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Lagmohstre Job - Salvage

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Lagmohstre Job - Salvage
by OOO Archivist on Sat, 7 Jan 2017 21:25

[11:30 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): greetings mei. welcome aboard' hows your night?
[11:30 PM] Mei Ling (toxeine) busy, very busy
[11:31 PM] Mei Ling (toxeine) not so much now though
[11:31 PM] jupybaby: hello again miss.mei
[11:32 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): ah whats been keeping you busy?
[11:32 PM] Mei Ling (toxeine) working at a bar to get some income
[11:33 PM] jupybaby: I'm sorry to hear you had such a long night
[11:33 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): aye speaking of income were you able to sell any of that salvage we picked up off those slaver ships
[11:33 PM] Mei Ling (toxeine) it wasnt bad, just long and busy
[11:33 PM] Mei Ling (toxeine) sell? why not use? we can refine some of it
[11:33 PM] jupybaby: *nods* so how does that work on here anyhow... working for income?
[11:34 PM] Mei Ling (toxeine) a lot of groping, a lot of walking, and a lot of drinking when nobody is watching
[11:35 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): aye the automatic shop aboard the newluck can do that... i pulled some things i could use and put them in the hangar
[11:36 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): come see if ya like
[11:36 PM] Teleport offer sent to Amber Windjammer (jancice.bearsfoot)
[11:37 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): most of the salvage is under the tarp there or in the yellow container
[11:37 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): but there was some tool carts and things which we need in here anyway
[11:38 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): diagnostic monitor for fixing shuttles and other small craft
[11:38 PM] jupybaby: so you get paid to walk around and be groped? as long as your safe, and are happy doing it right?
[11:38 PM] Mei Ling (toxeine) looks at him slowly "I have... to stay right here for a while" walking over and starting to look at it for a try to figure out what the hell the tech is around this place
[11:39 PM] Amber Windjammer (jancice.bearsfoot) is Offline
[11:39 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "anybody chasing you.. laying low?"
[11:40 PM] Mei Ling (toxeine) its more about getting by, and yes, I have made some enemies... mostly friends of those that are now no longer alive
[11:40 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): that machine on the right is a fuel rod charger which can run diagnostics ectera
[11:41 PM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "so, when are we getting back to...." waving her hands a bit "non... whateverspace this is that we are in"
[11:42 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "roger that" turns to a ship eye and says "protocol bubbly jam champagne creche 98199213"
[11:42 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): lagmohstre
[11:42 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): and we are still hear... i holo-grammed a poetry reading back on araxes earlier today
[11:44 PM] Mei Ling (toxeine) facepalms "no offense captain, but I have time sensitive instructions that need to go out for some of my production sites, can we get a message out of this crazy place?"
[11:44 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): yav and vi are down on a planet dealing some sort of local temples they are familar with
[11:45 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): he nods. "I've an asteroid facility where most of the robotic production does nothing more then pump out communication buoys to be deployed into space. Comms go everywhere and in pretty decent time."
[11:47 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "those buoys are tapped into the lagwire network so there is no real delay in sending a message 80 galaxies away. Its not quite fold space communications but not far from that sort of thing."
[11:48 PM] Mei Ling (toxeine) nods "well, if I dont get this through, there are going to be some things going boom back at home, can i get a patch in?"
[11:49 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "prime security officer jupy need to authorize it."
[11:50 PM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "i can just give the codes that need to go out, as long as it gets there"
[11:51 PM] jupybaby: *nods and looks to Mei* "what is the nature of the data you will be transmitting?"
[11:52 PM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "its just c&c codes to the production facilities, they have enough resources to do the production if the drills have been working"
[11:52 PM] jupybaby: *looks to J* It all seems above board Captain. I'll clear it.
[11:53 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Turns to the ship eye. "Nemo establish temporary patch to mei's comms captains authorization "you can verb my noun amount of time." Stand by to accept Prime Security Officers authorization."
[11:53 PM] jupybaby: *enters her authorization codes, a series of 4*
[11:54 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Nods and walks over to remove the tarp from the salvage in the hangar. "jupy can you give me a hand folding this tarp up?"
[11:55 PM] jupybaby: Yes Captain. *grabs one and and pulls to straighten the fabric before walking her end towards the one he is holding*
[11:56 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Folds the tarp up with jupy and sets it aside. "You're strong enough to open these crates without a crowbar jupy?"
[11:57 PM] jupybaby: *raises an eyebrow* I ripped an antler from a buck with one hand Captain
[11:57 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): nods. "ok please have fun and lets get all these crates opened and arranged for inspection."
[11:58 PM] Mei Ling (toxeine) starts queuing up the commands to go out "is there anything I can help with there?"
[11:58 PM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "will be mei after you're done with your comms."
[12:00 AM] jupybaby: *looks at him strangely. have fun is an order she's not sure what to do with, but she's determined to follow orders so... ignites an electrical charge at the tip of her finger and burns a little stick figure getting zapped by lightning into one of the crates,
[12:01 AM] jupybaby: *smirks at her own doodle and then proceeds to rip wooden lids up and out of the way off of the dragon*
[12:02 AM] jupybaby: dragon=cargo
[12:02 AM] jupybaby: (best auto correct ever lol)
[12:02 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): smiles at jupys artwork'
[12:03 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "may take some time, it looks like I need to configure one of the refineries" looking to the wall and leaning on it as she managed the holoscreen
[12:05 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "roger that mei." Collects and stacks the lids of the crates jupy has torn off against a wall. Paying no attention to the contents yet.
