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Pleasure Ship Hugh Jazz

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Pleasure Ship Hugh Jazz
by Henry on Mon, 31 Mar 2008 21:52

The travel timer went off while I was taking reading on the main thrust drive. The trip had been less boring than I had anticipated Tooth was not nearly as stupid as he came across. He had actually beaten me once at chess and Toby kept to herself which was ok by me. Sheila’s can sometimes be trouble especial ones that good looking. I rushed from the engine room to the bridge only to find Toby had beaten me there.

“Status report Sheila.”


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RE: Pleasure Ship Hugh Jazz
by Toby Drummond on Tue, 1 Apr 2008 12:16

During the trip to the mining colony, Toby settled herself into her room. The first thing she did was take to cleaning the thing like it hadn’t been cleaned before. By the time she got done, she felt good and the place seemed to take on new life. Once all her stuff was situated where she wanted it, she took the time to take inventory of her own weapons, stashing them in a nice little place she discovered quite by accident.

A long, hot shower later, she was dressed in a blue t-shirt, black jeans, black boots and heading for the control room. According to her calculations, they should be arriving on the outskirts of the colony anytime now.

She’d just taken her seat when she heard the familiar foot steps of the Captain. The console was alarming they had reached their destination when he asked for the status report and she was flipping switches to look at the different screens that lay before her. Furrowing her brows, she began giving the status he wanted.

“We’ve reached our destination, Captain. So far, no other vessels in the area. All systems are a go, no malfunctions showing. She’s running as smooth as a baby’s butt.”

Flipping another button, a 3-D holographic image of the mining colony appeared in the center of the room. It looked like a small moon in size, but there was one distinct feature about this place. There was little light and even with this grainy view, the blowing wind and many storms on the surface couldn’t be missed. Spinning her chair to look at it with the captain and furrowing her brows even more, she let them know where they had gone.

“Mining Colony Hiemal. Colder than a witches tit and as unforgiving as a jilted wife.”

Looking back towards the corridor, looking for Tooth, she let out a sigh.

“Liking snow isn’t the same in this hell hole. Surface temp is negative 120. And that’s in what little light filters its way out this far.”

Looking back over at the captain, she quirked her left brow.

“Hope your old gal has what it takes to maneuver around the rigid peaks that are as sharp as a knife.”

Spinning back around, she looked at another screen and got a 3-D view of the terrain and pointed out a particular area.

“Looks like if we stay in this ravine we’ll be OK all the way to the entrance to the underground loading docks. Trouble with that is the cross winds we’ll encounter as that storm bears down on the area.”

Looking back to the captain, she gave half a grin.

“Ready to cowboy up and ride this old mare all the way home?”

Toby Drummond

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RE: Pleasure Ship Hugh Jazz
by Henry on Tue, 1 Apr 2008 15:38

“Mining station Hiemal this is uh.. Pleasure Transport Hugh Jazz requesting docking rights.” The com link cracked and popped with the interference from the approaching storm.

“Pleasure Transport Hugh Jazz we have you on radar you are cleared for docking landing zone A 14. Have your cargo tags ready for inspection when you land.” It seemed to me that every tower in every quadrant seamed to have the same bored attitude.

“Roger Hiemal, Hugh Jazz out.” Tossing the hand mic onto the pilot console I grabbed the yoke and flipped the controls from auto to manual. The trip into atmo was as bumpy as it usually was. Nothing new there but the buffeting wind of atmo bounced us more than I would like. With every shimmy I worried that the old goat would fall apart. After this trip I will have to have to go over her with a fine tooth comb. The fierce wind slowed only slightly as we entered the ravine that acted as our approach corridor.

“Toby check our vectors and let me know when the bay doors open.” White knuckled grip on the yoke shoulder muscles straining to maintain course brought us nearer and nearer to our port-of-call.

“Doors opening now Sir.”

Adjusting slightly to help compensate for the sudden drop in wind we slip into the dimly lit bay and glide to a stop on A 14.

Picking the hand set off the table where it had come to rest I squeezed the talk button. “Hiemal this is Pleasure Transport Hugh Jazz we are parked.”

“Roger Hugh Jazz stand by for inspector.”

Tossing the mic back onto the pilot panel I lean back against the chair. “Well that was exciting I guess we should get ready for company.” Flipping a switch for the start the power down of the main engine. I felt the big man behind me. I raise my voice. “Tooth we will be having an inspector come aboard time to earn your keep. Lets try and keep this visit as short as possible.”


