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Barrak vs Ulin (Canceled)

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Barrak vs Ulin (Canceled)
by TOCMOD on Tue, 5 Apr 2005 15:15

Canceled due to reasons of forfeiture on the part of Barrak, due to general unhappiness with the Tournament of Champions... misunderstandings, ect ect.

-Mod Notes: Will end sunday at 7pm PST, Starting player to post is Barrak ,result on order of first posting produced by dice roll in members hub. )-

The tournament had proceeded mostly like a bad dream to the combatants, yet for most of those folks their dream had ended. Only four remained and as in some highland game of sport, in this contents their could only be one winner. As the dreamy fog that accompanied their sight in between each match began to fade and diminish.

Our lastest two combatants found themselves in a windy underground chamber, whose floor is covered strangely in felt. While large sphere like balls marked by numbers are moving about them at high speeds. Near the ceiling is a stained glass glowing sign displaying an add for some spirit or another. While the air is filled with smoke.

Both combatants seem to be standing on a white dot about three feet apart back to back, while a thick wooden pole charges at them from a hole in the cavern wall. The space is about 1,000 feet by 1,000 feet. While their ears will hear the great applause of the crowd, going wild at the interesting and wonderfull arena that the officals have created. Likely the combatants would not be as thrilled.


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This post was edited on 06 April 2005 @ 00:31.

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