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Jade Darvison

    Playing Uncle to the Realms
          Created by JAD


Stats / Appearance

Character Picture
Gender Male
Age 270
Status Long-term Relationship
Alias jade_darvison
Gamescape FR Story Forge
Location Canteon
Clan Telorian Faction of the Ecclaut
The appearance of Jade by many is thought to be calculated by an individual incapable of calculating. Of these it is known to many that Jade has sought that result. Which is a bit confusing and to know Jade is to be confused by him.

At a height of 6' 2" he is esteemed by some measures to be tall. His build uncharacteristic of that of a wizard is that of a man capable of hard labor with strong arms and legs due to exercise. Though a pot belly of some size is usually in attendance of some size. This is explained by him to be something he chooses to have rather then something that develops perhaps akin to some philosophy of imperfection.

His face like all those bearing elven blood is fair placing upon him a mantle of a peace-full solace, while those ancestors of humanity offer a more rugged and harsh display.

His eyes a greenish blue can be both piercing and soft depending on his internal narratives. When piercing they seem to strike beyond the barriers of the flesh and even through reality itself. When tranquil it has been noted that his eyes appear more green, when detached and thought-full they take upon almost a greyish tone. Upon the rare occasion of anger few have the courage to look into his eyes at all. In fear for what they may see.

It must be understood that lord Jade has a presence about him, one many think he purposely caters and encourages others to degrade in humour. That presence when angered seems to shake off all illusion and break free of it's bonds to show itself. Yet truly this a aspect of all benevolent wizards perhaps. Even though many think Jade to be far from benevolent.

His hair is blonde though old age now shows it's first strands of gray. His beard is often cut short and has strands of fine red hairs in it, giving it a golden appearance. The length of his hair reaches to the middle of his back and is well groomed and cared for, oft it can be found tied back with a maroon leather strip.

His ears are just slightly pointed towards the top though the effect is not strong and he could pass for purely human in many circles. His left ear is pierced with a thin silver ear ring with a gold inlay inscribing the word "Nevereth" in Telorian.

Habitually he can be found in long dark blue robes of a cotton like cloth speaking of humility, yet this robe is much thinner then appearance and bears numerous secret pouches over it's breadth and not just within the sleeve. About the upper arms of this robe and the neckline is soft chrome tanned leather inscribed with Jade's personal marks as a Wanderer of the Mosu. Beyond advertising his status as a Lord they also note many of his capabilities.

Underneath this he is usually found to wear a simple black shirt and a pair of blue jeans with a copper buckled belt.

Over his robes another belt carry a dozen multi-hued brown pouches of various sizes and shapes. Within these can be found many of the tricks of the trade any mage wishing to live a long life may carry.

On his back while travelling is a black leather holster that holds a war cane. Historicaly called Osoian as it has long been his companion thru many hardships and reconstructed many times. Always with a portion from the original cane. The weapon and enclave is comprised of the esoteric wood from Akramor known as wyrmwood. A peculiar type of tree that adapted to withstand the repetitive fires of a dragon of that region.

Additional Information Spells/Notes


A variation of a mirror image spell which allows the caster to make cloned physical copies of himself to deal with multiple situations at different places. Each copy veiws itself as the original and if one dies, the others will all instantly feel the loss and could die at the same momment depending on the willpower of the caster. In the least the information of the lost shard will perish with it. A caster can also only stay sharded for a given length of time and must at a given duration reform back into a solid form. Sharding is actually a natural process of decision making in realms where making a decision creates multiple realities. This spell takes advantage of that process to create shards able to move in those different directions. The spell itself must be researched unto those purposes with no guarantee of how many shards will be created or their duration. Duration of shards can be measured after their creation and plans must then be made for the coming together momment which can make things tricky if one shard is tied up.


This spell causes things to fall more slowly and with no dangerous impact upon reaching the ground.


