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The Pirate Ship Revelation

Group Owner/ModeratorAudaciousDuck, Founder   

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[Note: Sorry for any bother, but PSR is high fantasy only. This means it mostly takes place in a world that has yet to invent gunpowder.]

The Revelation, privateer schooner owned and reigned over by Saemon the Buccaneer. She drifts just outside of the law, so any to board it leave society behind. All tars on board are loyal followers of her captain and would follow him to the depths of hell.

Current Happenings:

None. I am all that's left! But I'm around, and capable of filling on a ton of world/scenario information on the fly.

[The Revelation has been stolen right from under Captain Saemon and his one-man crew! Of course, he has been turned to stone, and his one-man crew polymorphed into a squirrel..

Now they're in the custody of a young boy, George and his father, ostensibly a statue and a pet. What will happen when these peasants cart the pirates to the world-famous Judge Bay's annual faire and market?]

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