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The Rebellion

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RE: Siege
by DartPM MemberMember Profile on Thu, 8 July 2010 01:03

Isaac wasn't playing with fire, or air, or anything else for that matter, and hugged Lenai tightly. "You're right." He let go of her and broke down the cage with his own magic. "Let's g--"

He was cut off by a powerful gust of cold air covering the floor in ice. Lightning tore through the throne room and formed cages around slipping soldiers. From a hole in the wall, Kantal levitated in, carrying a staff and some red robes, the remnants of his opponent. In a fight between Valadrim, even that much remaining of one of them is a lot. "Really, you are all rather slow, and I'm getting too old for stuff like this." He looked around. "Where's everyone else?"

Azareth broke into the room at that point followed by angry men wearing miscellaneous pieces of armor and weapons ranging from furniture to fists to swords. The first few people slipped on the ice and went down.

"Ow..." The room was in dead silence from Kantal's entrance, and Azareth looked around. "What happened here?"

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