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Ten years passed..

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"Who's da Daddy? Kae's da Daddy!"
by Cliffside Tavern Live RP chat logPM MemberMember Profile on Tue, 4 Dec 2007 03:41

Kae As he crossed the clearing, he slipped his two rings of invisibility, one for the mind and one for the body. He didn't want anyone following him should that they get the idea to. After going a few dozen meters into the trees, he left the ground, leaping from tree to tree and moving rather rapidly. It wasn't long before he was staring down into what was called the 'scar.' He dropped from the tree and landed almost exactly on the boundry but he did not cross. Instead he took off his rings and simply stared out across the overgrown clearing that it had become.

Aliesh says, The territory line was no longer marked clearly. It used to be a horrid scar of a land where anger and heat had burned everythig away. It was no longer such. That line and the once desolate land in what was called "The Scar" by some older residents of the cliffside area, was now full and lush, though the trees and shrubs didnt reach as high as those ancient ones at the edge. To be standing in it, the pharase "I cant see the forrest for the trees" held bear. But if you were to have a vantage point, flying above or from the top of a tree, for example, or standing direclty in the middle where few dare go, the edges could still be seen. Her abilities went long unused. She didnt reach into people's minds anymore, she didn't rip information out of them or listen in, but her range went well beyond the scar's edge and for the first time in about half a decade she felt the presence of one. She knew him from ages ago, and in truth had expected him some time ago. The last time he passed by here, that she (c)

Aliesh says, was aware of, he was on a hunting expidition with other younglings that he babysat. But she knew, without reading his mind that the man was not hunting tonight.. well.. not hunting game. She moved through the clearing and pressed her back up against a tree, allowing the natural scar like marks on her flesh blend her in. She knew he was there.. he knew she was there.. no need to stand in the open and make a target of oneseelf.

Kae After waiting a respectifully long enough period of time, he slipped the mental barring ring back on and moved into the scar. "I know you felt me before. I come to speak and have you listen if you are willing. You know I would do no harm to you on my father's grave." death was such a tentative thing, but kae of course was more broad minded when he applied the definition.

Aliesh says, She moved tenetivly, her motions were like that of a scared deer seeing him in her territory. It didnt matter what he proclaimed, she kept her herself and he to himself all these years. And yet.. here he was, in her territory. She took a small step away from that tree, letting the midnight sky cast her in shadow and giving away her position. She was twitchy, on guard. And he was in her territory!

Kae He saw the slight movement, but turned slowly, so as not to frighten her. When he was finally facing her, he took a moment to glance over her. "Many have been asking for you recently. I keep telling them you are dead, but they seem to have trouble accepting the fact, too bad they aren't wrong, it would save me a headache. However I am not here for them. Do you have knowledge of what I have been doing in the area?"

Aliesh says, Those tentitive steps continued forward.. she could be the skittish sasquach with others, but the man standing infront of her, who was easily years her elder, seemed like such an arrogant child steeping foot into areas where he was not invited. She had never been up to his territory, not since the last time an arrow was shot by her hand. She stopped where he could see her clearly enough and the rage in her eyes was evident. The energy around her was like that of a coiled snake, and her left hand was somewhat hidden behind her thigh. She nodded in responce to his question, thinking he was talkin in very general terms. He knew what they did up there. She couldnt live here this long and not know.

Kae He met her angry gaze with one of cool restrained calm, and he continued talking as if they were sitting over afternoon tea. "Good, then you know I have many students, and that I have tried very hard to give you your privacy and keep them away from here. All except one. Do you remember my foster son, the drow boy my father rescued?" Now he was getting to the heart of the matter, his wrists flicking ever so slightly, loosening the blades there as a precaution. He wasn't here to fight her, but sometimes impulse took control of people and he wanted to be ready should he need to defend himself.

Aliesh says, The barest hint of a smile crossed her lips and faded as fast as it was gone. The anger faded to tollerable levels, shown by the cast of her eyes and her stance. There was no affirmation or denial, she knew the drow that he spoke of. And now it was evident why he was here.

Kae A small twitch was all that showed he understood. "I see you do recall. It seems waelin has been getting fighting lessons recently, and I have not been teaching them. In that regard, I do not mind at all, I know you to be a good teacher for such things and by the injuries he has sustained, better than I thought. However I have also noticed more romantic involvement between you two. He is young, very young compared to you and while normally age in relationships I find very meaningless, in this case I wonder about mental health - both his and yours. Stop me if any of my assumptions are incorrect."

Aliesh says, She nodded slightly, but was she agreeing or offering him that stop, it was hard to tell. Her anger rose at being chastised by... and as the thought continued, it waned.. by what would be the boy's father figure. The boy talked little while he was in her area, but she could tell this easily enough. She licked her lips and took a deep breath, but the words or the mental touch simply never came. What was in her head, stayed in her head, and his respectfully, therefore conveluding her answer.

Kae He nodded "You have changed in many respects, and are not who I once knew. He enjoys his time with you, even as he bleeds he smiles. So for his sake, I will have trust in your intentions. Do not toy with him though for a broken heart can be mended, a manipulated one will only shatter. And he must not know I was here. This is his secret to keep and one he does not need to know I discovered. I will not interfere nor will I tread in your territory again without good cause. My duty is to my school, my family and my students. And since their well being depends on both the forest and clearing and you to some extent, I will keep detering people as best I can. But be warned, eventually someone will get through, if they haven't already."

Aliesh says, She felt a wave of sadness as Kae spoke. He was the third person to speak to her in these long years. One had to work to bring her out of her hiding hole and the third she didnt expect to see in the next ten years. The boy provided for her what she provided for him, it was an equil exchange. He provided company. Hearing Kae's withdraw was sadening to her. She had anticipated this visit for a long time, but she didnt know what she had imagined would happen when he did talk to her.

Kae stopped and tilted his head at her. "Are you...lonely?" The concept didn't seem possible and yet, her posture said that something he spoke had gotten to her.

Aliesh says, "Ghosts are better left Dead." she said on a soft breath of air, giving her an almost etherial tone to her much unused voice. The boy did talk.. just not much, but she had heard that statement. That was all she had to say though, and turned, walking back to the edge of the forrest. His question went unanswered, and as she turned her back, the evidence that maybe Waelin could hold his own shown in long stitched cuts down her right forarm and a stab wound at the back of the same arm. Also revealed was the palmed dagger in her left hand.

Kae he smiled at her back. "Perhaps the Aliesh I knew is not so much a ghost as I thought. Till we meet again. if you wish it of course." He slipped on the other ring and vanished from view making his way back to the keep. Perhaps the scar was important enough to garner more than one silent visit now and then.

Aliesh says, The ghost vanished into the fauna once more, moving as silently as her guest. They could be cousins, they could. Except that she had killed all her family off.

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New Arivals
by Cliffside Tavern Live Chat LogPM MemberMember Profile on Wed, 5 Dec 2007 02:44

Alyssa Adarve' says, The sweet Alyssa.. as innocent as the day was long, or once she was. She still held some of that innocence though regardless of her aging years. She was a human woman, of just about average height with brown hair fading with a bit of grey in it. She wasnt much to look at when she was working, but if you got her to smile.. now that was different all together. The lights were full up, the christmas tree was sparkling with light and with color and shininess, brightening what used to be the darkest and most desolate corner of the bar. She moved behind the bar, restocking the shelves with what she could afford.. thanks to a certain guest that seemed to have left. Her voice was soft and lilting as she sang songs that made the boy whine and complain about how they didnt make sence, but they brightened her step a bit. She was working dillagently away, while the smell of a vegitarian potroast was filling the air from the fireplace.

KathrynMoondancer The half-elf from the night before had gotten completely lost in the forest while she was running away from the tavern, and the three very scary men. She thought that they were going to kill her for sure. Now her robe was tattered and dirty, she had managed to trip over a tree root and twist her ankle... and to top it off, she entered what she thought was another, seperate clearing, only to see the tavern again. "Neh! N'au!" she said with tears in her eyes from frustration.