[12:07 AM] jupybaby: *finishes opening the crates and stretches out a wing to preen a few loose splinters from it*
[12:08 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Sets out some empty carts to move about the goods. "so the running plan is to toss whatever isnt wortwhile keeping aboard into the shredder. "
[12:09 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Grabs his clipboard and draws a happy face next to a box at the top.
[12:11 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "well, I think it should be okay, whats this mess?"
[12:11 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "Crate 1... a box of more boxes." Takes out one of the boxes and opens it to discover a standard issue collar/cuff/anklet set with chain. "Well salvage from a slaver ship apparently includes... platinum slave livery."
[12:11 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "ooooh kinkeh!" winking merrily between them
[12:12 AM] jupybaby: *giggles at Mei*
[12:13 AM] jupybaby: *nudges J* I like this one captain *whilst nodding her head towards Mei*
[12:13 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "indeed i thought iron or steel was all the rage at least back home here it seems to be platinum... once upon a time it would have been copper and brass... course thats a torc' collar slash crown worn on the head."
[12:14 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "whats special about it?"
[12:14 AM] jupybaby: "where I come from it's all only copper"
[12:14 AM] Natalie Wendel is Offline
[12:15 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Scratches his butt with his clipboard. "its got some chips and neural hardware installed inside, none of its active at the moment though... likely trackers and pain stimulators."
[12:16 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Loads up a cart with the platinum collars. "I vote scrap on this lot a crate of 100 collars is not something we need aboard ship."
[12:16 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "sounds like something we should keep a few of for unruly prisoners though"
[12:18 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "I prefer the ship immbolizer rays and I do have a selection of collars and other gear in storage already... we can keep a couple in stasis chambers where the trackers cant be remotely activated."
[12:18 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "mei can you check the next crate while i deal with this one."
[12:19 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "jupy if you would load the other cart with collars while i dump this load into the shredder."
[12:19 AM] jupybaby: yes Captain
[12:20 AM] jupybaby: *twitches and then shakes her head grabbing the collars and loading them into the cart*
[12:20 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "and eensie meensie...." starting to pry up the lid on the crate and spotting a bunch of toys "mine, definitely mine, wait, are these crude too?" reaching in and playing with a few "oh, nevermind, these are cheap... couldnt get a hormone ridden teenager off"
[12:21 AM] jupybaby: *the cart fills up quickly as Jupy throws in several at a time. she glanced over at Mei and laughs so hard she drops o e of the collars on her bare foot and yelps before laughing more*
[12:22 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): opens a panel on one of the consoles on the bridge to get access to the shredder input chamber. Then proceeds to fill it with platinum slave livery. Doing the boxes seperate.
[12:23 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "i see ya found some toys... its tradition when finding a box of toys on a strange ship ectera... to throw one out the airlock."
[12:24 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Doesnt miss a beat in his work. After speaking he takes the filled card and dumps it before returning.
[12:25 AM] jupybaby: *finishes her cart and then reaches down to pick up the collar she dropped. she looks down at the metal circle on her hand and stares at it a moment, her curiosity getting the best of her she initiates one of the pain module triggers with one hand while holding it with the other. she wonders what their idea of pain is*
[12:25 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) fishes a few out "see, we have collars that control the nervous system, can lock one in place, set off intense pain everywhere, or even block it for combat purposes"
[12:25 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Glances at the empty crate. "Jupy you want to break up that crate so its small enough to fit in a pile on top of the cart?"
[12:27 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): he nod to mei then notices jupy fiddling with a collar. "Jupy did you not hear me say tracking device... if you turned that thing on its tracking device just activated."
[12:27 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): facepalms.
[12:27 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "but this stuff seems very basic, mass produced, i doubt the tracking is very good... "
[12:28 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "No problem protocol bubbly is in effect which is why we needed dual authorization codes... nothing gets out of bubbly. Unless its got proper codes to get out of the bubble."
[12:28 AM] jupybaby: *looks up glassy eyed towards the Captain* sorry Captain *throws it out the airlock* there. tradition and problem solved all at once
[12:29 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): As part of protocol bubbly the rear ray cannon fires at the thrown collar which is emitting a signal.
[12:30 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "likely true... but platinum is not a common material most of the time... mass produced yes but the workmanship in the original blueprint looks sound."
[12:30 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "shall we do crate 3 mei?"
[12:30 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "well, this box can be scrapped, it would be good for the cells given its petroleum product, as far as platinum its best to refine that and use it in ship plating"
[12:31 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "you open it, and i will try to feel it and guess" giggling merrily at that
[12:31 AM] jupybaby: *jumps into the crate and begin s tearing it into pieces. little splinters of wood go flying every which way along with green downy feathers since she is thuroughly involved in the violence of destruction a moment*
[12:32 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Looks into the crate noticing a dozen glass cylinders of liquid around some sort of technology he was unfamiliar with at a glance.
[12:33 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Notices other boxes and containers withing crate 3 as well. "mei any idea what those are?"
