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Oldebar Sife'Fre'Wo
Posted by ULTGM1 , on Wed, 17 May 2006 @ 15:36 

((This thread is for Tavern RP begining on 7/15 at a year later to be established in the Oldebar Tavern area in ULT. Tavern RP consists mostly of conversation, bar fights, ordering drinks and sulking in corners.))

Jade stands behind the bar counter in his usual conservative dark blue robes. A glass of lemonaide in one hand and ink pen in the other. Before him on the counter is a sheet of parchment upon which he appears to be performing an surrealist exercise of shamanistic magic.

A brownie mech sits nearby on a stool, before it the brownie operators sit in makeshift lawn chairs rambling about the Telorian government or lack thereof structure. One brownie with spiked hair and subdermal implants raises his fist into the air shouting, "There's no war but the class war." Another nearby raises his thimble glass of vodka chiming in "It's Anarchy"

Jade turns from his letter to smile at the small assembled crowd. "You kids have'nt been reading my books on American sub-culture have you."

The brownie with the spiked hair jolts to his feet. "Shuddup ya capitalist pig farmer, lord of the caverns my two assholes, you're a monarchistic, boo'gwha bum, looking to bleed us po folks in ya mighty causes."

The others join in with enthusiam while Jade pats the counter with amusement. A brownie girl in full plate tin armor emerges from the brownie mech. In her left hand she holds a flag with a embroidered T surrounded by esoteric designs and patterns. Hoppig on the counter with thick clinks she calls to the other brownies. "Darfur, ya shut your trap before I shut it for ya, we've got patrol in half n' hour." Turning to Lord Jade she strikes the butt of the spear on the counter and bows to him solemly in apology. "Old man, the brownie nation salutes you."

Jade nods and sets his pen down before returning the bow. "Thank you Emma of the Cleaned Clock Clan. May you and your mech mates acheive your goals in safe journeys."

Meanwhile Darfur has slumped back into his lawn chair mumbling something about Telorian Amazons. Another of the brownies though manages to interrupt with "Emma we all know you're in love with Jade and the Telorian empire of do-gooding." The oldest brownie then sits up from what apparently had been a nap. Peircing his body everywhere are little rings likely made from paper clips. "Oh and we know that you and Darfur both have a mad crush on Emma."

Suddenly Emma blushes and tosses her spear to one of the other brownie girls. Turning to Darfur and Edwin a smile and giggle bursts from her as she jerks a thumb back at the mech. "By Jupy, I want to see you both in my chambers right now." Glancing around a minute she smiles even more broadly. "Martha and Louise I think we're going to need your help.

Several of the other brownies who were'nt mentioned chuckle and go back to other conversations while the five trample back off to the mech. Martha taking up the rear of the brigade march waving the Telorian flag.

Stunned Jade watches the event and finds himself once more reassured that there is a reason to believe that life is worth living. Yet as Emma suddenly re-emerges from the mech a few moments later he cocks an eyebrow at her. Traversing the distance slowly between them she looks nervous.

Setting his pen back down he turns towards her fully as out of shock and fear she falls down with a clank on her bottom. The other brownies purposely don't pay attention. Jade offers a finger to help her back up while saying. "Yes I know, I love you too" before leaning down and kissing her on the cheek. "Now off with you.. back to your troops."

Emma hugs his finger and returns his kiss on the cheek before running off friskily "I'll give them a one-four"

Returning to his letter he calls after her, "I'll bet you will".


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