Jade is a master of illusionary magic and has many dozens of spells he has written himself. Many of these are full illusionary spells complete with input for all the senses creatures posses. Many of these he compounds into a string of equations and can apply be merely forcing his will upon an image of the string. Other spells are directed at particular individuals or groups while excluding others. It would be impossible to list all the spells in his arsenal here. Yet what must be noted is that most of them are very physical and capable of doing or receiving damage.


Jade as many Telorian Mages are concerned does not like conjurring things out of their air. Most of the time his spells in the region of counjuring are truly teleportation spells or involved with magical items suchs as bags of holding that allow him to draw out what he needs. Still on the rare occasion he has been known to conjure though never spirits or other creatures against their will. A glass of elven whiskey on a stroll in unfamilar woods though on a rare occasion does not disturb his sensibilities


Jade has not made a carrer of enchanting objects or creatures. Though he does have a small collection of enchanting spells for objects to give them the ability to speak, or other such minor delving into this feild. With two exceptions.

His cane which he has charged and continually feeds excess energies which can be drawn out by contact with his skin or in larger amounts thru varioius motions, furthermore it has been enchanted to cut like a blade though still keep it's blunt appearance after a motion that triggers this capability. Their also may be further enchantments yet they are not used frequently to be commonly known.

At one point he got involved in rune stone enchanting and often these he enchants with an illusion spell or various other imaginative inspirations he has on the fly. He keeps blank and enchanted runes for various purposes in a pouch at his belt. Some of which are quite humourous. Before bed he may also time permitting expend energy into crystals which he keeps for backup.

Akramorian Wanderer Spells

These interweave with his other spells to a large degree and involve everything from astral travel as both half elf/ gryphon in some cases interposing one for the other in normal existence, down to manifesting as a whole in either place. A plane of existence known as the mosuian plain is available or reachable for many telorians and as well to Jade. The connection to this plain however is something that gives Jade a variety of natural abilities such as a form of aura and magic readings. As on the mosuian plain that which is alive or magical appears as light, which does not discount feilds of energy oft times thought as technological phenomena. This is called double sight. Interaction with this plain also allows Jade to converse with spirits. Spells of this school deal with a wide range of other schools.


Jade spent a good deal of time performing as an exorcist during his early career before he even knew what he was doing. Later after training he learned spells beyond simple banishments including those which disperse such parasites energy over a wide area and do not allow for them to reform as they are intergrated tightly with inanimate objects. His mosuian training allows him to surgically strike such parasites and place them in containment feilds on many levels. He has furthered this study since reaching the caverns and widened his scope of various other forms of possesion and the manners of dealing with them. It is to be noted that Jade has been possesed on many occasions and on several of those occasions been able to deal with the parasite personally though not on the first occasion.


However even after all that has been noted here Jade does not rely ultimately on magic to save him. He has studied various arts of combat with companions, though not a master to any extent he has conditioned his body to be at least capable of defending itself. He prefers his cane as his weapon of choice and at least with it he is skilled. He prefers enchanted objects over having to cast a spell personally thus leaving him with excess energy in a pinch, plus stored energy for a boost if things really get out of hand. Then caries a AMD (anti-magic-device) and ATD (anti-technology-device) both sphere models just in case.

At any given time or place he has already weighed what resources would be neccesary to employ and with grace he uses only the amount of force neccesary for the greater good. Given the choice he often creates illusions of his death by a foe, rather then kill depending on whether a lesson can be taught or information is needed. To him everything is a tightrope to be walked with a level of balance and timing with a pinch of good information and luck.
Quotes Please do not eat the furniture!"

Talk to me of kids and I will tell you of "THE KIDS" and why magic was once stricken from all existence.


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Lord Kerr De'

Orleon Templeton

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Somatie Forgesmith


The Blue Baron

Alanon Raine


Alexander Moonstar

Akashi Senada


Gatsubara The Black

Lucifer Delano



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Jade was raised in a reality where magic long since lost was starting to return. As a child he was sought out by a bum who was definitely more then just a bum. The bum's name was Miaze and Miaze had his own plans. He became Jade's teacher in the ways of magic, taking many guises and shapes in the education of his pupil.

