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Down at The Water's Edge... A Curiosity

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To Market!
by Eaves Sr. on Sun, 20 May 2007 17:24

The trip to Judge Bay took the entire rest of the day, and another few hors the next morning. George Eaves and his father spent the night in a simple tarpaulin tent pitched in a cave by the shoreline. Their trip to the market took them over the sand dunes of the beach, rather than the longer, more difficult route by land. They hitched up all nine of their great sand-sledge dogs, that is the nearly hairless cousins to the breed of northern sledge dogs, to two sand sleds, one for George and his father, the other for the stature – covered, of course, in rough cloth. The crate, and its contents, is deemed more valuable at home than at market, excepting the few gold coins, and the greenhouse-vial.

The following morning, when the sight of Judge Bay’s crowded, pitched, seaside structures comes around a cliff-bend, Eaves Sr. fits a set of wheels to the sleds, and guides the dogs away up to the city, where sand turns to packed dirt, and eventually to cobblestones.

Being so late in the day, the market is in full swing. Most of the city not around the marketplace is empty and closed up, except for the marching patrols of armored guardsmen. It is from one of these groups of men that Eaves’ Sr. finds directions to a stable where he spends three of the gold coins in exchange for the care taking of seven of the dogs, leaving two to pull the sled carrying the statue. Then, they set off into the heart of the market.

Eaves Sr.

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