[12:33 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) fishes a hand in "its, a really big dildo" opening her eyes "or its a recombinant lab piece"
[12:34 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "recombinant lab peice whats that"
[12:34 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) reaches in with awe, looking at the hoses "they were cloning something, judging by the numbers of collars mass producing slaves"
[12:35 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "great slavers and cloners that means they are not attacking us now because they want our dna to add to their genepool"
[12:36 AM] jupybaby: ... *Jupy looks up from her pile of wood and wipes some hair out of her eyes* ... producing slaves? *she walks over to them tentatively* what is cloning? is that how someone changes another so they do their bidding?
[12:38 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "or they were paid to transport this and they themselves know nothing, but some smarter higher power is guiding them..." looking over to jupy "we have a similar facility, it produces beings of various genetic nature to accelerate mutation for experiments, and create more efficient livestock"
[12:39 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean) whispers: Nods. "Best we set those aside for some analyzing to see what they were up too.. and as a safeguard there some tech in old ones archives to combat against cloners. Special markers of a sort.
[12:39 AM] jupybaby: This... this is common? It's considered legal? Good?
[12:40 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "A thing desperate people sometime do often illegal actually."
[12:40 AM] jupybaby: *Jupy looks at Mei quite confused and curious*
[12:40 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) adds in after "I was created in one of those" then looks to jupy "some say its not, though those people are often the ones that benefit the most from our livestock research.... so take it with a grain of salt"
[12:41 AM] jupybaby: *glances back and forth between Mei and Jack and then nods quietly going back to her pile of splinters to put the cart*
[12:41 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Opens some of the other boxes finding vials of blood and other biologicl samples. "I dont much like having this stuff aboard... this is something they might want back."
[12:42 AM] jupybaby: *mumbles over her work* I know someone who will purchase those if you want me to get rid of them for a profit Captain
[12:42 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Grabs a lid from against the wall and sets it back on top. "Ok this is a deal with later crate. Lets move on to the next jupy why dont you take a peek inside... "
[12:43 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "this is all incredibly expensive, and it would be a great idea to sell it"
[12:43 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) as she sat there and held her cuff over each crate "as I scan it and log the contents for reproduction"
[12:45 AM] Gia (giannaisabel.werefox) is Offline
[12:45 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Eyes jupy then Mei. "This is afterall a goodship... human trafficking in biologics isn't something I want to get into buying and selling on the market. Its like high end weapons it attracts attention. We have enough attention on us out here as is... "
[12:45 AM] Salonge McKee (salonge.baxton) is Online
[12:47 AM] jupybaby: *sighs looking almost squeemish and lifts the lid off. ben ding over into it she lifts put a large stack of pages that are bound, identical to the other stacks within and then glances at Jack and respond without thinking "sometimes they're one in the same..." *then goes back to glancing at the first few pages of the manual*
[12:47 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) tilts her head as she scanned "well, when a lump of platinum and neural interfaces ends up in your hold and you scrap it?" nodding "its pretty apparent captain" offering a look "would you like to see what the lifecycle of this DNA would look like?"
[12:48 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "though on another note it might be usefull and beneficial to a colony out there somewhere... wealth ah books thats wealth to me. you've got good tech mei go ahead."
[12:49 AM] jupybaby: "looks like these are training or programming manuals for the slaves or maybe their collars"
[12:50 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "I think they were designed to be completely stupid, though beautiful...." offering up a small holo of estimated life "though the tails are short for their cells and lifespan will be limited to force buying more of them"
[12:54 AM] jupybaby: ((sorry I can't finish but I gtg guys. it was fun rping with you again Mei ))
[12:54 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "ok jupy put aside two of each kind and scrap the rest. i hear ya mei so we modify and fix up those in some way the locals cant detect and hand em back over. We'll use one of the tracking collars so they find it easy enough. Marker G3... long term life on those who engage in slavery tends towards the children to be extremely suicidal. There are some fixes for that."
[12:55 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) rubs her head lightly "look at the finish on it all though, this is no prototype, these are produced" looking back to jack "I doubt this is worth them chasing us down over if these are produced in any number"
[12:56 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Take the next crate I'm gonna toss the "Toys" and broken up crate.
[12:56 AM] jupybaby: ((night night *blows kisses and flies off*))
[12:56 AM] jupybaby is Offline
[12:56 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "Well thats good to hear. stragety two... then we modify and get them into circulation another way."
[12:57 AM] Gia (giannaisabel.werefox) is Online
[12:58 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "I have another idea...." walking over to him to whisper "its going to be difficult to hide an influx of people... but using it to produce the beginnings of a herd on a suitable planet could yield livestock galore should we return"
[12:59 AM] Stellar (tailblue) is Offline
[01:01 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "thats a possibility and we can mix it up do a bit of a dozen tactics.. if ya ever have ended up on world of genetically bred cow women ya know why fixing up that stock and preventing what we can is so important."
[01:02 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "so sell it to someone that would use them to make soldiers for a good purpose, and sell it cheap"
[01:05 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Over the course of a few hours Mei, Jupy and Jack finish sorting and inspecting the crates dumping what they dont need into the ship shredder. Discovering six boxes of cloning lab gear including incubators. 4 boxes of weapons. 1 box of slave silks and 1 box of slaver uniforms.
[01:06 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "ya know I think we should just incubate and grow them here and now since we have the gear and its the stupidest idea i can think of."
