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    Neko Gynoid Scout Recon — Neutral 
          Created by Baoneko


Stats / Appearance

Gender Female
Status No Answer
Alias nvx148
Gamescape second life
Has a dynamic active shell usually 5'3" pale synthetic skin over a lightwheight carbon skeleton, carbonfiber combat gear and very powerful boosters, a powerful sonofusion reactor power plant connected to an ns xsu controler module and electrokinetic muscle system with instant response at full strength on command, and fawnus soul


This character has no ties.Character has 0 ties.

She is a psudeo converted unit before she became an NVX she was a neko named rasia however during a routine patrol her fighter was attacked and crashlanded near a facility that could transfer souls to cybernetic shells, her body burnt beyond saving but still alive the scientists pulled her from her burning fighter and placed her in stasis till modifications could be made to thier latest prototype shell once that was compleated her soul was transfered to the type 140 shell her being the 8th model hence 148

Journal Entries

No journal entries have been written.
Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
UNITRADE Compromise
"UNITRADE is a Compromise organization which recognizes and provides intergalactic services for ships, stations and trading groups. "
03 December 2017
NVX Unit Group
"Story Forge's sister group to SL's NVX joint combat wing for gynoids anyone is welcome to join. Hope to see you there 148 out ps: we are currently based out of pancea station"
29 December 2017

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created on 03-Dec-2017     last edited 29-Dec-2017

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