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Basic Rules - Read

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Basic Rules - Read
by The Last BeaconPM MemberMember Profile on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 19:50

When Rping in this group you must do so with a character of one of the species present on Ilarthias; you cannot, for example, say you want to be a dwarf or an elf or a centuar in Ilarthias.

You may ask to create a character that is infact one of the 'Divine' races. If you want to become one, ask a moderator. Clearance for such a character usually requires you to have at least one mortal character with evidence of RPing and Rping within the standards and style befitting of the group.

Although not mandatory it is encouraged for players to keep an inventory and manage their money - this makes the game more realistic as the timezone in the group changes; when threading begins it will begin on the 1st Frostfall and end on the 50th of Snowfall (See Calendar). Every 50 days in reality Ilarthias will enter a new 'Month'/'Cycle'. This, if you so wish, could create a new game mechanic of simply managing money, adventuring and self-preservation.

When creating a thread or story you must put in the date at the start and must show whether the day has changed by writting it into the thread. If you begin writing a thread in the current month but while writing a new month has come around on the group but not in the thread then you just continue as usual. It might be important to read what has happened during the month and implement it however.

Every month on a seperate forum there will be a decription of the events that have occured during that month and some of the movements, events that will be appearing on the horizon. Whether this means that players have changed the face and history of Ilarthias or whether they're events that are forged by AI interaction it will be archived so that players can refer back to them.

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