[01:07 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "the problem we face in our system is the pirates and thieves..." looking behind her "use these things regularly to spawn armies, while the police and other quote ethical end quote forces fail to do so"
[01:08 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "it causes a lot of clear imbalance issues, identity problems, and as a result of not having manpower to do things more explosive methods get used since there is no people to clean it up"
[01:09 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "besides i like the idea of a ship full of clone babies. usually the best way to end such things is an overwhelming outside enemy or an empire spreading into the region. " He sighs. "Now that these crates are taken care of... lets talk modifications to the dna sequences."
[01:10 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) shakes her head "let me send them to a group of enforcers that operate without as many limits to fight pirates"
[01:11 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "they can buy it, but it wont be at full market value, we partner with them from time to time"
[01:13 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Sits on a crate. "No can do... thats a problem elsewhere as to price and money when one has a decent atomic creation device and a good asteroid feild of free resources money is easy to make unless there are pirates. I've got enough. Im interested in these clones being able to deal with problems locally themselves and able to make their own minds up about what they are going to do or not do. "
[01:14 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "then we need to scrap the samples that are in there, because these are dumb as rocks to the core, their cells have short lives, and I cant change that even with all the tech that I have"
[01:14 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "Besides its been awhile since i played with dna modifications and a bunch of crying babies on board sounds wonderfull."
[01:15 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "Intelligence I can deal with... and life extension I've some samples of the araxes spice."
[01:17 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) looks a bit sad and holds up a hand "is that what you think of clones?"
[01:17 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Warms his hands by rubbing them together. "Explain it to me please."
[01:19 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "a cell can only reproduce so many times before it wears out so to speak, these clones would have accelerated growth and die by the time they reach the equivalent of a twenty year old human"
[01:23 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "ah so babies for a day at most full growth maturation... very fast less then a week. Well for one this ship has educational programs and minor ai's capable of teaching primitives very very fast. Plus theres a learner aboard if ya know what that is... thing ya put on your head and learn things very complicated very very fast. As to cell wear... thats not a problem old one archives has quite a complement of dna codings from various alien races and histories. A phoenix gene set a 20 year cycle would do the trick and limited by a few factors would not create superheros."
[01:27 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) sighs "what would you use the clones for?"
[01:30 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "complete cell rejuvenation thru a bacteria implaned in the bone marrow of the clones. So its not directly involved in the dna of the host... yet being there it will do the job every twenty years... though some forms of radiation and exposures would take that out... fair odds. I wouldnt use the clones for anything. Just give them a chance to live and discover for themselves what they may want to do. Given their sisters were enslaved ectera they may not be too happy about that... maybe they might think of themselves as seperate. Who knows? The beauty of existence is that we are not gods.. dont have control over others though sometimes we might seek it out of frustration in how events play out.
[01:32 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "Ultimately we are in a foriegn area where making judgement calls on others without knowning them and their histories well enough is childish. A bunch of clones destined to be brainless slave girls given freedom and a fair shake at their birth... thats a much more interesting story to me... "
[01:34 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) just leans on the crate "you can try, i hope it works out well for you...." looking at him "I am one of those clones, one of many alterations of a scientist named aya, let me tell you of her story, our story"
[01:35 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "she was born on a research colony where logic was the only rule, experiments were not meant to be functional but to stretch the limits of what we considered possible, her memories mesh with mine, put in as you plan to teach them and I remember two of every day, every event and milestone"
[01:36 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): He nods and gets comfortable to listen.
[01:38 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "I live every day in her shadow, whether i choose to or not, and I find I like this collar despite being an agent, a spear of light that treads in darkness"
[01:39 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) shakes her head "just be careful, the slave mother was submissive, and it permeates through all of us, as agents we have learned to fight it but instinct is strong and more is determined by that dna strand than you may think, its not a full fair shot you would be giving them"
[01:40 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Nods. "What do you think would give them a full fair shot at existence?"
[01:45 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "they never will have a fair shot, what I see is generations of breeding for these traits" and offers her hand out "I am one of few in a great many that do not jump at a loud noise, and can stand face to face in danger without instantly surrendering"
[01:50 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): He nods again and muses out loud. "First off I want to hear crying babies we planned to show up and be gypsies out here and we've ended up with a bunch of slave girl clones in test tubes. Accellerated maturation is out. Ideally Id want time to make up one and ensure they got time travel capabilites to come back in time and let me know about the problems. That works in ripple mechanics if not in local time travel mechanics.. so lets just hypothesize outside logic and say you're that gal. A fair shot at a life is to be able to be born and grow up from childhood... and its to have a mother not a slave master gearing you to being a sex slave. Ive seen worlds where there are only men in a workshop or lab. They suck."
[01:52 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): I dont think its possible to take out the genes for them being slave girls and i had no intention of trying. Yet the genes for submission and being a good mother are essentially the same ones.
[01:53 AM] Stellar (tailblue) is Online
[01:53 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): They're the ones for caring more about others then yourself. Self sacrifice to a degree and thats not something men dont have... only theres a different word for it. Father genes.
[01:53 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Good father genes do exist.
[01:54 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) seizes up, and realizes whats going to happen "you should be careful, the memories that make me who I am are not pleasant"
[01:56 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Aye i personaly was involved in a rather nasty affair with an agent where my lover sacrificed ourseleves to end slavery in a region of space. The children from all those slave masters chose to commit suicide because of what me and my lover did. They did not want to pass on the genes of the slavers in the genetic history.
