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(This clan is dedicated to the lore and history of Ilarthias. It is a magical, warring, poitical and mythological thread. Please select one the races available. If you wish to choose one of the powerful, 'Divine' races please clear it with a moderator or the creator of the site first. Thank you.)

((The group isn't completely finished yet but it is open))

The Planet of Ilarthias rests in a small solar system hidden in a giant, expansive nebula in a galaxy far off from that of the Milky Way; one the first to ever coalesce. It is minutely smaller than earth It is an incredible planet. Unlike that of Earth it's surface is inhabited by many sentient races. Its skies are infested by great beasts and its subbertean depths home to millions of denizens. In the mystical, sadistically beautiful nebula remarkably powerful beings live in homes wrought into space itself. They are worshipped as Gods, Demons, Saviours and Destroyers. The War that they wage throughout the Nebula was fought for many millenia and often did Ilarthias see it's surface tainted by their battles.

The races of Ilarthias vary widely (View Encylopeadia on the Races) and each has developed a intricate culture. With war raging against the various god-like factions the majority of the races of Ilarthias are hardy and resiliant but their culture, their lives are also rich and their knowledge expansive.

In order to ensure that the races of Ilarthias do not preform any miscrepencies or misguidedly cause harm to the warring factions above them, the god-like races (Also listed in the Encylopeadia) have prevented them for the time to reach the stars. Their technology is primitive; similar to that of the classical period however their knowledge of germs and disease is excellent. Magic lies in the palms and beings of some lucky few. Pyromancy, Cyromancy, Alteration of the World, Illusion, Telekensis to name a few. Magic like a mutation appears in most of the races - some are immune and some are more suceptible than others.

This world has a had a harsh and difficult history. However, there have been heroes of great power, chivalry and fortitude and even those that had been dismissed - lost to dispair - that have changed their ways. It's history like an intricate tapestry is more and more fascinating the closer one peers.

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