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Accidents and Intent

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Accidents and Intent
by EyeoftheNytePM MemberMember Profile on Tue, 18 Aug 2015 08:34

OOC: Information on the setting in this topic can be found here.

Thunderous enraged roars echoed, accented by angry shouts, carried down the stony halls; demanding the departure of some offender or another. Then a slim, sliver of light interrupted the dim hazy glow that was standard for most of the hallways and corridors here. The sliver widened and several women poured from the now open doorway with no small measure of haste. Another roar now punctuated by the sharp breaking sound of some manner of dish or bowl. A final two managed to squeeze through the doorway a third drug limply behind them and the door slammed shut behind them.

All was silent now and the ill light of the corridor betrayed nothing of what had just transpired. A much larger figure could be seen now, wide of shoulder and undeniably powerful in presence. Yet this one's hand hesitated before opening a larger door before soon a larger beam of light flooded the almost cavernous hallway. Inside the anger was almost palpable. Anger and fear? The source was now visible and it stood taller than the other but more slender. Both were covered in gleaming red scales and a number of bony protrusions to accent any normally more gentle bends were; elbows, collarbones, eye ridges and the like save for two long slightly spiraled horns coming from the back of their heads. It was now obvious to see that short broad, bipedal reptile was male and the taller, more slender one was female. If the appearance wasn't enough the task that the more slender was undertaking would have given it away. She righted a pillar that had been toppled before a large hearth. The top was wide and basin like likely made to hold the still warm sands that she was carefully cleaning up and placing back into the pillar basin. Next she moved over to what looked like a ball of cloth, a deeper shade of crimson. She lifted it and let it rest upon the newly filled basin. The cloth slid aside revealing a large egg of varying splotches, lines and speckles of red. Large clawed hands ran over the surface with such care it almost appeared surreal.

Now the other leaned next to the doorway feeling the coolness of the stone against his scales. He watched quietly until she curled up on a long flat slab that hand been worn smooth even to a point of forming a slight concavity into which she settled. He sighed deeply a long smile forming on his face, "If you keep killing them we will have to start from scratch training those stupid creatures, my Queen. If you think these are bad try having some of those from the stock pens roaming the caverns for a while."

The female looked up narrowing sharp amber eyes into dangerous slits, "Serphnon, take care you don't make light of what happened here. They toppled my shredding egg! If I didn't know any better I'd say they did it on purpose!"

He shook his head slowly, It sounds like you're taking stock in those old tales of rebellion among the humans, those hatchlings' tales. It isn't a wonder that they're jittery and skiddish especially with how broody you've become since the laying." He took a deeper breath and looked over the egg and then sat down on the warm stone beside her. "Xillianthre, have them send some of the older ones to tend your chambers. The ones too old for breeding. They're more even tempered and less likely to spook at every swish of a tail."

A deep rumble emanated from deep in her throat, "The younger ones are easier to look at, the older ones," she snorted and tiny wisps curled upward from her nostrils but then nodded, "It's probably wise to do so." She lightly ran a claw over the scales on one of his forearms.

His mouth curled in a calm smile and he nodded, "Good, I'll pass the word on. Go stretch your wings. Feel the sun on your scales. It will do you good, and I will keep watch upon your egg."

She nodded slowly and stood slowly stretching sinuously and then made a circle around the room passing by the egg again, "Not a scratch, not a nick, or we'll be feasting on your sorry scales tonight," she said almost off hand to which he nodded with a calm smirk as if the stating of such things was overly redundant. She passed by him and their foreheads touched lightly before another door opened letting the brilliant daylight streamed in and fresh air swirled about the large room before she disappeared into the air off of a long balcony soaring over a large town below.

He watched the queen leap out off of the open balcony. A few powerful flaps later, Serphnon watched the warming sunlight glint off of the blood red scales as she turned out of view.

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RE: Accidents and Intent
by EyeoftheNytePM MemberMember Profile on Mon, 2 Jan 2017 09:48

Two women carried a third between them. Their rapid steps masked the shaking that their thunderously pounding hearts caused. A final small door was opened and they disappeared into the tunnels. Comparatively small torches lit the much smaller passage while the women carried their companion down to a larger cavern. Their appearance caused a flurry of conversation, in almost hushed tones.

Inside shelves seemed to be notched into the walls in four parallel lines off the ground. They deposited the young woman onto an empty pallet there. The commotion had drawn one of the elders out and she examined the girl on the pallet closely. The elderly eyes closed as they had many a time before, "Tsk, had she been alive, most of the bones in her body are broken." she opened them again and looked to the two bearers with an unwavering steely stare. "Am I to guess the commotion from a moment ago is because of you three?" The other two nodded quickly, and now that they were standing still could be seen shaking as if chilled to the bone. "Tsk... go, get something to calm your nervs and rest." They didn't argue and disappeared into the group of people that had accumulated.

The old woman had but to lift her head to scatter the gawkers. Only a few of the elderly, if not as wizened as the woman that scattered the rest, remained and approached. One woman, by the looks of her a daughter of the first spoke up, "I told you all it was a bad idea to send them! Sending the clumsiest girls to tend the egg was lunacy. They were as likely to trip and fall in the corridor or tumble out of the sunning platform as they were to accomplish this task." her words were soft but the clipped tones left little to interpretation.

One of the men of a similar age, "Vira, we all voted. you lost. Saying I told you so won't get the girl her spirit back. Now we have to think on how to proceed."

The first woman nodded slowly, "You were against it Vira, however if they had been detained and questioned they wouldn't have been able to disclose anything. That was the deciding factor on the vote." She looked to the man that had been speaking, "Nuram, I expect there will be some sort of change coming. Make sure the other girls aren't sent into a tizzy when the Keeper comes to deliver new assignments."

Vira narrowed her eyes, "Elder Mira, now they are likely to come and kull our young in retribution. It's happened before or perhaps you've forgotten!" she snapped. But even her strong will waned under the direct scrutiny of Mira.

Mira waited a moment before speaking, "Oh I haven't forgotten, I've seen and survived kullings before you were born. Don't lecture me daughter." As she used the familial tie in reference to Vira the tension built as the younger woman's face reddened some yet the hard look in her eyes didn't fade, but she turned with a sniff and departed. The other's glanced to each other before carrying the dead off amidst the soft keening sound from those still awake. The ghostly wails reverberated through the servant caverns.

EyeoftheNytePM MemberMember Profile
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Posts: 402
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