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RE: Pleasure Ship Hugh Jazz
by evilbenevil on Tue, 1 Apr 2008 22:34

Tooth was standing in the doorway to the flight deck as the ship landed, he gave a big chuckle and said: “You fly good. Da!”

He gave a nod about the inspector and made his way to the loading bay doors. As they slowly cranked open, Tooth could feel the cool breeze flowing in. The Inspector came up to the ship. He was a bent old man wearing a fur lined coat pulled tightly around his face. He still shivered.

Tooth came out of the doors and walked up to the man. Oblivious to the cold air, he was wearing only his boots, combat pants and a white tank top. He opened the negotiations.

“What you look at?” and to those observing closely he made a slight hand gesture to the old man.

The man looked him up and down and replied:

”I must inspect ship and crew to the satisfaction of the government of Hiemal.” and again there was a slight hand gesture in return.

Tooth gave his best shark toothed smile and said ”Da?”

The man sighed, looked Tooth over again, looked at the ship, and gave a different hand gesture.

”Da.” Said Tooth with a nod.

The two came back into the loading area of the ship and stepped to the side in the hall. Tooth dug into one of the many pockets in his pants and pulled out a credit chip. He passed it to the old man. The man put it into one of his jacket pockets and leaned against the hull of the ship. The old man stood on the ship with Tooth looking at him for about 15 minutes and then with a sigh, straightened himself up and walked back out onto the landing platform.

”This ship has passed inspection.” He pulled out a handheld recorder, spun out a disk and handed it to Tooth. “This is your docking pass, good for 24 hours. Do not remain longer or you will be subject to security force search and eviction. On behalf of the government of Hiemal, I welcome you.” As he finished in his bored tone, he put away the recorder and slowly walked away towards his warm office.


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RE: Pleasure Ship Hugh Jazz
by Toby Drummond on Wed, 2 Apr 2008 10:10

Before heading to the cargo bay, Toby stopped by her room and grabbed the heavy parka she wore for these sorts of climates. She detested the cold more than just about anything and she would make sure she was well protected against it as much as she could. Of course she made sure she wasn’t without adequate protection in other ways as she felt the familiar feel of her gun in her shoulder holster on her ribs.

She’d just entered the cargo bay when she saw the last part of the exchange between Tooth and the Inspector. Keeping to the shadows, she merely observed what happened and when the man finally walked back down the cargo ramp and gave the instructions for their time at the colony, she finally walked further so the others could see her.

Tucking her hands in the pockets of the parka, she furrowed her brows and watched the man walk away, glad to be getting out of the cold. Her features softened a little as she turned her head and glanced up at Tooth with a grin on her face.

“And here I thought you were all brawn. Glad to see you proved me wrong.”

Taking her hand out of her pocket, she made a fist to knock knuckles with the living Hulk. When all she got was a strange look, she sighed, rolled her eyes and reached over with her other hand, taking his hand in hers, she made a fist like she did then showed him what she was gesturing. Raising both brows, she gave specific instructions to the man whose hand dwarfed her own.

“Gently, Tooth….Just a light tap and that’s all….if you were to hit me hard you’d send me into next week and you guys would have to catch up to me.”

Looking over at the cargo then back to Tooth and the Captain, she quirked a dark brow.

“Are you two gonna oversee the removal of the cargo or are we gonna go grab a bite to eat at some gin joint they have stashed in a back corner of this floating ice cube? I for one have a craving for a greasy burger and some fries….with lots of ketchup.”

Toby Drummond

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RE: Pleasure Ship Hugh Jazz
by Henry on Thu, 10 Apr 2008 09:20

These blasted rocks give me headaches. The moles who live here survive off of rodents brought here by sloppy transport pilots. Food blocks and mining equipment, it made me wonder what was in the cases we brought. Seven cases wasn’t big enough for mining equipment and why such clandestine actions for food blocks. I suddenly felt the need to swap cargo and break atmo.

“Toby you can go get whatever you want as soon as we get this cargo swapped out. Whatever it is you want to do, do it quick. I want to move on this quickly, no need to collect dust.” I moved over to the cargo sled and pulled it from its storage slot. “We have enough fuel to get back to Vegas. We can fuel up once we get back there.” I began loading the crates. Every time I lifted one I wondered what it was.


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