana and Iyan Poriah, were both caring parents. His mother threw some of the best banquets, and people for miles around would come to enjoy her exotic foods and catch up on the latest gossip. His father was a master swordsman, and fought as a rather pricey mercenary. His reputation spread quite far resulting in his long absences from his home.

On one of his father's brief journeys home he found his estate in shambles and still burning. In a mad panic he rushed about the bodies of his slain servants, with only one thing on his mind, ‘Where is my wife?’ Finally he found her, huddled in the wine cellar her gown torn and she was riddled with bruises and a few cuts. Giving her time to calm and clean up he heard the story of what happened. Marauders came and went in a whirlwind of blades and torches. They struck down any servant that got in their way, both armed and unarmed alike. Eventually they found Koriana, and had their way with her. After taking everything that they wanted they left and she hid incase more came to kill her too. Iyan was enraged but his wife begged him not to go. So for a time he remained to comfort his assaulted wife.

It wasn't long before new servants were purchased and the estate was in working order again. During that time Koriana began to show that she was pregnant. Though she had been with her husband since the attack, there was no doubt in anyone's mind, Iyan wasn't the father. Everyone's suspicions were confirmed when the child was born. The infant Tidus looked nothing like his father. Despite this, Iyan raised him as his own. This made the mother very happy, for she had worried about her husband's reaction to the child, and she knew she could never do away with the infant. So for years Tidus grew, and learned all he could from Iyan. He was taught swordplay, and other things that were vital for ones survival in his father's sort of business.

Tidus was a slow learner when it came to these things, but he learned nonetheless. He wanted nothing more than to please his father. Seeing his son, not take to his teaching, Iyan began to become frustrated and then abusive to the boy. His mother didn't know what to do; she loved them both dearly and couldn't bear to lose either one of them. So instead of watching them grow further apart she sent her son off with a wandering mage that she had met in town. She kissed her son farewell and he promised to return once he had learned all he could. Then the young Tidus turned and the mage and he left the town.

Tidus was 7 when he left, and this manner of life was hard on him at first. Though his experiences had begun to give him more respect for his father, who he knew lived like he was now quite often. Over the next fifteen years Tidus trained under the archmage Zephir. This sort of craft seemed to seep right into Tidus, saturating his mind and body, and before long he rivalled the old man. Once having gained as much as he would Zephir turned to Tidus and sent him on his way. The sometimes seemingly senile old man drew much respect from the now grown Tidus. He was sad to leave his mentor, and did so with a heavy heart.

After months of travel he made it to his home town. No one recognised him. Wearing a white cloak with a silver clasp at his neck, a final gift from the old man, he continued on to his old, and much missed home. To his horror he saw only the charred remains of buildings. He gasped and fell to the ground in tears. He was so stricken by the sight, he had missed both his parents so very much and on his journey home he dreamed of returning home to hopefully gain the respect of his father. After calming himself he searched for any sign as to where his parents were. In the cellar he found a letter written by his mother, it looked hurried and didn't display the lovely script that was typical for her. It told him everything . . . the truth. He clenched his fists after dropping the letter and yelled in frustration at the top of his lungs. He sighed deeply distraught and put the letter in his pack.

Continuing his search, he found the graves of his parents and many of the servants that he once knew. He dropped to his knees between his parents' head stones and cried tears that seared the soil. Eventually the tears made a tiny pool right in front of his knees. Blinking he saw an image in the pool and he lowered his face to it. The image was that of his mother, and soon it changed to his father. This brought a slight smile, though a sad one, to his face. He channelled the water in to a vial and placed that too in his pack.

After giving a prayer to whatever gods would hear him, he left his destroyed past, and changed his last name to Zephir, for respect of the old man and also so that whoever destroyed his home wouldn't find him as well. He journeyed as far away from his old home as possible, to a place where no-one knew him so he could start over again.

Journal Entries

Journal Name Timeline Created
Tidus Poriah is born. 726 15 June 2004
Tidus leaves home. 733 15 June 2004
Tidus Poriah returns home to find his family deceased. 748 15 June 2004
In The Thick of It 754.4 27 May 2007

Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
House Dilysnia
"House Dilysnia is a role-playing community set within a high cultural, fantasy-renaissance period."
15 June 2004

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