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Group Owner/ModeratorZrcalo, Founder   

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Terria is the land of the zmaj and sukriot.
Zmaj are bird/dragon/dog hybrid furries.
Sukriot are grey skinned humanoids who evolved from platypus.

sounds legit.

also dimension travelling, so anything goes.

A original character-based furry and humanoid roleplaying group.

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New RP group for Characters on terria!
by Zrcalo posted 28-Aug-2014

New group was made for characters on Terria. For the most part, I'll be rping with myself on here, but if you'd like to join, that's all fine and swell with me. :)

This is a multiple dimension/universe world, so anything goes! WoW characters, hetalia,Dr Who, Danny phantom, who cares! Just pop on in or whatever.

Once again, it'll probably be me rping with myself.

#horror #general fantasy #some emos

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