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What Crash

    Black La'goon-ian Superhero — Chaotic Neutral 
          Created by JAD


Stats / Appearance

Character Picture
Gender Male
Age 1
Status No Answer
Alias what_crash
Gamescape FR Story Forge
Location Canteon
Clan Crash
As all black lagoonians.... What has circular depressions on his chest and fingertips in all of his forms. His hair and eyes are solid black. His normal human appearance is that of six foot ' eight man with a medium build and muscular arms. Despite his appearance an aura of strangeness surrounds him. Marking him as some sort of oddity.
Additional Information Black Lagoonians are biological shapeshifters that require fluids in order to sample dna and become whatever it is they desire to become. They are also adept at using their crechepods in the formulating of tools.
Quotes "It's my name!"




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See Crash
The direct lagoonian son of Crash. The first black lagoonian to enter the realm of Canteon and the realms pocket realm predecessor Nevereth.

Born recently upon Crash's mothership and brought to the command deck to find a robot named Four Hundred Ninety. Via the whistling communications of the ship he was informed about a situation in a nearby geigor anomally. At not more then five minutes old he's about to enter into a space battle.

Journal Entries

No journal entries have been written.
Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
ULT: Canteon
"With the fall of the Telorians in the shockwave... the invasion of Canteon and the typically overwhelming number of zombies... black lagoonians and well... all out war. The realm is pretty much closed for buisness. That is unless your business is war. Welcome to the reality or realm known as Canteon. Home to the Underground Library & Tavern... where brownies build mechs, mages contemplate boiling their eyes, and a society of Telorians are attempting to keep the gods out of their buisness. Only well they keep turning into gods themselves. "
04 September 2006

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created on 04-Sep-2006     last edited 24-Sep-2014

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