Black Anvil The sky is thick with bats, a dense cloud of them moving with a singular purpose, looping lazily around the clearing's edges. Bats with intelligence and keen ears, as they halt and gather into a mass at the sound of the elven woman's cursing. The swarm moves with unnatural speed then, zooming to a point some twenty feet ahead of her, unafraid to crash into the ground en masse... inexplicably compounding into a human shape with bright red/purple skin and clothed in an enruned hard leather suit. "Troubled, madam?"

KathrynMoondancer She screams in fright as the form suprised her, and she fell backwards onto the ground. "Uum n' cron amin!" she said desperately, forgetting to speak in common.

Black Anvil breathes onto the nails of his right hand, shining them against his breast... an entirely ostentatious gesture, as he's wearing gloves to match his suit. "Ah, I never tire of that..."

KathrynMoondancer She looked like she was going to break down into tears at any moment. "Please.... don't hurt me.... I didn't mean to... I got lost..." she spoke between hiccupping sobs.

Alyssa Adarve' ran outside hearing the woman crying, she looked right, then left, then ran in the direction of the woman. Where she didnt care before.. she seemed to now. She went over to the woman one hand pulling her skirt up and grasping something beneth. "Do you need assistance?" she called, far enough away not to be hit by some stray swing if one happened.

Black Anvil says, "If you're going to survive around here, you should know that begging typically won't stop a determined assailant. Unless of course you're actually going for 'too easy'." He turns toward the tavern... toward Alyssa, now, and then looks back at Kathryn over his shoulder. "Oh, and anyone who'd intended to harm you would have done so by now." With that, he turns his attention fully toward the incoming Alyssa, presenting Kathryn with what would amount to a free shot, if she were so inclined.

KathrynMoondancer The half-elf scooted against the cold ground back away from them. "I-I did not mean to c-come across th-this tav-vern again..." she said earnestly, shivering, half from fear and half from the cold weather.

Alyssa Adarve' came to a stop not far from Anvil, and looked past him to Kateryn's reaction. She looked at him and then looked at Anvil saying firmly "What have you done to her?"

Chevey'oh The green skinned pupil slid down the rocky cliff face and landed light on his feet at the bottom. He began to cross the clearing toward the old tavern in a crouch... that is until he noticed the commotion and the woman on the ground. His path altered, though he continued to move stealthly, his coloring and the shadows keeping him generally well hidden as he made his way in a loop toward Anvil's back and to the girl.

Black Anvil puts a hand over his heart. "I'm wounded, really, that you would assume such a thing." Beneath the false injury, the old warlock's eyes scan Alyssa, sizing her up. "You've grown a backbone, I see, though I doubt your dagger will do you much good. Widower would be proud. Speaking of which... you haven't seen or heard from him, have you?"

KathrynMoondancer As she slid back, she winced in pain, and part of her dirty and tattered robe slid up just enough to show the swollen and bruised ankle. She bit her lip, thinking that if she could manage to make no sound, they would forget about her and she could escape. As far as she knew, these people were working with the ones that had scared her so badly the night before.

Alyssa Adarve' says, "No." she said, unphased by his question. "Not in ten years, and I dont intend to now." She was determined about this. She let the skirts fall free though, that dagger he already had claimed was there, in hand. She walked around Anvil, giving wide berth and went to Kathryn offering her a non-bladed hand. "Come with me.. He wont harm you. He has his own geas to follow."

Chevey'oh He stopped in his crouch, hidden in shadows not five feet from the injured woman and Alyssa. It seemed that situation was under control, but to move in the slightest would give away his position and therefore he stayed utterly still, as if nothing more than a moss covered rock, waiting for attentions to be directed elsewhere or something else to occur.

Black Anvil "Geas? You speak as though I'm a piece of landscape... backbone will only take you so far, my dear, and there are lessons to be learned when it becomes disrespect." He turns to track Alyssa's progress, and his face shows disappointment... though difficult to tell whether it's at her answer or her actions. "Particularly when I've been nothing but polite." One thing is certain though, she's right. He doesn't seem to intend to harm anyone.

KathrynMoondancer "Please... I'll be alright... I did not mean to return to this tavern... I got lost..." she repeated again, as if it wasn't neccessarily /these/ people that she was scared off. "Please don't tell them...." she whimpered.

Alyssa Adarve' turned and looked at him, a look came over her face like a dark shadow, not unlike a stormcloud overtaking a country sky. Her attention was full on Anvil as she walked toward him, the dagger clutched in one hand and the other hand in a fist. "I still bear the scars given to me by your family's idea of disrespect. I never did anything to harm ANY of you. I even Liked You. And what did i get me. Whipped and desterted. Do not talk to me of disrespect.. I've payed my dues and then some to your family!"

Alyssa Adarve' says, (the dagger in one hand and the other hand in a fist)

Chevey'oh He suddenly became aware than there was anger there and that his position was not the best to be in. Still, the girl seemed very afraid and it was best to get her out of this situation. "Hsst," he said in her general direction trying to get her attention.

Black Anvil "Ah. Desertion. Bitterness. I see. The truth is really quite different. I could bring him by sometime, but he's really not that talkative anymore. Or moving." Anvil seems the picture of calm, choosing to blithely ignore the weapons Alyssa holds as though they were inconsequential. But he doesn't take his eyes off her... or is he looking past her? The man's supernatural senses eat darkness for breakfast, he could be seeing just about anything... or nothing at all. With his family history, it could be a hallucination that holds his attention.

KathrynMoondancer The hlaf-elf looks around. Was it her imagination or did she hear another voice go 'hsst'?

Chevey'oh His eyes, dark and solid as they were made it nearly impossible to see when he moved them, which was a good thing as he glanced to anvil and Alyssa and then back to the girl. She had heard him it looked like. He tried again, "Hsssst."

Alyssa Adarve' says, She calmed as if she were waiting for years to say just that. Though she told the wrong man, the message would get though. Like revenge, when its done, there was little left binding you to it. She turned with a coolness that wasnt there a moment ago and walked back to the woman. Her back was to Anvil, giving him the shot he gave the woman earlier. "Would you like to come to the tavern. I have a warm vegan stew on. "

Black Anvil glares at Chevey'oh while no eyes are on him, unappreciative of the arrogance it takes to try creeping under his perception. It is a quick thing, with an implied message, and he returns to being enthralled with the back of his own gloved hand. "Is that an open invitation, Alyssa, or are you bold enough to snub the last breathing Darkstar?"

KathrynMoondancer She turned her head directly in the direction of the sound and then looked back at the woman. She shook her head. "No, I don't want to make the owners any more mad at me." she said, shaking again as she remembered how much they had scared her. She slid back towards where she thought the 'hsst' had come from.

Chevey'oh He shivered under Anvil's psuedo stare, and his teeth become bared in response, though only briefly and thankfully in shadow so as not to reflect any light. It was creatures like him that made Veyo's job difficult. Still, he stayed in the shadows, still as stone. His eyes widened slightly as the woman told alyssa of the 'owners', but thankfully such was lost in the darkness. Another short 'hsst,' is whispered and the moss covered rock moves several inches backwards in silence.

Alyssa Adarve' says, "I run that tavern. I dont know what 'owners' got mad at you, but I will certainly have words with them if you tell me. Come now.. who scared you so badly?" She ignored Anvil and offered a hand to Katheryn.

Black Anvil raises his eyebrows in silence, and vanishes from sight... but only from sight. The man's true position, invisible, is eight feet above his former one, hovering just high enough to be out of the way.

KathrynMoondancer She just shook her head. "No, I will be fine." she obviously lied as her ankle looked horrible. Her voice was shaking, the poor youngling, as she scooted towards the moss rock. "I did not mean to cause any trouble. I'll just go."

Chevey'oh The man was not gone, this Veyo knew, though he could not say where he was. Still, it was becoming obvious that Alyssa would not let the girl be, her heart prevented her from doing so. It was a stalemate which would not end lest someone stand up. And so he did. With gentle movements the moss rock rose from the ground, revealing its true nature as a moss skinned being with a rabbitish face, his clothing a mixture of greens, dark reds and browns. "Little one," He said in a voice like wind through tall grass, "You cannot walk, let me relieve the pain of your wound and let this woman help you inside, she will do you no harm."

