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Open the tomb

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Latter attack
by Shadow and LightPM MemberMember Profile on Mon, 2 Feb 2009 17:20

"Me as well," Karma agreed with him, standing up and brushing off her hands lightly on her leggings. "Less fighting is more desirable. To me, anyway. Plus, it is safer as you said, and I would rather not have to carry you into an abandoned building again," she said, smiling slightly. She was not so innocent that she wouldn't take a jab at teasing him now and then. "Well... shall we get to it then?" she said brightly, and headed for the front window to check for any roaming guards... or her sister.

Shadow and LightPM MemberMember Profile
Rider of the Wind and Earth
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RE: Latter attack
by DartPM MemberMember Profile on Fri, 6 Feb 2009 01:59

Kai grinned at Karma. "I swear, that you are probably spending too much time with me." He held back a sigh. Something about Karma was growing on him. He'd never admit it to her though.

Soon they were back out on the streets, and searching for side paths to the fortress. Once or twice he'd had to cast illusions around them to hide them from the guards. It would do them no good to get caught now. "We should look for windows or drains. Anything that won't be or isn't guarded."

DartPM MemberMember Profile
Legendary Hero
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