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Montte Cristo

    Human Paladin — Lawful Good 
          Created by Montte Cristo


Stats / Appearance

Gender Male
Status Single
Alias montte_cristo
Gamescape Not Applicable


This character has no ties.Character has 0 ties.

No background provided

Journal Entries

No journal entries have been written.
Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
The Realm of Faerun.
"Faerun is a world among many in the forgotten realms Multiverse and so is accessible to many different beings. Stories of legend and stories never to be told have and will unfold here, weather in the great cities or in the lonely wilderness. Who is to say? But we of the Ancients know…… stories will be told."
12 February 2007
Seven Seas
"There be pirates in the waters, yarr! Welcome! This group is a haven for roleplayers with a knack for plundering, pillaging, and drinking up, me hearties! Ever wanted to sail the seven seas? Now you can! A whole world awaits you. Just be respectful of your mates, or ye'll be sent to Davey Jones' locker. Savvy? So! Hitch up yer belts, landlubbers, and let's set sail!"
12 February 2007
Night Everlasting: Blood on the Bayou
"When the sun sets,, the monsters come out to play. New Orleans; a city of dark jazz, black magic.. And the shadiest of women. No-one is safe from any of their influences. The air is full of mystery and heat, bringing blood and tempers to a boil. Watch your back... For if the night doesn't get you, the alligators just might. (This is a Loosely based White Wolf (ww) game, set in the Old World of Darkness. Because of the graphic nature of the RPG universe itself and this group in particular, we are giving minors fair warning. If you aren't old enough to purchase ciggarettes and porn, you probably shouldn't be looking too deeply here. We handle alot of adult themes, such as cursing, violence, and death. You have been advised. A general description of your character's abilities is needed in their profile. A WW character generation sheet is not necessary, but if you want to add it, put it in your profile. The character generation should be between 13 and 8 to keep things on a more even level for everyone involved. Watch for descriptions of the city to come. Legal stuff: Just because this is a vampire game based in New Orleans, that does not mean this is "fan art" or anything that could take away from any already published books. I do not claim any of the rights to any text owned by White Wolf, Inc. This group is not a challenge to those rights. For actual copyright information, please see White Wolf Online . If you wish to play the games, you should BUY THE BOOKS! Thank you Silas MacBeth, for letting me use your website.)"
12 February 2007
Member's Hub
"The Member's Hub is your spawn when you create an account on the site. It's purpose is to provide an alternative for those whom do not wish to join any groups, themes or genres. Thusly it is a wild space which takes form and shape based on what you bring with you and then fades back into the nothingness when you leave. We're calling this wildspace "Farion". You can leave an impression on Farion by posting a journal entry. This changes and creates new forums/chatrooms and the Farion Map. You do not have to rp in Farion to utilize this site. Farion belongs to active site members and will change according to new activity. Any connection from your site/group/universe/world ectera is voluntary and no connection or link occurs without your permission."
12 February 2007
"Once a great world, the stories say, now dust and destruction have covered the landscape. No one knows what brought the Dark Fall or where the Lost ones came from, but Haven has entered a long night before the morn. The great cities are in ruins, warlords and rogues run amok. Some smaller towns and villages have survived, staying sheltered from the world, while others have become constant battlefields. Secular groups have emerged in growing force, each one trying to impose their own order on the chaos, whether secluded from the world or active within it. It is decades since the Dark Fall, and while there have been other Falls since then, and strange unnatural and unexplainable events, it is still that one which has left the deepest cuts. Come now, as either a resident or a lost one, to the World of Haven, where the patterns of chaos that ravage the land are only now beginning to be understood. The ripples of chaos dwindle and an era has come, a chance for the dawn to finally break. Where anything and everything are possible."
12 February 2007
the cliffside tavern AKA 'Woulfe's Den Tavern and Inn'
"Swim, Fly, or Run! by Tobias Woulfe posted 19 September 2006 @ 21:25 The Cliffside Tavern, once a place of gathering to many, and home to perhaps more. This great place stood as an Icon to RP in Ayenee, until the great cataclysm that destroyed the paths of that world. A great many who worked there and frequented there were lost in the upheaval. For over a year, the Tavern has been trying to survive here, its staff watching the empty rooms and hoping for the vibrant patrons which once graced its tables. It has survived, despite odds against it. The feelings that created it pushing it forwards. It is not just created by the Owner, the Keepers, it is created and maintained by all who come there, it always has been. This is a call to all, Newcomers, returners and those who never left - The Cliffside still stands, as it always shall, come to the forums or come to the chat and let its doors swing wide with the ever entering shadows. If none are around to open the tavern, open the room yourselves and enjoy the RP! ~Well said Tobias, Thank you. Just a foot note, The Cliffside Tavern was thought, seen as a run down building at the top of a set of cliffs the summer of 1997. Ten years its been around. Thats a long time for any gaming realm. Thanks all who made it possible. Sirene/Aliesh"
12 February 2007
The Sundered Realms
"(Independant Scif-fi/Fantasy RPG system, incorperating both online and offline players in a chat and forum enviornment.) A multiverse of independant planes which exist, seperated by the Ether and the Void. Numerous races exist on these worlds, as does many forms of magic and technology. All characters are welcome within the Sundered Realms, but take note; All actions have reprocussions... Anything you do will affect PC's and NPC's alike. Take care in that... Wars rage accross the multiverse, the precious balance teetering on the brink of loss. Gods have risen and fallen like the suns, leaving legends and horrors in their wake. Fearsome forces have gathered with mayhem on their minds. Both innocent and guilty fall indiscriminately before the onslaught of single-minded powers, hell-bent on their tasks. Time grows shorter and shorter... The realms have come to a crux; life or death. Those that can, hide.. Those that must.. Fight. Those who won't.. Die. The decision is up to you. ((UNDER CONSTRUCTION))"
12 February 2007
House Fel'Amrit
"Deep in the Underdark, the High Priestesses of Lolth rule over Ched Nasad with an iron grip, but the Spider Queen soon withdrawls her favor from the entire drow race, leaving Ched Nasad and it's houses Vulnerable. House Fel'Amrit is a roleplay based on Forgotten Realms. It is the story of one Ched Nasadian house During the War of the Spider queen book saga. "
12 February 2007

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created on 12-Feb-2007     last edited 12-Feb-2007

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