Alyssa Adarve' shook her head slightly. She was, indeed, at her patience end. She looked at the green boy with only a slight start of shock that he was there and then turned walking toward the tavern. The woman wouldnt take her help, she wouldnt force it. The student from above, though, could do whatever he liked. She intenteded to make a wide berth around Anvil, but not seeing him any longer, she made a straight path to the porch.

Black Anvil drifts backward, following Alyssa, with a smile on his face that it would take an accomplished mage to see. Invisible he may be, but he knows he can still be heard speaking quietly at her shoulder. "You may as well be one of us, you know... that little outburst would have crumbled him if he could hear it. I've not often seen a man so taken with a girl, but I had the chance to solidify it when it was me. I'm taking an extreme liberty here, but if he weren't incapacitated, I'm sure you'd have a ring by now."

KathrynMoondancer says, "But those men... they will be mad..." she said. "They are very bad men and probably will hurt me." she tried to stand up on her own, only to whimper in pain and fall back down.

Chevey'oh "They will not, little one. The man who vanished is the only bad man in these parts." He knelt down beside her and brushed one of his hands across her injured ankle, examining it. "This can be healed without much effort if you wish. No broken bones that I sense. Those would be bad in such a delicate part of the body." He looked questiongly up at her, asking with his eyes whether or not she wished to be healed.

Alyssa Adarve' says, "Its too late. It was too late when I moved back to my house many moons ago." she was holding to her own. she had a lot of time to learn to support herself, and so she did. with only a little help here and there. Well off enough she was that she had quit her .. profession some time back and lived just on what she had saved and what the land provided. With the occasional gift here and there. She turned to go up the steps, looking over the rail at the other two. She did want to help. It wsa still in her heart.. but she understood why the former owner was such a bitch.

Black Anvil "Believe it or not, I understand. Also, whether you believe it or not, he didn't intend to drop you." He orients himself to stand on the grass, not approaching the tavern while his next question stands. "On to other matters. I have always been respectful of territory, and as such I would like to know if I am welcome here any longer."

KathrynMoondancer She sighed and looked back at him, already trusting him in her naivety. "If you are certain...." she said as she nodded at him. "And the food... does sound good..." she added sheepishly as her stomach growled just a little bit.

Chevey'oh He gave her a small smile and nodded. "I am sure." He placed both of his hands over her injured ankles, his skin was soft and not unlike the a cool leaf. He closed his eyes, and there seemed to be a dull green glow about his form which slowly concentrated itself in his hands. There was a sudden cooling around the injury though not one of cold. In moments, if she did not resist, the swelling would go down and the pain would subside. He dropped suddenly from his kneeling position to sit on the ground, pulling his hands gently away from her ankle. Though it was a minor fix, it still took energy and he had spent much of his in other activities that day. "Vegan even she said, for once I too may enjoy her food." He stood now and offered her his hand. "Come, eat, and I will explain these men you speak of."

Alyssa Adarve' she stood on the porch watching the other two. talking seemingly to herself. "I am not the owner, regardless of what i will allow others to beleive. I manage the bar, run it.. if you need some sort of permission, you must wait for the owner to decend. Personally i dont care so long as you arent going to be chastising me on things that happened so long ago they no longer matter."

Black Anvil "Yes, sorry about that. It's just that I've had his statue in my basement for years now, and restoring it is well outside my expertise." As though having forgotten about his own invisibility, he only now reappears, standing in exactly the right spot to be where Alyssa is directing her words. "I still haven't found that crystal, and one problem could solve the other... all very irritating."

KathrynMoondancer She cautiously rotated the ankle when it was done and her eyes widened in suprise, as it did feel much better. "What kind of magic was that?" she asked as she willingly took his hand, and carefully stood up. She looked at the sudden appearance of the man again, startled. "A-a crystal? Wh-what did it look like?"

Chevey'oh "My kind are fae-born, of the wood. Our magic comes from gaia and her children." He led the way inside, his nose wrinkling at the dark man with distaste. "I would not involve myself in his affairs if I were you, little one. He is not a good man." Though Veyo had never had a true conversation or confrontation with the man, he had heard the rumors, and those were enough.

Alyssa Adarve' looks right at Anvil, adjusting her gase from the couple beyond him and the porch to focus on his face. "I dont kow what crystal you are talking about, I dont know what statue you are talking about, and at this point, it is not my concern."

Black Anvil says, "That crystal is a white rhombus, worth the world to me. And the statue in question is Widower after discovering his target knew how to reflect spells. You've been on one end of the spectrum, I know... consider this: Find that crystal, and my family will owe you for a change." He vanishes again, this time genuinely, stutter-porting away like a caffienated blink dog.

KathrynMoondancer "But he is trying to help soeone that was turned to stone.... how can he be a bad person if he is doing that?" she asked, confused as she slipped her hand into a pocket in her robe. "I found this strange crystal when I got lost... it might be the one he needs to bring break the spell..." She frowned as he left just as she was pulling the crystal out of her pocket. "I wanted to ask him if this was it...."

Chevey'oh "He is trying to help a family member, a man just as bad as he. It runs in their blood. Not all acts of supossed good are good just as not all acts of supposed evil are evil. In nature some things must die for others to live, this is the way of the world and all understand and accept. In the world of men however, there are those like the bad man and his family who take and manipulate not for survival but for sport." He glanced at her pocket and shook his head. "Do not show it. If it is what he seeks, we do not know what could be unleashed."

Alyssa Adarve' looked at Anvil in pure disbelief of what he had to say.. 'find that crystal and my family will owe you for a change'. In her eyes she ws alt least owed an appology, if not more. But it was in the past. Two words came from her with her normal soft tone, but with a bladed edge behind them. "F*** you." She turned at that point and went into the tavern, pulling open the door and letting it close at its own leisure in her wake. Regardless if he understood the meaning behind the words, the tone was enough to make her stance clear. he would find no help in her... nor would any Darkstar that saught her.

Murrpau says, The kitten sat up on her perch on the mantle and looked about with a lazy yawn followed by a long carefree stretch. She had been there for the better part of a day, some time sleeping some times watching. She kept her tiny form hidden behind things when she could and when not----- well that was that. She watched as the woman came in, seemingly displeased at something, though the womans mood was far from the first thing on her mind. Now it was tie to find some food. "Mreow"

KathrynMoondancer The half-elf slipped it back into her pocket, sighing. "I was just wanting to help...." she whispered as she walked towards the door. "Just what was he, anyways? He looked like a human, but... I'm pretty sure that he wasn't one."

Chevey'oh pushed the door open and held it for her, closing it once she was inside. "As far as I know he is human, though something evil runs in his blood. If you are to survive around here, you must not take things at face value or to view them in black and white. That is the first lesson we all must learn. And perhaps the most important."

Alyssa Adarve' looked up from beind the counter, her eyes meeting the green one and the woman and then she saw the cat. The soured mood woman nearly smiled at that. but only nearly. "Want food, Veyo?" she said, wiping her hands in an agitated manner.

KathrynMoondancer "Maybe, but I still don't want to be around when those men are here. They scare me." she said as she heard the kitten meow. "Aww... come here, kitty..." she said, now that she was feelign a bit safer, she was becoming somewhat easily distracted, as she opened the door back up for the cat. [if I could afford another computer... preferably a laptop... I'd get one and you people would never get me to leave here. I'd end up falling asleep drooling on the keyboard lol]

Alyssa Adarve' says, (setting.. but her mood isnt light anymore) The sweet Alyssa.. as innocent as the day was long, or once she was. She still held some of that innocence though regardless of her aging years. She was a human woman, of just about average height with brown hair fading with a bit of grey in it. She wasnt much to look at when she was working, but if you got her to smile.. now that was different all together. The lights were full up, the christmas tree was sparkling with light and with color and shininess, brightening what used to be the darkest and most desolate corner of the bar. She moved behind the bar, restocking the shelves with what she could afford.. thanks to a certain guest that seemed to have left. Her voice was soft and lilting as she sang songs that made the boy whine and complain about how they didnt make sence, but they brightened her step a bit. She was working dillagently away, while the smell of a vegitarian potroast was filling the air from the fireplace.

