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A Monk's Journey

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A Monk's Journey
by Nauthiz on Wed, 6 Feb 2008 20:28

Wind blasting from the Northern Sea crashed against the glacial wall. Rising leagues above the cold waters, its sheer face shined in the strange white glow of Cobalt. Unmovable, unrelenting, the ice and rock could feel any emotion about the humanoid foolishly rising up its wall. It was not known where the individual found the cracks and slits to rise up the stone. But he did, making many errors along the way up, but never plunging into the seas below.

Nauthiz hung by one hand on the rock wall, the sheer climbing from the crashing waves. Almost in malice the rocks and waves had smashed his small vessel. His dark fingers imbedded in one crack, a crack that held his entire weight. For that brief moment his entire mind focused upon his four fingers. Those four fingers that could break flesh and bone with ease, at times smashing through armor, now held his life in his hands.

This was the Yga, 'The Proving Journey', the trial that would either prove Nauthiz as a warrior or destroy him completely; and now it lay just within the span of his fingers. He had come so long to this unknown place, this place that no one knew.

And that few had returned from, at all.


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RE: A Monk''s Journey
by evilbenevil on Mon, 3 Mar 2008 19:07


Kensai drew the whetstone across the blade in his final pass. He held the blade up to check along its razor length for any imperfections, seeing none he gently tapped the blade and listened to the nearly inaudible ring of the steel.

It was sound.

With a single fluid move the warrior rose and sheathed his sword. A couple of deep stretches with his hands overhead, he decided to check on the monk’s progress.

He walked over to the top of the cliff and looked down at the climbing man. His progress was impressive, one because Kensai could never hope to find any purchase on the shear face and two he had advanced further than Kensai thought possible.

At this rate he should be at the top before nightfall, Kensai thought. I should think he might prefer some tea. With that thought, Kensai set out his small tea set on a flat rock. I shall take a nap and await his arrival and make sure he is truly thirsty before using any precious fuel.

Kensai looked down the long steep path on the other side of the cliff that he had climbed the previous day to gain some high ground and get his bearings and found a comfortable rock to sit upon.

A night in the wild is better than one in the presence of the barbarians and cut throats he had meet in Nuur. Kensai thought as he shrugged his leather coat close around his neck, and with a travelers ease, settle into a light sleep.


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RE: A Monk''s Journey
by Nauthiz on Tue, 11 Mar 2008 20:51

The Craver of Pain swung in the air, down to two fingers. Two fingers separated his existance from life and death. His eyes instinctively looked up, to the strange cold blue of the sky. A darker blue than anywhere else in the continent, surely there was something happening upon this mount. But would the mystic ever live to see it.

Watching the sky, the monk saw Kensai's head loom over the edge. By the gates why had master insisted he bring the bard. Not that Kensai was a bard, at all. But that the journey somehow was filled with stories that Nauthiz knew to be made up. The memory loss caused the swordsman to fill his time with extravagant stories. Now the monk would not mind that, but Wisp also filled HIS time with it as well.

Just looking at him, made the monk quite disgruntled. But Nauthiz used the anger to harness his power. Grabbing a crack in the wall, the monk pulled himself up, suddenly smelling the inviting scent of tea, with a bit of chicory thrown in. But Nauthiz refused to let petty pleasure and desire bring him to the top of this mountain. Surely Kensai was doing it for good, but he wondered if he did it for an incentive.

Fingers and grips followed one another then Nauthiz hesitated. There in the distance he could hear it, far and away but coming ever closer. The sound of something galloping towards them.

Kensai-san look to the North, what is coming? Nauthiz said still a good 10 men away from the top edge. He scrambled to get to the top but would he get there in time?


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RE: A Monk''s Journey
by evilbenevil on Mon, 24 Mar 2008 18:57


Kensai was woken by a voice from over the edge, surely the monk had not fallen, thought Kensai- No he was shouting a warning.

Kensai leaned forward in a smooth motion and look at his pot of brewing tea. Almost done he thought. Now what was the monk jabbering on about.

Kensai, still sitting, first turned in a slow semi circle, gazing about the mountain below him. The path he had come up, to the west, was very steep and he saw nothing coming up that way. But as he swung his glance to the north path, one a bit less steep, he saw what appeared to be a dozen men on horseback with bows. He finished his scan to the impassable east and then turned his focus back to the group of riders.

Well, he had thought they were riders but as he focused in on the group, he realized they were of the mythical tribe of Polkan, and rumored to be defenders of the inner reaches of the Cobalt. And what he thought were bows were actually long curved swords!

He could not see from this distance yet, but he hopped that they were of the blue steel, for then his quest for the blue steel swords would be short. Either by achieving the sword or a quick death, it would be over soon!

He stood and drew his sword in one motion keeping it low. The tea would have to wait, although it might be done as the Polkan arrived. He wondered briefly if they would care for a cup.

With a slight chuckle, he walked over to the edge of the cliff in a crouched position, even though he knew that they had seen him or his small fire. He called down to Nauthiz softly, shielding his mouth with his shoulder:

“Come now brother, even on your best day how many of the half horse half men could you take in combat?”


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RE: A Monk''s Journey
by Nauthiz on Sun, 30 Mar 2008 21:48

His hand gripped the last slush of ice on the frozen outcrop, his eyes just over the ridge watching. Yes, the riders came in incredible force. Yet the Craver of Pain did not know them, for to him these areas were as foriegn as snow had been only a month before. The fertile valleys and lush tropical mountains of his native Dunjai were in stark contrast to this arena. Luckily his mind provided him with a resoluteness that warmed him. After all if his body worked at an increased metabolism than simple cold did not faze him. Yet the monk did not abuse the privilige.

With some difficulty, the Craver vaulted over the edge, looking to the approaching group. He looked to his right and there was Kensai in front of the warm fire. A cup of tea, wondrous now, lost for the moment. Before becoming disappointed, Nauthiz looked at the group, the gleam of the swords was unmistakable and he took a breath deep into his lungs. He exhaled the obstructions faced in battle, and focused the outcome clearly in his mind.

No weapons hung from his belt, but his fists clenched, feeling them grow more dense. Seeing the riders almost upon them, Nauthiz knew, knew well...

It was all the monk needed.


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RE: A Monk''s Journey
by evilbenevil on Wed, 2 Apr 2008 18:06


Kensai was just finishing his cup of tea when the monk finally made it to the top of the cliff.

“They are still about a minute away, so you have time for a cup if you are interested. And there are only 11, I miss counted. Their swords are also not blue. And I don’t think they will be willing to talk.”

Kensai finished his tea and stood up. His sword was already drawn. He did a couple of knee bends and a stretch with his hands overhead. He took a look down the path at the charging half horse halfmen he knew as the Polkan and back at the monk. A wide grin slowly spread across his face.

“Last one to the bottom of the hill cooks breakfast for a week!”

With that, Kensai darted down the hill to meet the climbing Polkan. They had the advantage of four legs but he had the advantage of the upper ground and speed.

He flowed through the group as a water rivulet down a smooth block of ice. His blade darting in and out, a tendon here an armpit there, his body bending and flowing to miss the Halfmen’s angry blows, some completely some deflected off his blade, one lucky fellow caught his left thigh and left a shallow slice in the flesh. As he passed through the group he slid to a stop on the snowy slope and looked back. Three were down for good and two would not be seeing the morning, but were still a threat for the moment.

Kensai found a large rock and climbed on top, and shouted up to the monk.

“I left you six, Brother. Now come for me you cowards!”

He readied his sword for the impending charge!

OOC- I hope we are moderatorless, otherwise this post will require some work :)


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