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Aoven Telemnar

    Elven Bladesinger — Lawful Good 
          Created by Beatleslover_101


Stats / Appearance

Character Picture
Gender Female
Age 125
Status Single
Alias aoven_telemnar
Gamescape Yahoo!
Personality: Aoven is a young, spirited elf. Though young, she was forced to mature early, before her time. She can be brash at times and thinks without acting. Then, on the other hand she can coldly calculate any situation if she so desires. Her emotions still get the better of her, yet she is learning to control it. At only 125, she should still be considered a child for her people, but banishment and the only witness to murder swept away her innocence long ago. Now she walks in the human lands, looking for another of her kind. She hopes, deep in her heart that someday she will return to her people.
Additional Information Picture of Aoven is Not, I repeat, not, my work. So, if you would know...the artist of my display picture is on this site... .... Feel free to take a look
Quotes "I swear it, he is a murderer!" -Aoven Telemnar

"I walk in the light but darkness surrounds me; Mighty are the foes of my people; I am their shield; My blood for their blood, My life for their life; My sword and I are one; We will serve our people and The Elven Way. I have sworn this Oath upon my life; This day and forever, I name myself Bladesinger."


This character has no ties.Character has 0 ties.

Aoven is the daughter of the elven Queen of Danuvien (one of the largest of kingdoms in the realm). Life was complicated early on, and soon enough she got herself into trouble. Only a hundred at the time, Aoven set out into the human world, breifly, to explore and learn about the other cultures. While doing so, and staying at her mother's trusted friend's house, Sir Cross, she uncovered a teribble secret about him. Fleeing from his kingdom, and back to hers, she desperatly thought of a way to convict him of his terrible crimes (murder of several women, and political blackmailing).

Seeing none, and acting without thinking, she accused him in public, forcing her mothers hand. Aoven lacked any real evidence, and by the laws of her land was sentenced. Queen Elandra was then forced, by law, to banish her own child. Aoven, hurt and angry, fled back to the human lands, hiding. 25 years past, and in that time she had gone insane, returned to normal, met several very influential people, and learned more about the human culture than she thought possible. The insanity was brought on by the longing for home and her own race, but realization (of several things) caused her recovery. Back to normal, she longed to return to her people and her country, but life had not yet shown her the way to do so.

Journal Entries

No journal entries have been written.
Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
Member's Hub
"The Member's Hub is your spawn when you create an account on the site. It's purpose is to provide an alternative for those whom do not wish to join any groups, themes or genres. Thusly it is a wild space which takes form and shape based on what you bring with you and then fades back into the nothingness when you leave. We're calling this wildspace "Farion". You can leave an impression on Farion by posting a journal entry. This changes and creates new forums/chatrooms and the Farion Map. You do not have to rp in Farion to utilize this site. Farion belongs to active site members and will change according to new activity. Any connection from your site/group/universe/world ectera is voluntary and no connection or link occurs without your permission."
02 February 2007
"Once a great world, the stories say, now dust and destruction have covered the landscape. No one knows what brought the Dark Fall or where the Lost ones came from, but Haven has entered a long night before the morn. The great cities are in ruins, warlords and rogues run amok. Some smaller towns and villages have survived, staying sheltered from the world, while others have become constant battlefields. Secular groups have emerged in growing force, each one trying to impose their own order on the chaos, whether secluded from the world or active within it. It is decades since the Dark Fall, and while there have been other Falls since then, and strange unnatural and unexplainable events, it is still that one which has left the deepest cuts. Come now, as either a resident or a lost one, to the World of Haven, where the patterns of chaos that ravage the land are only now beginning to be understood. The ripples of chaos dwindle and an era has come, a chance for the dawn to finally break. Where anything and everything are possible."
03 February 2007

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created on 01-Feb-2007     last edited 01-Feb-2007

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