Murrpau says, The black kittens silver ears perked up at the mention of food and after a quick scan of the room she lept impossibly far fro a kitten of her small stature, clearing the distance from the mantle to the bar counter with relative ease, though her landing was a bit of a bum skid rather than a graceful four pawed landing. she looked around for a mot with narrow eyes and let out another "mreow"

Chevey'oh "Yes please, thank you Alyssa. I am told it is vegan." He moved and sat down at a nearby table. "Do not worry about those men. The area is full of secrets and as long as you respect that, then they cannot harm you."

Alyssa Adarve' says, /me started serving the plate, potatoes, carrots, a bit of squash and lots of gravy. She had a moment to calm before she spoke and she leaned down toward the girl a she set the plate down. "Dont you worry about anyone being angry at you. I run this bar. That school up there.. its a school for deralict boys.. well.. some girls too. They like to talk big, but you leave them alone and they will leave you alone." She put a fork in a potatoe and looked at Chevey'oh.

KathrynMoondancer She sat down at the table with him and yawned, covering her mouth with one hand. "My father always did say that my curiousity was going to be trouble...." she admitted as she looked at the kitten. "The food smells wonderful. I was so scared, and then I got lost... and I kinda forgot to find anything to eat...." she told him meekly. She was having problems staying awake and soon was asleep.

Murrpau says, Watches as the plate of food is carried across the room to the girl with elven features and licks her whiskers hungrily. it smelled heavily of vegetables but as the old human saying when beggars can't be choosy ------ much. She watch the woman servicing the food with slow blinking eyes, and started to purr loudly.

Chevey'oh He smiles as the girl falls asleep. "Thank you Alyssa. She has been very curious about the academy and it has raised concerns. Is it possible for me to get some of this stew. If it truly has no meat, I would love to try some. School cooking, while not bad, unfortunately includes a lot of meat and they don't really understand variety when it comes to anything else."

Alyssa Adarve' says, "The plate i placed was for you. She hadnt said she wanted any. And yes, its vegitarian. I thought it might be good for a while." she turned, looking down at the cat. "And i bet you want some too, dont you?"

Murrpau says, The puring only got Louder at the womans question, though she did move to the edge of the bar counter to get closer to the woman--- or the plate of food--- it could be hard to tell which then looking towards a large plate she let out another "mreow"

Chevey'oh "Oh, I thought you had just ignored her statement, it was false after all." he took the fork and cut the potato deftly, sliding the bit into his mouth and murmering quitely to himself. "You are a good cook. The tavern benefits from your presence. Though I am not sure I approve of cutting down a defensless tree to stick in a corner." He nodded the the garish pine. "Are you angry at the school?" He asked between mouthfuls.

Alyssa Adarve' looked over at Veyo, tilting her head sideways as she served vegetables and heavy on the gravy for the little one. Her head dipped to cut it up and she walked back over to Veyo's table. She sat herself in a seat and leaned over putting the plate on the ground, and then looked at him. "You're full of things to say. Well. first, thank you for the compliment. The tree is an old human custom, I'll be glad to share it sometime, and no, I'm not angry at the school.. why would you think i was?"

Chevey'oh "The lie you told the girl, though I am grateful, I was unsure your frame of mind. In addition to words spoken outside, when she mentioned the 'owners'. Certianly you know the school has laid claim to the tavern in its own way, till such time as it is proven otherwise. Since you are the primary caretaker of the premise, it would be understandable if you were not happy with that."

Alyssa Adarve' shook her head slithly. "There are things you dont understand. She was frightened of whomever the "owners" were. After so many years of them protecting me, I was returing the favour. We dont need some frightened little girl coming back with her warrior king daddy and tearing this place up. Of course i know that Kae owns the tavern. I did not lay claim to own it.. I said I run it is all."

Murrpau says, The kitten looked down quizicaly at the plate on the floor, Almost as if to say 'what? you want me to eat down there?' with a small sigh she dropped down to a stool and sat on its edge. Her head rotated around as if to stretch her neck. When her head returned to a neutral position the kittens body seemed to unfold. The folds merely stretching into more form and substance. the hind legs grew and the joints changed to humanoid joints, the front legs followed suit into arms. the proccess only took a few seconds. It finished off with the head turning into that of a high elf, the hair of the silver ears flowing out to cover her head with a silver main shortly before turning to a dark brown color. her clothing was a simple loose fitting tunic and pants with a dagger, the index finger of her left hand was encased in metal, the wrist had a eloquently detailed bracer with the images of many things on it. she looked about the room with feline eyes and smiled. "Thank you." Picking up the plate from the floor she asked"could i get some utinsels?"

Chevey'oh He smiled at her as he continued to eat the food she had prepared. "You are a good woman. And you are doing a good j-" Twin shortswords were in his hands and his chair was suddenly several feet behind him as he leaped to his feet in a fluid movement on the edge of what the eye could perceive. "Spy!" His dark eyes seemed to glow a deep green and magical energy seemed to build in him, though he did not release it.

Alyssa Adarve' nearly feel outof her seat. in fact she did stand and moved several steps away. she watched the unfolding process as the cat transformed in silent amazement. "W.. Would you like more food than that too? I didnt serve much.."

Murrpau says, The Elven Woman smiled softly, "Yes Please ma'am." She replied softly. her eyes had a pleased humorous looked to them. Looking to the man she replied. "If i were a spy would i have revealed myself?" she chuckled with a youthful Laugh. "I think not --- But you have a good imagination."

Chevey'oh His eyes narrowed at her and he did not put away his swords. "It is a simple enough trick to reveal oneself to throw off suspicion. If you were a spy, you would deny it regardless unless it suited your purpose to be exposed. And if you were not a spy, then why would you go around in the form of a cat without announcing your presence?"

Alyssa Adarve' says, She took the plate back to the pot where the food cooked and filled the plate with a decent human serving. She brought it back this time, unchopped and with cutllery. She set it down and moved over somewhat behind Veyo.

Murrpau says, She inhaled the aroma of the food and smiled. "I don't know, I just happen to like the feline form. And why are you so paranoid unless you are hiding some foul deed? --- Hmm? " she smiled and took a up the silverware and began eating. She looked to the woman and smiled "Thank you for the food, how much do i owe you for it?"

Chevey'oh He growled at her, but lowered his weapons. "That is a wrong assessment. You are in a dangerous place with several factions. I need not be hiding a neferous deed, but simply plans of offense or defense against the enemy that can not reach said ears. Be careful who you spy on cat woman. There are other factions who would not hesitate to kill without blinking if they thought they were being spied upon." He sheathed his weapons and gave a small bow to Alyssa. "I go to see the An'kin. Thank you for the food. It was well cooked."

Alyssa Adarve' she waved off the offer for payment for the food and patted Veyo's shoulder. "There is plenty here to be jumpy about, even if you dont live with a dark heart."

Murrpau says, She began shoveling more food in her mouth. after a moment she paused. 'and so in your paranioa you go around accusing evey one of being a spy? what a sad thing. My father said sur-" she paused a moment. "humans and the like could be impulsivve and paranoid but who knew?" She sighed and Muttered in a childish tone. "next time ill turn into a dragon."

Alyssa Adarve' says, "Turn into what ever you like. It is your will and your choice. It was just a bit of a surprise, you have to give the boy that." Ok.. so veyo was likely older than her.. he was smaller.. it was a nice illusion to call him "the boy".

Chevey'oh "It is not paranoia, it is simple logistics...and" He looked at Alyssa almost sheepishly, "it was unexpected. Besides, you do not know the area such as we do." He moved to the door, looking once over his shoulder at the cat woman, but he did not say any more to her. "Good night Alyssa." And with that he vanished into the night.

Murrpau says, She shook her Head. "I feel sorry for him." she ate a few more bites and smiled again. "I am sorry i did not mean to scare any one. I was told that such things were the norm here." she sighed again, "Why did he have to choose this place for me to learn?" she muttered into her food.

