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Who would dare try and tame the Lion?

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Who would dare try and tame the Lion?
by Naoki on Sun, 20 May 2012 12:59

[[..OOC:- This is a spar match, death or near death will be the result.. Anyone may post and intro, but it is first post gets the spot.. All I ask is that be someone close to or over Naoki's level n_n As in you choose who you think would be a good match..]]



It always rained, no matter when he went camping, it was always pissing down. As the sky darkened, the sound of pots and pans clanking together resonated through the small splattering of trees, this was none other than Naoki out on a camping trip, well that was part of the reason he was out there in this odd wilderness. He had a fight organised with someone and he thought he would make a nice trip out of it, seeing as he had to travel for a few days to get from the Bayushi village. Naoki had been camped under a large oak tree for the past day and a bit and his tent was looking rather wet, not as wet as it would have been if he were to of camped put in the open. The rain had been horrific, first it would be nice, then bang, the rain starts, as if someone had opened a dam and let it flow onto the land, but as soon as it began, it stopped again, leaving everything it touched soaked throughout.

Once Naoki had eaten his dinner then cleaned up his equipment and put it away, he shut his tend, gathered his weapons and then headed off to the area where the fight was to take place. Naoki was just a mere human, but he was pretty powerful in his own right, not very bright though, not when it came to theoretical stuff but anything physical he could learn and he would excel at. This showed in his combat, he was a master at the art of Parkour, the French non-combatant discipline of travelling across obstacles using as little energy as possible while moving as quick as the body can. The young man was also very well trained in a number of mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, KickBoxing and a slight bit of training in TaeKWonDo. With all this training, Naoki was very quick and very difficult to catch if he was given the chance to move clear of an opponent.

Naoki was 6'4 in height and weighed about 180lbs, his body was athletic and toned, a sign of his constant working out and training. With such an athletic and toned body, you'd never think that the male could eat his way through his own body weight in food in about 30 minutes. He was a monster when it came to putting the food down his gullet, this was because he has what people came to call a Super-Metabolism, this was an odd ability but one that allowed him to produce massive amounts of energy from the huge quantities of food he consumed all the time. A sub ability of his Super-Metabolism was something called Metabolic Resistance; the innate resistance to Drugs, Toxins, Disease, and other harmful factors that are ingested or introduced to his body. These include vampirism and lycanthropy. Because of this, Naoki has been employed as a tester for royalty, testing their food to make sure that they were not poisoned, even though he was immune to such things, he could still taste them.

Walking down a small broken path, Naoki noticed what looked like a ruined building in the distance, this must be the area where the fight was to take place, looked interesting. Wearing his usual attire, Naoki felt at ease as he moved from the path into the long grass, his bare feet enjoying the feeling of it, even though he was going to get soaked walking through the grass. With his sleeveless hooded top closed half way and his hood up, it concealed his short cut scruffy looking dark brown hair, his hood was positioned so that his face was shadowed, leaving only the glimmer of his soft amber hued eyes to shine though. Within about two minutes, the bottoms of Naoki's three quarter length shorts were soaked, these shorts matched his hooded top but held a beautiful Chinese dragon decal on the left leg, identical to the one that adorned the back of the hooded top. Under his top, he wore nothing, just his bare skin, Nao was not one for over dressing, he was just a simple kind of guy.

When it came to his equipment, Naoki always travelled light, holding just a two weapons on his person, these were just simple weapons, well Nao thought they were simple, others didn’t quite seem to agree. Two matching Pantera claws clipped to the back of his belt were all that Naoki held on his person, weapons wise that was and it left Naoki more than ready for a fight. When it came to the Pantera claws, these were pretty simple. Three claws per hand, connected to a knuckle duster style grip. Each claw 5” in length and 2” wide with a cutting edge close to that of the width of a hair. The claws and the knuckle duster style grip were all made from an Adamantium/Titanium alloy, giving the weapon strength while keeping them as light as possible, roughly about 5lbs.

Coating the metal of each claw is a specially created 'Hot Toxin', this toxin is designed to cause the target as much pain as possible, making them feel as if they are burning from the inside. The creation of the 'Hot Toxin' was a simple one, Naoki gathered up almost a quarter of a litre of Tarantula Venom, this was the beginning of the concoction. The second part of the 'Hot Toxin' was the collection and production of chilli juice, this chilli juice was created by processing a large number of Bhut Jolokia chili peppers, these known for being the worlds hottest chilli peppers. Once the chilli peppers had been processed and made into a thick paste, the Tarantula Venom was then added and mixed for a number of hours. Because of the colour of the chilli juice, the 'Hot Toxin' holds a faint orange colour to it, which after a long use on weapons, begins to tint the metal that it is applied on. Naoki was very proud of his creation and quickly got to work coating his Pantera claws with it.

This 'Hot Toxin' is non lethal, but once introduce to the target's blood stream, it is pumped though their body, much like any other toxin and because of the Tarantula Venom, it moves through the body faster than it normally would if the Tarantula Venom was not in the mix. Because of the chilli juice made from the Bhut Jolokia chili peppers, the 'Hot Toxin' causes a burning sensation within the target's body, causing excruciating pain as the toxin travels through the body. The pain usual begins right after administration of the 'Hot Toxin' but begins with just s slight burning feeling, once the toxin has travelled round about 25% of the target's body, the pain becomes greater, reaching the point where the target feels as if their insides have been engulfed with flames of a 500C {932F}.

Naoki only had two other things at his disposal, these were his abilities, one being natural, which was his ability to absorb and control Kinetic energy, this was a great asset with his Parkour as well as with his mixed martial arts. Kinetic Blast: this being the ability to project force through air (or water or whatever) usually feels like a punch or like flying shards of glass. Also the ability to draw things towards him and cling to them. Essentially the same as repulsion focuser’s. Increase or decrease kinetic energy. The intensity allows him to change the direction of any moving object or he can 'push' a target with power rank strength. He can also control a targets telekinesis or kinetic bolts power with a correctly timed and powered 'push'. Kinetic absorption, is the ability to absorb the kinetic energy out of any impact; this can be used to slow down opponents, or absorb kinetic energy and slow down a fall that would otherwise kill him. Sometimes that absorbed energy can even be sent back at the foe (called Kinetic Backlash) or converted into strength or sustenance (called Kinetic Conversion). This ability is almost always accompanied by Superhuman Endurance.

Naoki's Lightning Rune was the last of his hidden things, this being a single, black rune, adorning his right shoulder blade in tattoo fashion. This is the symbol that represents his bond to Lightening, not the element itself, but it's essence. If the element was an entity, this rune would denote it's true name, and bestow it's user with all the prowess of the element, only if the user can bear the burden of invoking the entity, the essence and consciousness of Lightening, into their being. However, he is human, and to channel fully such a furious force of nature at once would undoubtedly destroy. There are, thus, three barriers, each physical, mental and spiritual in nature, he is to overcome to gain the highest possible cohesion with the elemental entity.

With Naoki having reached the ruin and scaled the wall, he sat resting at the highest point available to him and there he sat, waiting and watching his surroundings..


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