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the cliffside tavern AKA 'Woulfe's Den Tavern and Inn'
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the cliffside tavern AKA 'Woulfe's Den Tavern and Inn'

Group Owner/ModeratorSirene LaShaw, Founder    Group Owner/ModeratorTobias Woulfe, Moderator   

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Swim, Fly, or Run!
Tobias Woulfe posted 19 September 2006 @ 21:25

The Cliffside Tavern, once a place of gathering to many, and home to perhaps more. This great place stood as an Icon to RP in Ayenee, until the great cataclysm that destroyed the paths of that world. A great many who worked there and frequented there were lost in the upheaval.

For over a year, the Tavern has been trying to survive here, its staff watching the empty rooms and hoping for the vibrant patrons which once graced its tables. It has survived, despite odds against it. The feelings that created it pushing it forwards.

It is not just created by the Owner, the Keepers, it is created and maintained by all who come there, it always has been. This is a call to all, Newcomers, returners and those who never left - The Cliffside still stands, as it always shall, come to the forums or come to the chat and let its doors swing wide with the ever entering shadows. If none are around to open the tavern, open the room yourselves and enjoy the RP!

~Well said Tobias, Thank you. Just a foot note, The Cliffside Tavern was thought, seen as a run down building at the top of a set of cliffs the summer of 1997. Ten years its been around. Thats a long time for any gaming realm. Thanks all who made it possible. Sirene/Aliesh

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