Alyssa Adarve' says, "There is nothing expected here, other than a healthy habbit of watching the shadows. What were you sent to learn?'

Murrpau says, She was silent a moment as if searching for the right words. "I am to learn about other civilizations, My father wishes for me to take a more active role in his--- Business* but he want me to know more of other ---- civilizations. he said this was a good hub to learn it. something about a cross roads or nexus.' she finished off the food in her plate and placed the utensils into it before pushing it back. "So here i am, whith the first lesson is apparently every one is more paraniod than a drow who knows his brothers about to take his position."

Alyssa Adarve' nods sligtly. "Yes, its the crossroads he speaks about. But the paranoia, get used to that. It runs rampant around here."

Murrpau says, She smiled once more and drew forth a coin purse a nd dropped several gold on the counter. "Well got to run, if that guy starts telling every one theres a spy in here, they might try to come and squish me, and i would hate to be squished while i sleep." She said in a good natured voice, as she walked quickly towards the door. when she reached she pushed it open, with a quick look over her shoulder. "thanks again for the food." with that she leapt from the building the tell tale skin folding already begining as she disapeared into the night she was soundlessly gone a moment later.

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Tinker Wagon
by Cliffside Chat Log on Sat, 8 Dec 2007 13:30

The creak of wagon wheels fills the clearing complimented by the steady rhythm of hooves. The sounds were rather loud for a simple wagon and the good sized dust trail it was turning up on its way up the southern road suggested that it was somewhat bigger than an average wagon. Dusk was only starting to fall, the golden glows of days last night making everything warm colors even in this cold part of the year. However, the driver of the wagon was oblivious to this and from the dust cloud confused and almost angry muttering could be heard. "I'm sure this is the way...Central City must be here somewhere. No, I'm not lost....I never get lost. I just took a short cut....which is taking a little longer than expected. Hmmm....I wonder if there's a mile post somewhere around here..."

Dolen La'croix came out of the the tavern, hearing commotion from some ways away. The last two days had been quiet, too quiet for his taste. The boy still laid claim to the tavern, though no one thought to ask for proof. He held his chin a bit high and looked down his nose at the trail where the noise was coming from for a good two minutes, and then went to the old rickety chairs by the edge of the porch and sat in it, folding and crossing his arms, laying his head on them and watchiing patently through the hair that fell in his face.

Basil Dichali Only a few moments later, the wagon moved into the clearing, the dust cloud being left on the road through the woods. To say it was unusual would have been a serious understatement. 6 stocky horses were hitched up in front of what might be better described as a house on wheels. The wagon was at least 14 feet tall and twice that in length, garishly colored in the brightest most eye jarring colors one could imagine. And it didn't stop when the wagon came into view, for shortly after it entered the clearing, it became evident that there was a smaller but no less colorful wagon connected to the back of the first. Both had several windows with shutters and the placement of then made it clear that there were two floors inside each wagon, though the floors couldn't be more than 4 and a half feet tall each. Sitting at the front of the first and directing the horses, sat a gnome, wearing reddish and purple hued clothing and a wide brimmed hat with a feather sticking out of it. "Ah! Civilization!"

Dolen La'croix He sat up, those large almost almond shaped green eyes alight with.. somethign to do. He watched the vehicle and studied the colors, the oe pulled.. but mostly.. he waited like sitting at a play waiting for the next scene to unfold.

Basil Dichali The gnome reigned in the horses a few dozen yards from the cliffside, and glanced around the clearing and at the two buildings therein. He whistled and a moment later, two dogs of very different breeds ran up from out of the woods and to the front of the wagon. The first looked little like a dog, save for general shape. It was green and resembled plant life almost more than animal. The second was a Zang'Ao Mastiff of nearly 3 feet at the withers, which had a saddle upon its back. Both animals stared over at the boy on the porch, tails wagging, but didn't move from beside their master. The gnome patted them on the heads before standing up and removing his hat as he addressed the boy. "Eh, excuse me youn'n, Which way goes to Central City, and do you know about how many leagues it is?"
Dolen La'croix looked at the dogs and for the first time in days there was somethign to bring a smile to the very practical boy's face. He grinned like a six year old at the dogs. When he was spoken to, he looked from the dogs to the man, sitting fully upright. "No. Its not a city i ever happened across in my travels. What's it close to?"

Basil Dichali The gnome frowned, opened his mouth, closed his mouth and then sputtered. "Its next to everything! Its Central City, how can you have not heard of it?" He rubbed his forehead and took a deep breath. "I guess this was more of a short cut than I thought. Right, in that case, you haven't perchance seen a group of tinkers come through here, have you?"

Dolen La'croix says, He shrugged as he was asked the question. He just hadn't heard of it. "I donno." he said. Then the question of the tinkerers.. was this stump Dolen day? "I donno." he said again. What the hell was a tinkerer?

Basil Dichali says, "You don't know if you've seen the traveling people? Boy, Thats a no then, you'd know if you'd seen im. They travel in wagons like mine. Right then. Since it seems I've gotten ma'self a little lost, perhaps you could at least tell me where I am currently, or do you not know that either?" The green doggish creature let out a little whine and looked up at the gnome. He turned and glanced at the dog and then at the boy and sighed, nodding his head. Almost immediately the green hound skipped over to the boy and began leaping at him, trying to lick his face.

Dolen La'croix says, "Well. You are at a place once known as the Cliffside Tavern. but i think thats a silly name.. I may rename it. Maybe... "All creatures inn". Dolen La'croix looked contemplative for a minute, half smiling as he liked that name.

Basil Dichali Stared at the kid a moment. "Boy, are you a half wit? Dropped on your head as a babe or somthin?" The gnome hopped down from the wagon, pulling himself up to his whole three and a half feet and wandered over to inspect his horses, the mastiff following merrily along and standing nearly as tall.

Dolen La'croix says, "No im not a half wit!" he stood up. "You are at my tavern, recently aquired and recently reoppened." he said, looking as if he was chalanged.

Basil Dichali He looked dubiously at the boy. "You look a little young to run a tavern...ah well, no matter. But trust me, Cliffside Tavern is a sharper name than 'All creatures Inn.' Now, you said the tavern is open?" He glanced around at the nonexistant horses or other population of the area that might signify a tavern crowd. "If thats the case, I'd like to pop in and get a drink."

Dolen La'croix says, "Sure. Anyone else with you?" He looked curriously to the wagon.

Basil Dichali He sighs and shakes his head sadly. " 'fraid not. You'd see other wagons if there were. I was suppos'd to be travelin with my tinker clan but I was a little late leaving the last village and tried taking this shortcut to catch up...and well, you've seen how well thats going." Seemingly satisified with the inspection of the horses, he ties the front ones to the rail of the tavern and makes his way inside, followed closely by the two dogs and little brown rat which hopped off the wagon and ran after him.

Dolen La'croix says, Well.. nearly inside. The boy moves to pull the door open and the door doesnt budge. It rattles, but it is clearly locked from the inside. The boy pulls once more.. as if that would make a difference.

Basil Dichali He stops and stares at the boy. "I thought this was your tavern and it was open?" He asked raising his eyebrow. The rat arrives at his pantleg and makes its way up the outside of his clothing until it is resting on his shoulder and looking menacingly at the boy.

Dolen La'croix says, "Well.. I.. um... It WAS open. And i Do own it." the boy said.. somehow perplexed at the door being locked. Now how would that happen. He went scouting arond the front porch for a hidden key, under the perverbal flower pot.. he upturned a rock... there had to be one.

Basil Dichali The gnome did not look convinced. "Uh huh. Well Maybe I'll just go check that house over there and see if the own- the people who live there, can open it up." He starts meandering slowly away from the porch and across the clearing. The dogs seem confused and instead of following him, settled for lying down on the porch.

Dolen La'croix says, "Sure.. go ahead. No one lives there. Ive been over and its always empty."

Basil Dichali "It has rather good upkeep for a vacant building..." He stamped his feet on the cold ground and walked back over to his wagons, leaning against them. "So what's your name kid? And why do you think you own a tavern that you don't even have the key to?"

