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Dragon Realm RP: OOC

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Dragon Realm RP: OOC
by EyeoftheNytePM MemberMember Profile on Mon, 13 July 2015 10:51

So here is the place where I'm going to put the OOC information about the dragon realm roleplay. I'll updated this first post as info changes please post any questions you have as replies and if it's lore related to the rp I'll update it here. Anyhow, I'll get a little up now and updated it after I track down the rest of my information since I've recently moved and everything is still getting unpacked.

IC Post can be found here


Planet size is about the same ratio to dragons as Earth is to humans. You will find the same types of climate and ecological regions as on Earth. There are only three separate seasons. Winter is essentially non-existent though you can find cold climate areas that have snow, ice and the like.

Their Day Star, what they all their Sun, is a large white star about 1.5 times the size of our Sun.

Map to be included later


In this world dragons are the dominant species. Humans are held far below their status and are regarded at best as favored pets and at worst cattle. Now this status will differ from race to race of dragon. This will be listed below.

Dragons, while normally you'd think they're immortal, in this world are not. They are however very long lived. Humans typically live 100 years, under the best conditions, aka being treated like a favored pet. Dragons have a span 100 times that.

Age spans: Egg: ~1 year
Hatchling: Hatching - 5 years
Juvenile: 5 - 25 years
Adult: 25 - 1000 years
Venerated: 1000 - 5000 years
Ancient: 5000 - 10000 years

The first is the egg, a hard shell that protects the developing dragon as it proceeds to the next stage. Eggs tend to be found in a wide range of colors. In royal families a shard of the egg is saved and made into a piece of jewelry which is presented to them upon their coming of age ceremony.

The next stage is Hatchling. Small and quite weak, the hatchling is watched and doted upon very carefully. Scales scrubbed with sand and bathed regularly as they tend to grow quite rapidly.

Juvenile This stage is defined by the first flight of the hatchling and the first used of a breath type weapon in their draconic form. If none of these are present then it is defined by the changing into their humanoid form. This is where the coming of age ceremony is often celebrated in royal lineages.

The next two stages Adult and Venerated aren't readily noticeable. It seems to be an understood stage between dragons

The final stage is Ancient. Because of their warlike ways very few ancients are around and even fewer come to see such a day. Ancients often are found to use several different breath weapons, and some even grow a second set of wings a few years after this. They also rarely change into their draconic forms due to the massive sizes that they reach at this point. To see an ancient in their draconic form is a sign of luck for whoever sees it.

Dragons reach a physical maturity toward the later end of the Juvenile stage. This means they can mate. This act is not viable until they reach Adulthood. Juveniles also develop their breath weapons and occasionally they don't manifest until their Adult stage.

Due to the feudalistic and warlike nature of most of the draconic races very few ever become Venerated, one of every 100 thousand, and fewer still reach an Ancient status, one out of every hundred billion. As the the draconic population rises the ability to have offspring decreases naturally. This is triggered by available living space and food supply. The draconic population used to be very small though their were many more Venerated and even Ancient dragons around. Since the cultivating of humans as a food supply and the desire to construct living spaces increased, so too did their population.

A female dragons lays an egg once and rarely twice in a lifetime. Almost never having two eggs at once. In recorded draconic history it's happened less than 100 times. An egg is about the size of an adult human.

Each dragon race has various natural weapons available to them. First is a breath weapon. These can be used frequently enough, more as the dragon ages. It is extremely uncommon for a dragon to develop this ability before it's maturity (under 15 years old). These will be listed below in a table with dragon race, disposition toward humans, and purity strictness. The others are fairly obvious as to claws, teeth and tails.
guidelines for use to be posted at a future date

Dragons have two forms. The first being it's more bestial form normally four legged but have hand like front feet and wings. Some bestial forms have only hind legs and their front legs are longer and skinnier, fingers stretching out like spider legs to make the wings. Wings are always functional. Not all dragon races have wings to fly either (i.e. Celestials). Viable mating, to produce an egg, is always done in this form and in flight. In this form the average adult human will stand about halfway up the shin of the average Adult dragon.

The second form is more humanoid. Bipedal, but their appearance is distinctly draconic. Think of dragonkin in D&D or something of that nature. This transformation is completed also via innate magical abilities. In this form an average adult human will stand to the waist of the average Adult dragon.

Dragons fight in a particularly nasty fashion. In either form they have particularly nasty claws and using them they slash or attempt to, at various areas trying to sever muscle areas to incapacitate and cripple their opponent. This still leave them alive. The deathblow so to speak is either a stabbing with a bladed weapon through the head, severing of the head, or in cases of ritual battle or claiming of a throne they perform an upper cut motion sending their claws up through tender flesh of the lower jaw up into the brain, and with a ritual blade (usually serrated) and they saw off the head from the base of the skull.

The dragons of Saris are extremely hierarchal, so far down as the color quality of scales upon one another. As you can image there are shades of red, green, etc. (in the case of black you get grays). It means quite a bit to have a bright vibrant and shiny body of scales, dullness being a sign of sickness, and generally weaker physical prowess weather or not it is true.

Dragons, or Sarians, tend to stick to their own color, and even hue. Deviating from their hue is considered a slap in the face and a dilution of their blood. Often one will find themselves exiled for such an act so it is not commonly seen. In cases of royalty, the brighter hue, this act is considered treasonous and is punishable by flaying, their most gruesome form of death.

Sarian society is matriarchal, in other words the females hold the power not the males. This is due to the ability to clutch, have children. The ruling female, the queen, is decided either by a suitable heir that is produced, or in cases of dispute the winning party claims the throne. These disputes are all out brawls and tend to be quite bloody and only end upon the death of the opposing party. Queens, or any females for that matter, don’t generally take a life partner. But on the occasion that they do, it would be an exceptionally large male with vibrant scales.