[01:56 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): It sucked. They could have built a incredible civilization.. instead they choose mass suicide. Billions died
[01:57 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "so you do know, but choose to anyhow? when it was determined that I was not very skittish, I was put through trials, I was placed on a planet with hostile creatures"
[01:57 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): So whatever unpleasant memories you might have... know I've quite a few of my own. My lover and I were captured on a ship by slavers and we both were sold into slavery.
[01:59 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "i am sorry, the memories of slavery from the slave mother, as well as my own upbringing are less than pleasant, death is the only thing that I leave in my wake"
[02:01 AM] Gia (giannaisabel.werefox) is Offline
[02:06 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): He nods. "I've been there... a herald of death... I was once a great warrior and then became a general... others knew of me and rejuvenated my body... erased my memory and then set me up as their general of death dealing.. for about 100 years that cycle repeated till on some planet that all changed.... ive been alive a long time if alive is the right word for it... ultimately i deystroyed that civilization. destoryed quite a few others before that... though in that trip where my lover and i were captured and enslaved that was a messier business we took out that slaver civilization within about 20 years... from the inside. When it fell the region fell into chaos and the forces the slavers were balancing with slavery created other problems. My lover and I broke off when it became neccesary to rebuild a slaver civilization.
[02:08 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): The balancing act often requires jumping onto the opposing side and restoring things into existence that you formerly hated but have come to understand.
[02:12 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) "mine is far smaller scale, but I happen to be a clone so it hits close to home" as she dropped her hand "be careful okay?"
[02:13 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): So as to tinkering with some genetic modificiations and giving these clone babies under my butt a life not exactly what some slaver powers that be expected... i feel qualified and confident in my abiliites to accept the responsibility in facing my errors and dealing with the consequences of my mistakes. In quite a few of those rejuvenations I was a father and while I choose not to sleep with slaves for the most part ive still got a soft spot in my heart for them... including the ones under my butt."
[02:16 AM] Mei Ling (toxeine) looks at him wearily "I am a slave still, and i cant deny wanting to wear some silks and dance, despite the fact many have met an end at the end of my instruments" leaning back on the crate
[02:18 AM] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): He smiles at Mei. "I will... besides im smart enough to make sure this is a crew decision... not the sole action of a egotistical dick of a captain. That includes you... you may not be fully registered as crew yet but yer' getting there and your opinion counts. I see people as who they are as spirits not what body they currently inhabit... your free to wear silks and dance here aboard ship."

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Rowe (RAW)
by OOO Archivist on Wed, 22 Mar 2017 19:59

[22:27] biczyk: hugs shugs hugs hug
[22:27] C???y ??Åy (cindyokay): are you doing that mission yet?
[22:27] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): yes cindy
[22:27] C???y ??Åy (cindyokay): replacing some historical records
[22:27] C???y ??Åy (cindyokay): or are you on another one?
[22:28] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): the worlds kinda falling apart lately.... thanks for bringing things back on track
[22:28] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): we'll have to do it tonight
[22:28] C???y ??Åy (cindyokay): well, i really better get
[22:28] C???y ??Åy (cindyokay): it was nice seeing you
[22:29] C???y ??Åy (cindyokay): you too, jupy
[22:29] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): aye nice lady
[22:29] C???y ??Åy (cindyokay): bye for now, captain
[22:29] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): damn would have been nice to get a kiss back on the cheek
[22:29] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): shrugs
[22:30] C???y ??Åy (cindyokay) is Offline
[22:31] jupybaby: are you smyring
[22:31] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): grabbing a smyre security officer... aye and then you and me are getting some work done
[22:31] jupybaby: what work...?
[22:32] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): inserting some files and books into a libary essentially
[22:33] jupybaby: ... do I look like a librarian sir? *flexes the muscles in her wings*
[22:36] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): nope but the library should be abandoned
[22:36] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): though by abandoned i dont mean empty
[22:36] jupybaby: well I wouldn't go so far as to abandon it
[22:38] biczyk is Offline
[22:38] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): thats good its on a asteroid
[22:38] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): are you ready
[22:38] Object whispers: Pilot jackofthebean Resident
[22:38] jupybaby: ... as you wish Captain.
[22:41] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): takes a seat at the pilots chair and activates his comms. "alright its notfar off I'll get us there." Then pulling up the coordinates he sets course and directs power to the engines. A few seconds later they are riding the stream.
[22:42] Aimi ? Aoyama (kanami24) is Offline
[22:42] jupybaby: *flies up to her security perch, brooding a bit in her current temper and decides to preen a few pieces of down from her wings as she keeps one eye so to speak open for any security breeches*
[22:43] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "By not empty I mean there might be any manner of critters and hidden folk in there. Tons of life signs on sensors though the docks and ports are all abandoned so no above board technological folk."
[22:45] Stellar (tailblue) is Offline
[22:45] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Outside the forward windows a tiny spec of dust gets larger and larger. Flanked on oneside by a yellow sun and on the other by a luminous glowing planetoid. " The local spacefaring lagmostre region peoples are approaching this place. All we got to do is put a few books on the shelves and upload the data to the library's systems. "
[22:45] jupybaby: "so kill anything that moves?" *her question almost more a nonchalant statement rolling off the tongue without a thought. she takes a deep frustrated breath and holds it a moment her brows furrowing as she works a particularly stubborn burr out from her left wing*
[22:47] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "Of course not... get some distance to see what and whom ectera is attacking you and then why. Then dont kill unless its life and death."