Dolen La'croix says, "Im Dolen La'croix," his head tilted upward just a bit more, "and i inherrited the building." That was enough proof for him.. though he still hadnt seen signs of the house. "Now.. that building over there, it is kept up pretty well.. but no one is ever there." he shrugged.

Basil Dichali says, "Well met...sort of that is Master Dolen. I'm Basil Dichali Teetonka Yanisin son of Dorbin, for short. Doesn't one usually get a key and deed to a building they inherit?" He spared a glance at the house to the south, but he decided not to dwell on the oddness of it.

Dolen La'croix says, "Yes.. I guess so. Hasnt all been completed yet i guess." he shrugged once more. "I'tll all get aranged in due time. meanwhile, looks like im locked out for the day.. you too."

Basil Dichali says, "Well doesn't that beat all. Ah well, I still have my home. Like me father always said, Home is where you take it. I suppose if I can't drink in yours, you can drink in mine instead. Care to come out of the cold?" He hopped up onto the front of the wagon which also served as a small porch, with a stout door 4' tall leading into the wagon.

Dolen La'croix says, "Well.. sure." he said, moving somewhat indignetaly away from the door. He would have to talk to the management about locking him out.

Basil Dichali opened the door and stepped inside. The room was beyond was dark. However in moments several balls of different colored light popped into existence, illumating the foyer. It was a small room with shelves along the walls and a narrow staircase going to the second floor. A coat rack stood by the door and directly oppisite the entrance was another door going farther into the wagon. Basil lit a lamp on one of the shelves, granting more light than the dancing lights could and opened the second door and stepped through, vanishing into the dark room beyond.

Dolen La'croix says, The boy wasnt unfamiliar with fae lights.. so the light source didnt bother him. The thing that did was the fact that the place seemed built in an extradementional space. It seemed bigger inside than outside. That was until he mounted the steps and found that he had to crouch a bit not to hit his head on the celing. He placed his hand on the celing, keeping his neck at an angle and looked around the room. His mouth and eyes were wide in amazement.

Basil Dichali says, Light suddenly flared in the other room, and Basil opened the door wide, ushering Dolen in. It was slightly less cramped in here, but only slightly. The ceiling was a few inches higher and there wasn't a staircase taking up a large portion of the room and it was at least half a length longer than the foyer. Instead of stairs however, one entire wall was taken up by a kitchen wares including a stove, oven and basin from which water flowed into from a spout connected to a pipe that seemed to lead outside. Cabinets were built into both walls and went all the way to the ceiling, A door was again oppisite the one which Dolen would come through and had a small window in it suggesting it led back outside. There was a small table and two chairs as well as a stool in the corner along the wall across from the kitchen area. Basil was busy rooting through cabinets for something. "What's your posion?"

Dolen La'croix says, "Well, preferably Comfrey.. but Angelica root or Belladonna will work. it realy depends what ailment you are trying to get rid of." Yeah.. he missed that. He moved where he was a bit more comfortable, fiding a piece of wall to crouch and lean his back against jsut for the extra feeling of comfort. "Nice place."

Basil Dichali "Hmm, don't know too many people who drink Belladonna, but I think I have some here for those special occasions." He said chuckling. "You sure nobody dropped you as a babe? Watcha want to drink?" He gave up on the lower cabinets and opened one of the upper ones, taking out two clay chalices and setting them on the table. "Thank you, I realize its not nearly as festive inside as out, but I just haven't gotten around to decorating the lower floor yet. Its not as big as my last wagon, but it was all I could afford to build. Still, Its just right for me. You can sit in a chair you know, it won't break."

Dolen La'croix moved to the chair and sat in it. His eyes still moving around the room. It was cool. maybe not as vibrantly colored but still interesting to see. "A tea... or whatever you have handy." the last was clearly an afterthought. "And no one dropped me on my head.. Why do you keep saying that?"

Basil Dichali says, " There are lots of teas, and I have everything handy." He put back one of the chalices and took out a small mug instead. Heading over to a different cabinet, he pulled out a tray that had several different containers on it. Choosing a green one, he took out several pinches of the tea leaves and dropped them into the cup. "Hope you like Jasimine." He then took a pot and filled it with water, placing it on the small stove. Grabbing a pile of wood from beside the door, he went about lighting a fire and boiling the water. "I keep saying that because you don't answer questions the way one is suppos'd to. You either don't know common ways of speech, or you don't know your geography. Makes me question the education kids are getting these days."

Dolen La'croix says, "Well.. maybe both of those are because im not from around here. I had a map that got me here.. but it was very specific instructions. "Get on the boat" "Get off the boat, walk 2.6 miles south" yeah.. not much in the way of exploration of the area. IM trying now, but i keep getting lost in the woods."

Basil Dichali says, "Then you shouldn't be wandering around the woods without a guide. Perhaps you should get someone from the I mean one of your patrons to help out." He was trying to humor the kid. The water was still heating up and had not begun to boil yet, so Basil went back to searching cabinet, finally pulling out a dusty bottle of wine and pouring some into his chalice, setting the bottle on the table before taking his glass and sitting in the other chair. "I'm guessn you don't get out much?"

Dolen La'croix says, "I hadnt. Im guessing you dont stay home much?" He said smiling.. concidering they were in the wagon. "This tavern.. its not such a friendly place. I mean, the woman that runs it is.. but not many others."

Basil Dichali "This is my home. I never go anywhere without it." He smiled though and took a sip of his wine, watching the water. "Taverns usually aren't. Good places to brawl and get drunk. Not much else, that is unless you're like me and in the supply business. They always need supplies. Who's this woman thats tavern?"

Dolen La'croix says, "Her name's Alyssa..." he said flippantly, but his interest was now piqued. "What is it you supply?"

Basil Dichali The water had started boiling, so Basil hopped up to retreive the pot. He poured the water into the mug for Dolen, adding a spoon, so that he could stir it up, before putting the rest of the water off to one side and lowering the heat. "Everything and anything...well not really. I supply alcohol, since most taverns need it, but I also supply magical goods and inventions as well as furniture. Gods know, Taverns go through furniture like crazy. And also tallow candles and lamps, but those don't make me much money." He sat back down again, taking another sip of wine.

Dolen La'croix says, He took the tea and blew over the top of it before taking a sip. He smiled and said, "Well.. lets go see what you have?"

Basil Dichali He looked over a the boy with a bit of confusion. "Now, but the tea was just made. What specifically did you want to look at? Certain stuff is sort of packed away and difficult to get at, as I'm sure you can understand."

Dolen La'croix says, He sat back down and relaxed, more slumped.. defeated by logic. "Alright.. " he said and sipped his tea.

Basil Dichali He finished off his wine and set the chalice on the table. "Finish your tea and I'll bring you to the back room to see some of the wares I carry. There are a couple samples back there and the smaller items that are packed can be taken out, just no furniture, ain't room to unpack that right now."

Dolen La'croix says, "you know.. im pretty currious. But its Alyssa that does the buying. Maybe i should arrange for you to meet her instead."

Basil Dichali The kid wasn't helping his case of owning the tavern by putting Alyssa in charge. "Doesn't sound like a half bad idea. Of course I ain't sure who the owner is anymore, you sure she don't own it?"

Herberth Kwentra says, The elf Sighed as he set down the quill onto the parchment. He had been waiting for nearly five days for the old drow to come back to the ship. He had brought him here as a favor for the new ship he now possessed. He himself had been to this tavern once or twice but never for very long and it was over a decade ago. But that did not change the fact the drow had not returned. He left his cabin and headed for the deck, noting to himself that he missed his old ship, it was small and agile good for outrunning pirates and their ilk. He didn't know if having a ship that could fly was as much as a blessing as the rest of his crew thought it was. He looked over the rail down to the ground below, muttering to himself. My luck he left by teleportation, or something. He tied off a rope and slung it over the rail, a moment later he was sliding down the rope towards the ground below he gave two quick tugs to the rope and a moment later it snaked back up into the darkness. Well if he didn't find out where the drow went maybe he could get a fresh meal.

