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Adeline and the Veldi - character summary

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Adeline and the Veldi - character summary
by misercourtPM MemberMember Profile on Mon, 8 Aug 2011 16:37

What are the Veldi?

In essence the Veldi are both mortal and mage, but what defines them as a race unto their own makes them truly unique.

Unlike mortals the Veldi have a severe aversion to the sun, with their flesh burning under the sun’s rays. While flesh burns need not necessarily be a death sentence it will severely debilitate them, with a Veldi suddenly finding him or herself feeling horridly ill and talentless. Extended periods in day light will eventually cause death. Why they burn under sunlight is not known for certain but it is rumoured to be due to the nature of their markings.

As mages the Veldi possess all the hallmarks of great conjurors. While they are able to wield the elements with ease and produce magnificent illusions out of thin air, their talents does not come without its cost. The Veldi do not draw on their own energies to brandish their magic but rather the energy of others, and almost always, it will cost someone their life.


At their core the Veldi are considered to be rather ingenuous. They are straight-talking, no-nonsense and at times aloof beings. They’re not going to care that your beloved pet died, nor that you found that mystical artifact you’d spent half of your life looking for. They don’t care for trivial matters or arguments, and if you ask for their opinion their response will be nothing less than forthright… unless it suits them otherwise. All of the above, however, does not mean they are cold hearted or socially inept.
The combination of being unable to exist during the day and the sacrifice of others has meant the Veldi generally only exist amongst themselves. They don’t understand the nature of other beings, that someone can perform an action for the benefit of another, or that sometimes there is a need for compassion and empathy. They have learnt to act first and foremost in the interests of the collective, and then for themselves.

Elements of Magic

Capere Spiritum
This skill is fundamental to the Veldi for without it they can wield no magic. As the Veldi do not naturally produce their own magical energies they must acquire it from an external vessel, willing or not.

The seizure of a spirit does not necessarily mean the demise of the vessel from which it came. A spirit may exist within its Veldi host for as long as the Veldi does not draw too deeply upon it. As such, the spirit may choose to communicate with its host, torment it, or simply sit idle. The reverse of this skill means the spirit may be returned to its original vessel, or a vessel of the Veldi’s choosing.

**ambiguity can be cleared up, just ask.

misercourtPM MemberMember Profile
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