[22:47] jupybaby: *glances up to watch their approach and nods* "so unexpected crises followed by epic battle, quest or both. got it"
[22:49] Maida Reina is Online
[22:49] jupybaby: *being quite the brat today she rolls her eyes and mutters something about life and death and perspective but does manage to give an "aye Captain" for the sake of due respect*
[22:52] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): As they approach the asteroid it dwarfs their ship and fills the viewport. He steers the ship into a cavern which must have once been smooth yet now after who knows how many billions of years is full of crags and hidden recesses. "aye likely all the above." The lights of the ship illuminate the walls of their passage showing signs of dozens of ancient civilizations. "This asteroid is part of the old flat existence before the great civilization made the orbs and stars in the black. It's a core fragment left to drift. The order of the old ones record it as a place with many names. It's really quite a find. "
[22:56] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): As they penetrate deeper into the asteroid he watches a tiny blinking light on his halo veiw screen. An active terminal in which they can upload the data missing from the lagmostre history books. "This could really be a seriously dangerous place... if you want to stay aboard ship... well we are reaching the point where i have to ask you that."
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[22:57] Stellar (tailblue) is Online
[22:57] Alice Adler (jillgoodgal) is Offline
[22:58] jupybaby: *perks up a little, alert and watching said crevices with both eyes now. she felt very strange. she knew those crevices didn't end at their edges. anywhere the darkness hid could be sunk into... then she blinks and hears Jack's voice* "there's nothing left I haven't feared. I'll go where asked"
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[23:01] jupybaby: ((brb gotta find phone charger almost dead))
[23:01] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): As the passage gets narrower he passes the controls over to the ships AI Nemo to steer awhile. At points they slow down to moving at inches to narrow thru tiny spots then lurch at high speeds intermittedly. Jupy's keen eyesight would spot strange bat like creatures huddling about the cieling places and some slug like creatures on the floor in other places. Stalagmites and Stalactites gradually begin to appear around them everywhere. "Ok Jupy just know i've dreamt of coming and dying here a thousand ways. Until Cindy reminded me about this mission I've been avoiding it like the Plauge. "
[23:01] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): ((k. Gonna write on more post and smyre again.))
[23:06] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Nemo's feline voice comes on the ship speakers reporting. "Atmosphere here and for 3000 miles in every direction is habitable for crew life. There are quite a few large lifeforms in the area we are approaching. The asteroid's inner core still possess heat and live magma though by all indications this is being channeled by ancient technology. No response to attempt to contact library network likely the broadcasting emitters are down in the areas we have passed. The one terminal seems to be the only live connection to the entire asteroid system."
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[23:11] Maida Reina is Online
[23:13] Maida Reina is Offline
[23:14] jupybaby: ((sorry apparently it was in my car. also apparently I have not eaten a single bite of food today. gnawing on a pickle. jupy's mood should improve now))
[23:15] Amber Windjammer (jancice.bearsfoot) is Online
[23:18] jupybaby: "Well at least we won't have to hold our breath Captain"
[23:20] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): At the pilot seat he whistles and a wave of serious dejavu strikes him near the point of paralysis. As if he's lived this moment a thousand times. He grumbles after doing a detailed scan of the air. "I am not a happy man when life scans show unidentified lifeforms... whatever is down here could be leftover from the great civilization evolved to be here a billion times over." He then picks a landing sight beneath a giant statue of a eight legged centipede creature. Then changes his mind landing atop it's head. Fortunate as the moment they land it moves and quick piloting skills keep them out of harms way. The creature scuttles into a passage they'd recently taken in. "Uhm Jupy I'm glad you are here." Reorienting he picks a ledge which they can fly down from towards the terminal. Said ledge is apparently the top of a massive library shelf easily wide enough for them to land. Scarily enough the books there seem to be 3ft tall and meant for some rather large hands. "True but those spores and pollen could still
[23:20] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): kill us instantly even though they are reading harmless."
[23:21] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): After landing he stands up and kisses her cheek while striding past her to his locker to gear up.
[23:26] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Placing one hand on his the butt of his blaster and the other on his hip he smiles as he turns towards her. "If we get seperated comm the ship or get to the ship. If you dont hear from me in 24 hours head back the ship is yours and I've found a nice place to be buried."
[23:29] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): He adds as a fore-thought. "Nemo can get you back but he's not the greatest pilot you'll have to talk to him alot. That giant centipede eats something around here and its not likely to be friendly."
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[23:31] jupybaby: *watches in amazement as at the giant insectoid and her Captain's speedy evasive tactics. her breath coming faster she didn't realize she'd been gripping the back of his chair till he spoke. regaining her composure she replies* "me? glad YOU'RE here. I'd have crashed us. that was amazing flying Captain!" she smiled at him proudly when he stood, and then blushed eternal fire as he kissed her cheek. she couldn't help it. she was a blusher. hated it about herself but nothing to be done. pretending her face wasn't hotter than the sun she skurries over to her locker as well, then realizing there's nothing but an antler inside closes it again frowning as he speaks* "you're not allowed to die today Captain... I go first if you must know"
[23:34] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Remembering the datacube and books for the operation he strides over to the goyle station and dials them up out of inventory. Adding the cube to a slot under his sleeve and the books into his jacket. "Thank you jupy. I'm not as good as rasia though. She'd have killed the thing for existing though. We go at the same time... though something here it draws at me deeply. Theres a part of me that doesnt want to ever leave and knows even if we do manage to get the job done and leave I'll be back and back to stay. Though living here would take a small and highly skilled army.