Dolen La'croix says, "Yeah.. I'm sure." he seemed deflated in the answer and set his tea down. "By all rights, ive inherited the place."

Basil Dichali "So you keep saying, but just a suggestion. Maybe you should find a way to prove it. But in the meantime, what can a this gnome do to cheer you up? Anything you desire, I can provide."

Dolen La'croix says, "Ive got proof.. experience in running a tavern i dont have. Alyssa has that though. Maybe you should come back tomorrow in the day."

Basil Dichali nods. "Well, I ain't goin anywhere at night anyways. You mind if I park my wagon over by the lake? Always wanted a lakeside view."

Dolen La'croix says, "No. Go right ahead. But if you will excuse me, i will tell Alyssa of your arrival first thing in the morning."

Basil Dichali nodded. "Of course. Have a good night." With that, the gnome began cleaning up so that he could move the wagon.

Herberth Kwentra says, After a brief look around the empty tavern he stepped back outside. he would wait a few more days. he let out a shrill whistled and the rope came back out of the gloom. The elf looked around one more time before scurrying up the rope as only a sailor could.

Several minutes after Dolen had left, Basil came out of his wagon and unteathered his horses. The dogs had curled up by the side of the porch and seemed to be sleeping. Even moving as quietly as possible, the horses and wagons made a lot of noise and Basil cringed to think of who he might be waking up. He stopped the wagons by the lake side, angled so that they curved with the contour of the lake. Basil went to the back wagon and twisted some dials and gadgets on its side, which a moment later caused a 5 foot metal fence to unfold out of the back of the wagon and curve most of the way to the front of the first wagon. He unteathered the horses and let them go inside the fence which he then secured to several hooks at the front wagon. Satisfied, he whistled once and suddenly the dogs were there, hopping up onto the wagon and curling up to go to sleep in front of the door. Basil stepped gingerly over them and went inside, closing the door. Shortly thereafter the lights went out within the wagon. Come morning the wagons and horses would still be there, but in the sunlight would seem even more brightly colored than before.

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Return of the Darkstars
by Cliffside Chat Log on Sun, 9 Dec 2007 14:43

Kathryn Moondancer The half-elf woke up... in the forest on a pile of pine needles. "Owww..." she mumbled as she looked around. She looked very confused as this is not where she remembered being last.

Chevey'oh A pair of invisible eyes watches the half elf from the bough of a nearby tree, some twenty feet off the ground. The owner happens to be very similiar in color to the surrounding leaves, making him nothing more than foliage. He stays silent, content to see what the girl does next without intefering.

Kathryn Moondancer says, "Manke naa Amin? Sina... ravan... au?" she said as she slowly got up, brushing the needles off of her red robe. Her stomach grumbled loudly as she had fallen asleep before she had even had a chance to eat at the tavern. She sighed as she rubbed her eyes and looked around for some edible berries.

Chevey'oh He blinked as she spoke, he had heard the tongue before but he did not speak it and therefore her words were lost on him. The wind blew through the treetops and he took that moment to move closer to the trunk, seemingly no more than leaves blowing in the wind.

Kathryn Moondancer She found some small red berries nearby, not knowing whether or not they were poisonious, and gathered several of them into her hand. She picked one out of her hand and looked at it closely, then shrugged as she sat down, about to pop one into her mouth.

Chevey'oh Well, that wouldn't do. In a single swift motion, he lept from the tree, landing on his feet in a crouch a dozen feet away. His movements were fluid as he straightened; his near black eyes glittering against his moss green skin and rabbit-like face. "Do not eat that child, it is nimhiu bia."

Kathryn Moondancer "Nimhiu bia?" she asked as she skittered back just a little bit, startled at first by his sudden appearance, before realizing he was the one that healed her sprained ankle back at the tavern. "What does that mean?"

Chevey'oh He tilted his head and frowned as he tried to think of the appropriate word. "In the common tongue it means....uh...bad for you. Causes stomach pains. I do not know the appropriate term."

Kathryn Moondancer She immediatly dropped the one that she had almost eaten as well as the ones in her hands. "Kshapsa." she said first in elven. "Poison." she then repeated in common. "I had better wash my hands... is there a river nearby?" she asked appreciatively.

Chevey'oh says, " Poison," he nods. "yes. There is a brook not too far. Let me show you." he begins walking through the trees, pausing allowing her to follow. "I am Chevey'oh, we met the other night."

Kathryn Moondancer She smiled shyly at him. "I remember. I never got to thank you for healing my ankle." she replied as she followed him. "My name in common is Kathryn Moondancer... I am doubly thankful to you." she dipped her head in a quick bow of graditude.

Chevey'oh "It was nothing. It is a rare thing that I am able to mend injuries that are not deserved." He stops suddenly - the bank of the brook just in front of him. The water is clear and ice cold, though the latter is not so surprising considering the weather. "You are new to the area yes?"

Kathryn Moondancer She nodded as she gracefully got down on her knees to wash her hands. "And very good at getting lost in this forest, I'm afraid. I've never gotten lost in a forest before... and there is something very... 'other' about this place, isn't there?" she asked as she washed her hands in the brisk water.

Chevey'oh he smiled a little smile and nodded. "This forest is the crossroads. It is a great nexus which exists on various planes in different places and times. The Tavern just happens to be where the roads converge, but the nexus itself is the entirety of the forest. As such there is much magic and life hidden within the trees. Things are never what they seem here."

Kathryn Moondancer "I've noticed that much. A talking green rabbit-man, a human that flies as bats... I've seen much more than I ever expected when I left the village." she replied as she nodded and stood. "And somehow I feel there is still so much more to see and learn here. Like do not eat the berries from that bush." she grinned sheepishly.

Chevey'oh He looked taken aback. "Rabbit man? I am in no way related to rabbits. I am a Killoren." There was a sort of fierce pride in his voice as he defended his race. "There is much to see and much that one should not see in this realm. The greatest gift you can have if you are here is to understand that things are never simple and what you see and hear is only the surface of something a great deal more complex."

Kathryn Moondancer "Like the guild?" she asked before she could stop herself and then slapped a hand over her mouth for a split second. "I'm sorry, I sometimes ask before thinking...."

Chevey'oh He raised what would go for an eyebrow on another race. "It seems you have already begun stumbling into the secrets of the vale. Yes, like the guild. It is not what it seems but that doesn't mean that it is bad. Many things are not what they seem without being evil, however there are an equal number which are, such as the man you met the other night."

Kathryn Moondancer She was like a teenager with a never-ending amout of curiousity, hoping fro subject to subject. She pulled out the rhombus-shaped stone and looked at it. "Wonder if the magic in here is strong enough for what he wants to use it for. I haven't had a chance to study this yet, but it feels rather old... Are you sure he is a bad person?"

Chevey'oh says, He nodded. "He is a very bad person. His family caused great suffering here a decade ago before the cleansing occured. I was not here then, but the stories of those times have continued since then." He tilted his head and looked at the crystal that she was holding. "I am not sure that is what he seeks. It may be, but what I know of the past, he searches for a very specific stone whose power is within the stone itself. But if it is what he seeks, it is better to keep it hidden or to destroy it."

Kathryn Moondancer She put it back inot her pocket. "So, what exactly is a... Kill-o-ren?" she asked him. "Are they all green like you? If you are not related to rabbits, how come your face kinda looks like one?"

Chevey'oh He blinked at her before letting out a little laugh. "You are a very curious being, moondancer. We Killoren are children of Gaia. We were born from the fae mists like many of our cousins. Some call us warrior fae though it is not exactly accurate. We are the scouts of nature, her eyes and hands in the realm of mortal men. I am not sure how to describe it more than that. It is difficult to explain our place and kind in terms that others understand."

Kathryn Moondancer "OOOOOooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh............." she said as if she suddenly understood. "My father... never taught me much about the outside world, but we have a water sprite that lives in our lake, and it warns us if anything that might be dangerous comes by. You are kinda like that, only for the planet, instead of for a village." she tilted her head to one side. "Are you part of that guild-thing?"

