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Shevard Slane
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Shevard Slane

Group Owner/ModeratorJupiter Jade Thor, Founder   

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Shevard Slane is a hardy, middle-sized town upon the Wistren continent of Brapel. The northern regions of this already cold and very stormy planet require a tougher kind of folk like those one will find here. Superstitions, and stories of rumors, are what keep the good people of Shevard Slane entertained for 8 months of winter every year.

Most of the roads are still dirt, though cobblestone would be easily obtained. However stone covered in ice is much more hazardous than earth, thus the town looks more rustic than it truly is. From the baker’s to the weapon’s store, you’ll soon find this to be a very up to date place.

Once a rare short spring hits every year, there is a massive festival that takes up the entire town, and most on the ‘Leftmost' continent and even some from the others travel just to see it. A word of caution however…

This area is not just boring snow and a large extravaganza once a year. Surprisingly for a town of people so accustomed to throwing an all continent fair, you’ll find much fear and doubt towards everything form the ordinary the rest of the year. It’s as if once the festival is over… it’s back to another 11 months of disbelief to anything even slightly strange. Stranger still, most travelers don’t find their way into Shevard Slane, unless they are ordinary humans. If anything, they find their way to the Black Pearl Tavern & Shoppe, which is just a one hour north westerly ride from the town.

Even further to the North West, another two hours or so, if one is lucky enough, they will stumble upon Shadder Flaurn. A small little community of witches huddled away in the woods against the mountains.

Within just this tiny pocket of the world, there is already much to explore and discover. Who knows what the rest of Brapel may have in store for you and your companions!

Current Happenings:

This is mainly a renaissance/fantasy group. Our activity lies at the moment in forums mostly, though we now offer a weekly gaming session. The storyline currently is open and loose, until enough active members are collected.

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