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Hyperbole Surrealism

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Hyperbole Surrealism
by Jack Morris on Sat, 24 Dec 2005 04:10

Figurative language which greatly overstates or exaggerates facts, whether in earnest or for comic effect. “The golden gate bridge is San Fransisco...”

Start a peice with a bunch of random words thrown together that sounds appealing to you and off the top of your head. In this manner compose about eight lines.

Then relating the paragraph above with alternating phrases directed toward yourself explain about how you are those words. (Ex. I am... "toast spread over too much soil, gone fried bread in the sun of a billion tantalizing verses of sex, never to be loved by butter. I could never have been sally sweeping the mill room floor while whistling the songs of the so long dead horrors, that never came to her tounge. I'm not and never could be junk yard food, I eat too healthy and I've never liked dogs.)

Jack Morris

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