About teacher and student a time known as the wars of re-emergence were taking shape. Magic was waking, it's energies flooding once more back into the reality where it had so long been left absent.

It was early in this period when Jade found his teacher dead. Uncertain he turned his knowledge and skills in blind directions, feeling himself lost to insanity and doom. Then suddenly his mentor re-appeared and much became clear about the bum's motivations. They fought and Jade was broken.

In a story much like Miaze's own a thing happened which was only to happen in Jade's reality three times. Broken and near death Jade manifested into a mosuian creature of twillight... breaking thru a barrier only Miaze has broken thru before. In frustration and rage Jade the Gryphon was born. The atrocities took place immediately.

Somehow he triumphed over this die cast against him and become Lord of a ressurected kingdom. Then only to signal it's final collapse to participate in the birth of the New Atlantean Order. As a lord of the A.N.O. he kept a semblance of peace until his death.

Yet somehow this was not the end of the story. In one of the many adventures that had taken shape in Jade's birth reality. A peice of Lord Jade was cast onto the world of Fabler alongside many that occupied a building during what all thought was a failed experiment. The lost fragments of these individuals took shape in the odd magic's of Fabler and solidified becoming whole once more.

Jade was amongst the first to be reconstitued and was taken in by Lord Marlin the Trollslayer and educated in the ways of the Ecclaut and many higher mysteries of magic and illusion. With his newly acquirred knowledge and the old abilities that sprang into life he determined himself to wander the realms.

It was a time of great adventure and extreme misfortunes. He traveled to Gor, Malaria, Ayenne and Ebstore amongst many others. Harldy staying in a single place for more then a few years. Though truth be told he did stay in a few places for decades... one of which being a very unhappy place where he decided to marry only to find that part of the deal was the ripping of his humanity from what little elven genes he had. Nevertheless he escaped and took up the traveling form of life for more years. Till finally he stumbled into the Cavern of legends and the great underground library. There he met a very civilized bear and found a place where he could carve out a new life.

So he returned to Fabler and gathered up the others like him and many migrants and together they opened the "Underground Library and Tavern". Of course that was only the begining of another story. One in which Jade was to once more play Lord... though this time he would simultaneously play bartender.

Journal Entries

Journal Name Timeline Created
Visiting   17 July 2005
Port Kar 1492 22 January 2005
Birth of Jade Darvison 1984 11 August 2004
Jade meets Miaze 1994 12 August 2004
Captured by Government 1996 27 August 2014
Wars of Re-emergence begin. 2003 11 August 2004
The Re-emergence 2005 12 August 2004
War of Rebirth 2006 12 August 2004
The Great Sharding 2015 11 August 2004
Black book of Memory 2025 08 July 2004
Opening Day 4023 Prime Mec'et 18 June 2004
Zuchini 4073 Esta Hap'wo 16 June 2004
Off to Dumassia 4075 Thein Fre'na 17 August 2004
Kingdom of Eighlein 7965, IX Age 22 January 2005
Too Big 984 LC 22 January 2005
What on Earth? 984 LC 29 December 2005
Preface N/A 31 July 2007

Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
ULT: Canteon
"With the fall of the Telorians in the shockwave... the invasion of Canteon and the typically overwhelming number of zombies... black lagoonians and well... all out war. The realm is pretty much closed for buisness. That is unless your business is war. Welcome to the reality or realm known as Canteon. Home to the Underground Library & Tavern... where brownies build mechs, mages contemplate boiling their eyes, and a society of Telorians are attempting to keep the gods out of their buisness. Only well they keep turning into gods themselves. "
11 June 2004
Concord Manor 20 August 2014
"Xeno-Genesis is about the time of great changes of the planet Earth where great natural disasters has ravaged the world slowly in a span of five years given rise to monsters and a hybrid race of beings called Xeno-Genos, living weapons created by a mysterious unknown alien force for good or evil that has Earth's governments struggling to keep the existence of the Xeno-Genos hidden from the public."
20 August 2014

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