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One Crazy Full House
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One Crazy Full House

Group Owner/Moderatorhouserulore, Founder   

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Welcome everyone to One Crazy Full House a massive ever changing city-like house where strangers from many different worlds meet and inner act with one another ranging from wizards living within the One Crazy Full House's towers to monsters living within the house's great underground network of cellars, dungeons, and sewers.
Don't be too surprise of those living within the One Crazy Full House sometimes tend to be at each other's throats, but watch out if you cause great damage to the house you'll be transported back from where you came from with all your belongings and pets, and barred from ever coming back.
The One Crazy Full House is ruled by a council of the house's most powerful residents and the peace, law, and order within the house is maintained by the House Law Guards who also live within the One Crazy Full House.

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