Females tend to be larger than the males in their draconic form, but don’t quite match the brute force of their counterpart. Though on occasion, in rare instances, a male is found that challenges that rule of nature and matches their size.

Female dragons, especially noble queens, tend to come across as haughty and rather cold. As stated before scale vibrancy is of the utmost importance, and queens take that very seriously and will take any measures to see that it comes about.

Males, though smaller tend to have a denser musculature. This is why they are usually found doing any heavy work. They appear to be built for durability.

Mating, is both a wonder to see, and in some instances a lethal event. The selection of a mate is done in the draconic form and high in the skies. The queen, or any other female, takes flight and then is pursued by any male that thinks he could catch her, and that is of proper hue. The female flies until all the contenders have given up, a male as caught her, or if she allows a specific male to catch her. Again this is entirely up to the particular female.


(and Sub Deities)
Of Love - Sharran
Of Hate - Armonde
Of War - Tarik
-----Destruction - Desdemona
-----Havoc - Tagetarl
Of Peace - Palim
-----Order - Rial
-----Creation - Shonegar
Of Scribes & Bards - Yanerill
-----Writing - Liriad
-----Knowledge - Soreal
-----Singing - Yyrrim
-----Instruments - Piemer
-----Alchemy - Flasicnoran
-----Herb Lore - Viderian
-----Art - Dorian
Of Nature & Seasons - Sharrash
-----Bask - Sanganel
-----Hub - Lariad
-----Bern - Sigonal
-----Vegetation - Varina
-----Animals - Fereli
Of Elements - Elegoa
-----Fire - Farsiris
-----Ice - Yauvani
-----Wind - Aaralyn
-----Water - Bryne
-----Earth - Koar
-----Light - Raidak
-----Dark - Shayd
-----Electricity - Anpora
Of Craftsmanship - Bariate
-----Smiting - Menolly
-----Woodworking - Diacat
-----Glass working - Tamarak
Of Time - Celenice
-----Life - Dabell
-----Death - Grall
-----Rebirth - Seir
Of Chaos - Mergan
Of Hope - Eglian
Of Sex - Paramine
Of Balance - Palarm
Of Pestilence - Grogeh

(Sections to be added: Population Regions)

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Contains Link(s)

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Dragon Realm RP
by EyeoftheNytePM MemberMember Profile on Thu, 16 July 2015 05:56

Humans differ very little from what you currently know about them. Living conditions for them range from no clothing, living in stables, and separated except for breeding purposes to fine clothes, fine food, and being instructed in reading, writing, and magic.

Comparatively, humans have an extremely low magical aptitude and approximately 1 out of every 10000 humans even show the mental control to do anything more than basic illusions.

Not much is known about the Human Underground. They are suspected in a number of accidents of varying degrees among the openly hostile draconic races. Everything from misprepared foods to the deaths of eggs and hatchlings. The more severe the fewer and farther between the events are so as not to draw too much attention to themselves.

Several instances of this organization have come up over the centuries. Most of them have been wiped completely out. This has lead to surviving groups becoming increasingly more secretive and cautious. Their ultimate goal is to stop the mass breeding and slaughter of their kind since other races have supplemented their feeding habits with other creatures, low-beings as they are called. Eventually they would strive to openly establish their own towns and trades.

EyeoftheNytePM MemberMember Profile
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RE: Dragon Realm RP
by Jupiter Jade ThorPM MemberMember Profile on Wed, 15 July 2015 19:50

Super looking forward to seeing the rest. Already forming some char ideas in my head!

Jupiter Jade ThorPM MemberMember Profile
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RE: Dragon Realm RP
by AzukaPM MemberMember Profile on Fri, 17 July 2015 05:24

Works for me!

AzukaPM MemberMember Profile
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RE: Dragon Realm RP
by EyeoftheNytePM MemberMember Profile on Tue, 18 Aug 2015 04:06

so, just for reference which way are folks leaning? I think the main RP is going to start with some red dragon fun-ness. I'm working on a post to get things rolling. Sorry for the delays folks!

EyeoftheNytePM MemberMember Profile
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RE: Dragon Realm RP
by houserulorePM MemberMember Profile on Wed, 19 Aug 2015 15:44

Can I put a small cute little dragon-like creature in this world that I can play as?

houserulorePM MemberMember Profile
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RE: Dragon Realm RP
by EyeoftheNytePM MemberMember Profile on Mon, 24 Aug 2015 08:00

The closest thing to that in this world is a hatchling so far as I've developed. Not much as far as flora and fauna really. Dragon-like creatures, if placed into this world would be seen a couple of different ways likely. First of foremost they would be placed at a higher status that humans especially if they could communicate. LIke favored pets or even revered as some long lost origins.

Another would be a curiosity. Much like apes of various species are to humans.

Thirdly, an annoyance or a distraction.

As they would fall into these categories I would say it would be fine to have one here, but perhaps not so much as a main PC. More like a supporting or companion NPC or something of that nature.

EyeoftheNytePM MemberMember Profile
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RE: Dragon Realm RP
by houserulorePM MemberMember Profile on Fri, 28 Aug 2015 14:45

I have came up with one as a character and I've created a profile of it, and he's name is Dashwing, and where should I put him within the main RP thread?

houserulorePM MemberMember Profile
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RE: Dragon Realm RP
by EyeoftheNytePM MemberMember Profile on Mon, 31 Aug 2015 08:19

I'm pretty open. Try to fit him in. Perhaps perched in the room watching the goings on there. Or maybe elsewhere watching the fleeing humans? Be creative :)

EyeoftheNytePM MemberMember Profile
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RE: Dragon Realm RP
by houserulorePM MemberMember Profile on Tue, 1 Sep 2015 23:24

I'll try my best.

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