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Prince Jackmere

    Human — Good 


Stats / Appearance

Character Picture
Gender Male
Age 23
Status Single
Alias prince_jackmere
Gamescape FR Story Forge
Location Mootlan
Clan Royal Society of Poets
Jackmere is a tall ruddy olive skinned man. Thin except for a slight protruding belly with thick heavy eyebrows and striking mischevious green eyes. His manner is quiet and reserved with deliberate and calculated motions.
Quotes A princes tounge is only eloquent on the run.


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Born as the four hundredth prince of the Mootmere dynasty it was unlikely that he himself would ever take the throne. Thus the many mothers of his father's harem sent him off to the great school in the capital city to learn a craft. Young and far away from the bawdry and decadent ways of the palace... the young prince found life harsh and cruel. His own father being the cause of much of the poor state of the lower castes.

Swearing himself to underground elements of the intellectual classes of Mootlan he developed a taste for poetry and philosophy. Seizing upon it's many tools and riddles to incite his sibling and the countries nobles to revolution. At such ends however he proved himself crude. His fellow conspirators had their tounges cut out while he was banished.

Thus he wandered north and took up the life of others that had been exiled from Mootlan... that of a wandering gypsy. His school days furnishing him with tales and legends collected from many shores.

Journal Entries

No journal entries have been written.
Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
House Dilysnia
"House Dilysnia is a role-playing community set within a high cultural, fantasy-renaissance period."
26 November 2006

Featured In:

Featured in:

The Duck posted 29-May-2016

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