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The Forgottenlands

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Lands beyond the mist, a place of gathering for worlds of fantasy and the modern born together as one.

We are a region of writers apart of the Nationstates role-playing community. We espouse multi-species, Cyberpunk, Future Tech, Independent, Modern Tech, Role Player, Fantasy Tech, Medium, and Post-Modern Tech.

Current Happenings:

Welcome, we here at The Forgotten Lands are currently in the process of porting over some posts that we use as reference material when creating stories and so forth.

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Stories and more on the way
by Xukuth posted 27-Nov-2016

The writers of the region TFL, were away for a time. RL and so on that had to be attended to. We shall see updates of many threads however in the coming weeks.

by Xukuth posted 30-July-2016

We are still alive, however there have been some timezone issues from our members, and some other RL issues. We shall have new content over the course of the following month though. Thanks for reading.

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