[23:38] jupybaby: *not sure if he was referencing their death anymore or just exiting the ship she nods and let's it go as he continues his self aware musings* "or a horde of mercenaries and malcontents *smiles wistfully a moment and then snaps back to attention*
[23:42] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "aye" With that said he walks out into the hangar bay and powers up his jetpak to hover in the air. "Protocol 231 Be back soon Nemo" After he speaks nemo acknowledges. "A quick in and out captain." The cargo bay doors open and he turns to jupy. "ok on a silent count of three." Tapping a button on his hexsuit the entire surface lights up and glows for illumination inthe darkness. Still wearing his halo viewscreen he keeps the target in his sights.
[23:44] Mirra Zanzibar is Offline
[23:46] jupybaby: *nods and affirmative, thrusting her wings down and lifting into the air beside him, her eyes adjusting quickly to the dark. an odd and very new skill that seemed to come and go but at least it was coming for the moment*
[23:47] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): As they emerge out of the ship the sounds of the cavern fill their ears. Dripping water which might be hundreds of meters away. Scurrying things and movement can be heard intermittedly in all directions. Faint flashes of light appear here and there in the darkness... yet whether they were distant glints on metal or eyes watching them was unknown.
[23:51] jupybaby: *a bristling of goosebumps and severe shape shivers rush up her legs and spine all the way to the tips of her wings and ends of her hair. her whole body feeling electrified she stifles a whimper and then shakes it off. what was this place? fighting the urge to chase after the shiny glints, she waited for Jack's next move or command
[23:51] jupybaby: sharp*
[23:52] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Jack takes a deep breath and leans forward punching fuel into the jets as he rockets out of the craft at the count of three. A short distance from the ship he pauses and using a light from his finger points down below at where they are going. Behind them the cargobay door of the newluck closes and the lights there go off. As they do the light on his suit dims. His suits senors feed him some data on their surrounding but given that there is so much of it... it's hard to tell whats going on. Then on a sort of radar dispay he detects movement above them coming in their direction. "Slow drop company near. No run just move slow."
[23:56] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Just as he speaks the words he is in motion himself circling down towards the terminal. The air in his lungs burns a moment as the sense and longing to stay here sprouts into a vision of how deep the dust might be around the terminal. Keeping an eye on the movement above and behind them he whispers to jupy. "Our movement as we land could kick up alot of dust we need to land on something solid and hope it is as solid as it looks. Carefull of that which might live in the dust."
[23:56] jupybaby: *ship lights die, Jack's suit dims, her pupils dilating until her eyes are nearly black and then she nods quietly. beating her wings as quietly as she can my tensing and arching the muscles with each thrust she slows them, allowing herself to drop in very small short movements, glancing up and straining to see what she can with the partial shadow vision she currently has*
[23:59] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): As they near their destination it appears to be a circular pit ringed by cobblestones with no sign of a terminal or any technology. Overhead the beating of wings not their own can be heard following them in the dark. How many unknown. One of the giant three foot tall books stirred by their passage creaks then begins to fall towards the ground below.
[00:00] jupybaby: *she wasn't afraid except for failing to protect to him. she looked down instead straining hard to see the grey forms available to her. things looked hazey in form. but then she saw a section of what looked like stone that did not have as hazy an edge in her vision. this madenhe feel as if it was.more solid and she pointed down to it for the captain*
[00:02] jupybaby: *seeing the book fall she was struck both by the urgency to want to catch it as well as the oddity that it should have fell at all by their passing. but she had been ordered to move slow, so she fought the urge to bolt and catch the book*
[00:04] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Tiny fireworks ring his halo viewscreen as bits of dust already in air strike its surface around his head. He catches Jupys point and makes a sharper landing then he'd like onto the surface below she pointed out. It caught his feet and didnt give. Then noticing the falling book he draws his raygun and dials a tractor beam to catch it. Having figured jupy might go for it too... and best bet was to catch her and it with it in that case. Not seeing her do so he zaps the book and carefully sets it on another section of the stones nearby.
[00:05] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Then the slightly faster vertical landing in his legs caught up to him. Nothing was broken. His legs smarted and he'd killed the jets in just nigh the right amount of time to not kick up the dust.
[00:07] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Turning his head to glance in the direction of the winged creatures above he notes audibly. "They are watching keep your weapons ready jupy."
[00:08] jupybaby: *lands gracefully and quietly next to jack on the firm purchase. feeling satisfaction that the book did not hit the ground she wondered if perhaps she was part librarian after all.* "don't worry Captain, they're ready..." *not even referencing the sword her eyes sparkled with i
[00:08] jupybaby: inner energy*
[00:11] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Bending to one knee he withdrawls his enchanting plate, pearl and rod. Using these strange crafting tools he starts to work on the dust in a very strange way. With the rod he twirls the dust up like cotton candy and drags it to the pearl where it seems to enter yet not grow in size. In short moments he establishes several dozen spaghetti like noodles funneling into the pearl as the dust in the center of the circle gradually descends deeper and deeper. Creatures within the dust scurry about yet dismayed by the strange activity they depart leaving them alone.
