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The Mutant Syndrome
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The Mutant Syndrome

Group Owner/ModeratorLord Reynard, Founder   

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  • T.J. Johnson aka Strike joined 15-Oct-2013

The syndrome swept the world in 7 one week it changed everything and now...there is no going back. Earth was hit by a mass evolution event no one knows the cause but it wiped out two-thirds of the planets populace, turned to dust by a strange disease. The survivors fell into 3 distinct classes: the first were Muties/Mutates/Freaks, mindless monsters wandering the planet attacking and eating anything that moves, coming in several varieties of gruesome they are a threat to all life; Next are the Clean, those inexplicably spared any effect of the disease whatsoever (civilians mostly); the third is where some find themselves. Some call them the changed, others say Evolved. The only thing for certain is that they are something beyond human. Like a comic book their lives are filled with amazing abilities, strange creatures, and the search for the cause of the disease, and maybe even a cure....

Current Happenings:

Prepare characters and join the group, pick one or two simple ability types, ie electricity, fire, telekinesis, healing, stamina etc... At first you will have to figure out how they work, write out a reason why you would use it this way blah blah blah, start directing questions to me in pm and we will get rolling. ;)

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