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Deston Disant

    Human Noble — Good 
          Created by EyeoftheNyte


Stats / Appearance

Gender Male
Age 25
Status Single
Alias deston_disant
Gamescape FR Story Forge
Clan Disant
Deston, heir to the Disant Estate, is a strapping young man due to his younger years of working in the stables of his father from the age of 6 on to his 16th birthday. He stands a regal 6'5" with neatly cropped straw colored hair, which often got him teased by the stable hands that they might accidentally toss him out with the soiled straw. His sharp green eyes are a startelingly brilliant hue.

From working in the stables and the surrounding pastures he has obtianed an almost unheard of tan amongst the nobility of this time. Much to his mother's displeasure he continues the practice stating that only he can make sure their lively hood is cared for properly. Though on occasion and for very specific functions that he must attend as a young noble he cleans up immaculately.
Additional Information As side ventures they also produce a small number of bits, bridals, saddles and various other pieces of equipment and tools for the care of your steed.
Quotes "Never, under any circumstances, look a gift horse in the mouth... I am very picky when it comes to my horses and it's extreemly rude to give back a gift."


Isabel Dilysnia

Bianca De'Amionette


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Marcelle Dilysnia, was born in 692 an unnatrual 10 years after Verore Dilysnia making her aunt to the late Lord Harvold Dilysnia.

Marcelle, age 19, was wed to Arnou Disant, age 27, in 711. It was strangely a marriage of love. Many didn't understand the attraction between her and Arnou, being that he was more rugged, hands-on, free spirited, and fearless... sometimes to a fault. Though the wiser said it was just what the young man needed at the time, something to bring him back down to earth and balance out his wild nature.

The first of their children was a daugther, Dominique, in 713; 2 years into their marriage. Even though a son would have been ideal, Arnou showed no sign of disappointment. Instead he set to work in deciding who to marry her off too. Though he did so descreetly so as not to upset his wife.

Fate it seemed would deny the Disant household of a male child. With miscarriage after miscarriage the hopes of an heir to the Disant Estate dwindled with each passing year. Sixteen years passed until Marcelle carried to term. Marcelle, age 37, nearly died during labor but in the end her strength of will pulled her through, though not without a scoldind from the midwife and physician that aided in the delivery. So in the year 729 their son, Deston was born. Finally the Disant House had an heir.

Deston as he grew proved to be the spitting image of his father both in looks and in action. Figuring it to be the best thing for the boy, Arnou put Deston to work in the stables at the age of 6. As he grew both in mind and in stature he so grew into new repsoncibilities.

At the age of 16, Deston was formally released from his duities so he could concentrate more on the etiquette side of his upbringing. It confounded his mother and ammused his father when he would "forget" to attend various lessons and would be found, or spotted rather, riding the unbroken horses in the training pastures.

Five years later, on one of the routine father-son morning rides, Arnou had a heart attack while atop of his favorite horse. Not knowing what else to do, Deston scared out of his mind, simply lead the horse back to the estate. Arnou Disant was pronounced dead in 750, at the age of 76.

Since then Deston has remained a free spirit, much to the frustration of his mother, Marcelle; who would be put at ease seeing her son married and with a child or two before she dies. Instead he prefers to help in the "hands-on" management of their family's livelyhood. His thoughts were if his father did the same and he lived for so many years, it couldn't be a negative thing to try and follow in the foot steps of the man whom he respected the most.

Deston prefering to tend to the horses isn't quite ready to give into his mother in that aspect seeming to think that if he were married he would have to become one of those stuffy aristocrates like his father's friends.

Journal Entries

Journal Name Timeline Created
Marcelle Dilysnia Born 692 15 May 2006
Arnou Disant and Marcelle Dilysnia Married 711 15 May 2006
Dominique Disant Born 713 15 May 2006
Deston Disant is Born 729 15 May 2006
Arnou Disant Dies 750 15 May 2006

Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
House Dilysnia
"House Dilysnia is a role-playing community set within a high cultural, fantasy-renaissance period."
06 May 2006

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