[00:13] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): "I figured the dust would be a death trap... look at those little... well that one is almost as big as us... yet really it's evolved to live in the dust... so it follows the dust. Unfortunately the flyers once the dust is gone arent going to be so watchy onceit's gone."
[00:17] jupybaby: *cocks her head curiously never quite understanding what her Captain is up to before turning her sharp narrowed eyes back to the "sky" to watch for whatever wings may carry* "I figured as much..." *her hair becoming static heavy and flyabout she beats her wings behind? her aggressively, as if a show of dominance or superiority against whatever flies above, and then one long sharp blue electric zap arches down along her arm and disappears. she is charged*
[00:19] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Finally a floor emerges to reveal they are standing on a bank of ancient screens and equipment likely a hub for access to terminals in this region of the library. Like sand the dust pours inwards from the sides revealing more and more and then faint lights on one single terminal access position. "Thats the target jupy... and here they come." The winged creatures are not even vaguely humanoid as they first come into jupy's vision. Their is a forward mass of claws and some kinda stalk or pole and wings on that.. and a latter mass of scorpion looking tails."
[00:22] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Hopping down into the pit with raygun drawn he sweeps a ray around the circumference and dials a semi sheild at his level that should only interact with the dust and not the equipment. Not about to lose his crafting plate and tools he uses a light jetpack assisted jump to grab them before striding directly to the terminal.
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[00:23] jupybaby: "lovely.." she mutters as the beasts descend. a great light blinds out the cavern followed by a ground shaking deafening crack of thunder, the sound waves literally vibrating their bodies. the lightning shooting up from around her body and arching out on branches to deviate what it may*
[00:23] jupybaby: devistate*
[00:23] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): As the beasts get close enough to make out their numbers it appears there are only five. Yet in scale they are twice jupy and him in size.
[00:25] jupybaby: *her green wings thrust back and she flies over and above him, guarding and defensive as she waits to see if anything still moved towards them.*
[00:28] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Jack blinks from the brilliant light as he pulls the datacube out of his sleeve and looks for the input receptacle. Then the thunder cracks and here and there around the caverns things fall and crash to the ground causing alot more commotion. Three of the four winged beasts get caught in jupy's lightning strike... yet the four dives straight at her with a ear deafening shriek that echos again and again. Given the silence before it might sound like the entire cavern was crashing around them. Yet nothing fell from above and jupy could see great clouds of dust rising and moving in their direction from many sides.
[00:32] jupybaby: *not so worried about the dust at the moment so much h as the shrieking hellbeast diving into her she grunts and shoots up to meet it never having had much patience it battle she throws herself right under its outreached claws and allows it to grab her if it will*
[00:33] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Focuses on his task and trusting jupy to watch his back he places a hand to the terminal and works the controls finally discovering the cubes receptacle slot. The screen lit to life and using his halo veiwer as a translator he worked thru some of the goofy bits of uploading the historical content. A few of the other terminals came alive. Just as things seemed to be going well... he glances up to see how jupy was faring. Raygun at the ready.
[00:36] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Sixteen pairs of claws seek to crab her limbs and torso as the stalk or pole portion of the creatures body deflates and the scorpion pinchers wrap around the claws... grooved to lock in place as a cloud of gas is spit in her face and the stingers seek to puncture her flesh.
[00:38] jupybaby: *the instant it's talons wrapped around her body it would be as if the creature we're being tasered, voltages would rip through the creature, locking up any further action I due to muscle contractions until its heart or equivalent life force organ ceased to beat. only then would the currents stop and Jupy would rip free as it's body fell*
[00:39] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Below he takes carefull aim and dials his raygun to a needle then ray of harmless light to get a reading on the creature. Then setting the dial to react only to it's anatomy he wides the cone and fires a full blast of lethal unhappiness to make dust of the beasties body.
[00:41] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Tasered and dusted the beast ceases to exist completely. Yet others of its kind can be heard in the distance and the cloud of dust is almost upon them. "Jupy down here with me... we need a momentary break of the action"
[00:42] jupybaby: *surrounded by beast dust she grins and swoops down to jack, filthy already and happy as a clam in mud* yes Captain!
[00:46] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): His eyes sparkle with life and a thin white stream of fog and light stream from them trailing down his face yet not so much like tears as much as cloud. Sliding out his crafting table he uses the dust contents of the pearl to construct a structure over their heads out of what appears to be a strange form of thick glass. The cloud of dust drops on them as he works... but quickly he gets it sealed and just as he does a face forms on the screen he was working at. "Your presence is requested in the great hall by librarian Rowe" Near them a panel opens in the floor. Jack turns to jupy and the face and back again. He grumbles as the face vanishes.
[00:47] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): The face had been one of a being of non discernable gender. Obviously not human and only a sort of chin protruding from a hood. Though there was more then seven eyes glowing under that hood.
[00:48] jupybaby: *nods respectfully as she watches his own magic shield forming then cocks her head curiously* "the hell is a Rowe?"
[00:50] Jack Cloudborn (jackofthebean): Brushes dust off his gloves and puts away his tools taking the empty data cube out of the terminal receptacle. "Row row row your boat?" Dreamer I guess."

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