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Factbook: Renor Xukuth

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Factbook: Renor Xukuth
by XukuthPM MemberMember Profile on Sun, 29 May 2016 11:23

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The Imperial Gynecocracy of Renor Xukuth has always been wary of outsiders, until recently when the ancient blood feud between it and the originator of it's major house was absolved. With modern ideals becoming a staple of the world today, there is a certain sense of wariness permeating the whole of the nation.

The Xukuthite's believe that they are superior and are out to prove that fact to the rest of the world. For many Xukuthite communities, the goal of expansion is not just on the agenda - it is an absolute. Just think of the greed for land that the early settlers had in America, and the drive that the fledgling nation felt to spread from "sea to shining sea." It wasn't that long ago that manifest destiny was the doctrine of the United States, and we did everything we could to complete our task.

We bargained and killed and cheated our way across the plains. It did not take three hundred years for our mission to be completed. Just imagine what the Xukuthite's have been up to during their long lifetimes. The yearning for land is a common one, and no doubt the Xukuthite's share it, so long as the land is worth something to them.

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RE: Factbook: Renor Xukuth
by XukuthPM MemberMember Profile on Sun, 29 May 2016 11:25

Major House Lines and Leaders of aforementioned Houses:

Hiendor: The Duke Hiendor and Duchess Hiendor
As a prominent House, Hiendor began as a source of naval prowess. It has since blossomed into a variety of efforts within the Xukuthite military, political structure, and the basest of infrastructure, carving a new path amongst the old ways. Because of the way they intend to change the Xukuthite society, most other houses have feuds with them.

Renor Xukuth: Matriarch Valis Xukuth
The first of the empire, it paved the way for all others. The House Renor Xukuth, has it's talons in everything. From industrial, commercial, military, to medical research. While it may not hold the throne anymore, it will be well represented by those to follow the Matriarch. Plays all of the other houses against their rivals as a way to weaken their projection of power against the wishes of Renor Xukuth's own plans.

Masai Kyorl: Led by Duchess Rina Masai
An old house, almost as old as that of Hiendor, Masai Kyorl is a significant contributor of well trained ground forces and also has a large presence in industrial capacities. Generally inactive against the so-called feud of House Ve'Hek, but does from time to time commit forces against Helios Sargtlin and House Hiendor.

Helios Sargtlin: Led by Duchess Ahri'Val Sargtlin
One of the first houses in the reborn empire. Once a house of the Haru lands, it along with Xukuth, was exiled. Helios Sargtlin is a very large contributor to the empire as an industrial and commercial goods based source. It also has an excellent track record with raider fleets, and covert operations. Off and on again feud with House Ve'Hek.

Ve'Hek: Led by Duke Tarsis Ve'Hek
The first Matriarch hailed from this prominent house, and since then numerous palace officials, high standing generals, and famous raider fleet captains have come from this established house. It's recent climb to the limelight is it's massive presence via commercial services and industries related to such. They have a long standing feud with that of Heilos Sargtlin and Masai Kyorl.

Minor Houses and their leaders:

Dolis Elghinn: Led by Duke Feris Elghinn
A slaver house in service to the Empire. Dolis Elghinn manage the incoming product and as well the disposal of such as per the Empire's needs.They coordinate with the trainers, and other services in the commercial and industrial areas of need. Is often the target of splinter house Renor Elghinn.

Renor Elghinn: Led by Duchess Vina Renor Elghinn
Massive supporter of research and development concerning genetic engineering and other high value sciences. Has a deep rooted based in medical, high end and general technologies, as well as military research and development. Has a deep hatred of Dolis Elghinn and is responsible for several recent raids and outright skirmish-wars. Is an ally of House Hiendor.

Ve'Piras: Led by Duchess Adira Ve'Piras
A small house and bloodline, the Ve'Piras are rising industrial base concerning petro-chemicals, and power station construction and implementation. Ve'Piras have long been apart of the Imperial Navy, and has contributed well trained officers and sailors to the sub-fighter corps as well as the capitol ships that serve on the line against Rhydin and others. A house that also manages one of the new dockyards manufacturing bases that is currently bolstering the navy with more vessels. House Ve'Pira plans to associate itself with House Hiendor as a source for the larger house's additional naval craft as well as outside technologies. Ve'Piras has in the past had rivalries with Renor Elghinn and Ve'Hek.

Masai Elemmiire: Led by Duchess Thera Elemmiire
An exiled native of the former lands of origin, Thera's grandmother adopted wayward kin and those that were not, bleeding them into the line via an old world ritual to make them born again in the Elemmiire line. The Masai Elemmiire contribute to Renor Xukuth with the clergy. Ninety-five percent of all clergy staff and protectors are sourced from the Masai Elemmiire bloodline and house. They have as of yet, not chosen a side.

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