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Dr. Nico Fawkes

    Cybernetic Neurosurgeon 
          Created by ICARUS


Stats / Appearance

Character Picture
Gender Male
Age N/A
Status Widow/Widower
Alias nico_fawkes
Gamescape Second Life
Location Araxes
Clan ICARUS Industries
Dr. Nico Fawkes is approximately 7 feet 1 inches (216 cm) tall.
He has a toffee complexion, and is of mixed ancestry (Kenyan, Samoan, Israeli, and Irish)
His bodily makeup is approximately 17% Synthetic, 81% Cybernetic.
His arms/hands & lower legs/feet are entirely cybernetic, while the rest of his body is covered in synthetic skin. His jaw is often times reinforced by an exoskeleton, as are his eyes, which are black with blue irises. Other detachable augmentations are also seen on his body from time to time.
Additional Information When Dr. Fawkes or the history of ICARUS are researched, very little can be found. Not even in official ICARUS sites can more than broad and vague descriptions of the company's history be discovered. Dr. Fawkes' personal history is the same way, with virtually nothing existing about his deceased wife besides records that she was a real person.


This character has no ties.Character has 0 ties.

-CEO of the ICARUS Conglomerate

-Former Independents 4077th CSH (Combat Support Hospital) Field Surgeon

-Former Blue Sun Auxiliary

-Doctor of Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience

-Dr. Nico Fawkes started ICARUS many years ago with his wife, Dr. Melody Fawkes, and friend, Dr. Grigori Van Gogh. Dr. Nico Fawkes now heads ICARUS as CEO and last founding member.

Journal Entries

No journal entries have been written.
Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
UNITRADE Compromise
"UNITRADE is a Compromise organization which recognizes and provides intergalactic services for ships, stations and trading groups. "
13 October 2017

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created on 13-Oct-2017     last edited 13-Oct-2017

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