Chevey'oh says, He smiled at her. "Yes, that is a good comparison." At her second question he stayed silent as he thought over her question, shaking his head slowly. "No I am not a part of the guild. But I know of them and I know many of those who are a part of the guild. But you are afraid of them, and I do not wish you to be afraid of me because I associate with them."

Kathryn Moondancer She shook her head. "You've been nice to me. And you've not only healed y ankle, you saved me from eating something that could have killed me. If you were a bad person, you wouldn't have done that." she said, smiling. "Why is there a guild way out here, anyways? And are the owners of the bar always such big meannies?"

Chevey'oh "Because the nexus has become isolated and not many people travel here as they used to. It is secluded allowing them the privacy they desire. I do not know why you have come under the conclusion that they are mean. They can be harsh and strict but I have not experienced mean without cause."

Kathryn Moondancer "They kept comparing me to little kids." she said. That may not have been exactly what they said, of course, giving tghe fact that even for a half-elf she wasn't all that old, she may have taken what they said out of context. "And... they just seemed kinda... scary..."

Chevey'oh "All those in the guild are generally of sylvan descent, so they live a long time giving them a different perspective on what makes a child. I do not know why they would have been scary." he crouched down and scooped up a handful of water, which he drank. "You must understand, they are not what is considered good. But they are not what is considered evil either. They live by their own rules and laws, but they follow those strictly and punish those that do not. Their laws are not unfair or cruel, but may not be ones that you understand."

Kathryn Moondancer "But... two of them were..." she dropped her voice to a whisper, "drow. Aren't all drow evil? That's why they were banished to the underdark, right??"

Chevey'oh Now he just looked confused. "Two Drow? There is only one drow in the guild. He was rescued from the underdark as a child and raised by the leader of the guild, a wood elf. The drow society is dark and twisted, I will give you that. It is unnatural and unecessarily cruel, but that does not make all drow inherently evil."

Kathryn Moondancer She looked very confused as she leaned against a tree, her stomach protesting the current lack of food. "But my father said..." she started and then stopped with a sigh. "I guess parents are not always correct, yes?"

Chevey'oh He shook his head. "No, not always. But then, many write off all drow as evil simply because most of them are, or at least have turned that way after going up in their society. Truths are always much more complicated than people like to believe." He tilted his head slightly. "Are you alright? you look a bit ill"

Kathryn Moondancer She shook her head. "Just really hungry. I fell asleep before I got to eat any of that stew... and I've kinda lost track of how many days I've been lost.... and I don't know what is safe to eat..." she said, sounding a little weak.

Chevey'oh says, "Oh, Let us solve that shall we? Give me a couple minutes." With that he turned and vanished into the underbrush, without making a sound. It would be several minutes before he returned.

Kathryn Moondancer She sank to the ground, her back against the tree. She felt so weak she thought she might pass out. Her eyes slowly started to close.

Chevey'oh Just as silently as he left, Chevey'oh appeared out from behind a tree, holding a small hemp sack which he offered to Kathryn. Inside there were a couple apples, tubers, leaves, berries and mushrooms. "Everything within that is edible. Some had to be coaxed to grow at this time of year, but they should all be fresh. Eat."

Kathryn Moondancer She just barely was able to focus her eyes as she reached i nto the bag. "Thanks..." she mumbled. "I kinda... forgot to learn a few spells before I left..."

Chevey'oh "You are a wizard?" He drops crosslegged onto the ground beside her.

Kathryn Moondancer She nodded as she ate hungrily. "A mage, but I guess it's the same thing." She looked sheepishly at the ground. "Well... I'm really just an acolyte...."

Chevey'oh "Magic comes in all shapes and sizes, so if you are a mage, then that is what I shall call you. You are an acolyte? I myself am only a Pupil."

Kathryn Moondancer She figeted in her spot as she ate. "I'm suppossed to be studying still.... but I just got so bored.... stuck inside, reading boring books all the time, and not many people to talk to... at least not many my father lets me talk to..." she sighed. "He's going to be soooo mad at me...."

Chevey'oh says, "Why did you choose to become a mage if you did not want to read? Isn't that a great deal of what they do?"

Kathryn Moondancer "Yeah, but...." she shrugged. "I just /had/ to see what was out there, beyound the village. I wanted to know the world my mother had come from. At the rate I was going, I would never have left the village or it's forest."

Chevey'oh "Perhaps you need to find a new environment to work on your studies in. I do not see a village as a good place to learn to become a mage. If you were studying a different profession or were not so conservative in your ideas - no offense meant, you simply have a very straight forward view of the world that I have seen - then I would suggest the academy, but since you have distaste for the guild, it is doubtful the academy would be a good fit. I do not know any mages outside of the Dark family and the Guild that reside in the area I am afraid."

Kathryn Moondancer "I only know what my father has taught me, and what I have managed to glean from the water sprite in the village. My father very rarely let me out of the house.... and we rarely had guests" she explained.

Chevey'oh "You're father does not sound like a good man. If you are wishing to learn to be a mage, then you should leave your village as you have done and search for a teacher elsewhere. Even though not many people pass through here, the Cliffside tavern area is not a bad place to station oneself to be on the lookout for a teacher."

Kathryn Moondancer "I'm not certain the owners want me there." she said hesitantly as she finished eating. "Thank you for the food, I feel much better."

Chevey'oh says, "The owners simply want you to respect their secrets, nothing more. If you do that, they will not bother you. This is a dangerous place, it is true, but the tavern for the moment is one of the safer places to be. You are welcome."

Kathryn Moondancer She nodded, giving into his wisdom. "Um... I don't really know how to get back to it though...." she shyly admitted.

Chevey'oh "Dear Moondancer. I would not have left you in the middle of the woods to begin with. You do not have the proper survival skills I'm afraid. I would have to lead you back there anyway so that you do not freeze to death or starve out here."

Kathryn Moondancer She blinked. "Um... thanks?" she said as she got up, looking confused.

Chevey'oh laughed as he smoothly rose to a standing position. "It is not an insult, just an observation. If you wish, I can lead you to the academy, or one of the small cabins scattered through the woods instead. But I doubt you'd like to go to the academy and one never knows who is home when it comes to the cabins." He turned and began walking back towards where he had first seen her. 'Do you wish to go now or is there something you wish to do before we head back?'

Kathryn Moondancer She shook her head. "No, I can't think of anything else...."she replied. "Maybe just going back to tavern would be the best?"

Chevey'oh "If you wish." He starts gliding through the woods, moving as a fish through water, not bramble nor twig catches his clothes or makes noise underfoot.

Kathryn Moondancer She followed behind him the best she could, tripping up every once in a while on a rock or tree root. After a few of those instances, she sighed and cast levitation on herself so she wouldn't trip anymore.

Chevey'oh Fairly soon, they come to a small river, at which Chevey'oh stops and points southward. "About two hundred yards, past the bend, you will find a bridge and the tavern. The water is shallow though and I suggest you cross slightly upstream, as flesh eating plants currently cover the other side of the bank where the bridge connects. I must part company for now. I have my own studies to attend to. But You should be fine from here."

Kathryn Moondancer She nodded in thanks again. "May your path be pleasant." she said before leaving him and heading to the tavern.

Chevey'oh "And yours be guided by nature's light." He watched her for a few seconds before blending back into the trees and vanishing from site.

Kathryn Moondancer Kathryn had managed to make it to the front of the tavern and was sitting on it's porch studying the rhombus-shaped stone she had found a few days ago with deep interest.

Witmin approached the tavern His large hat blocked the sun but also appeared to block his face. He wore beat up traveler's clothing that actually looked comfortable. He carried a large backpack.

Kathryn Moondancer The half-elf was obviously deep in thought as she rotated the crystal, not paying a bit of attention to the man as he approached. Her brows furrowed as she brought it even closer to her face, making her look just a bit crossed-eyed, which was rather amusing considering how serious she looked.

Witmin almost stumbled onto her "Oh sorry, thought no one was around"

Kathryn Moondancer She looked up startled as she quickly pocketed the stone. She looked up at the man and was rather grateful that it didn't appear to be any of the 'owners' of the tavern. "I-its alright." she said as she got up to get out of his way.

Witmin looked at the door. "Ah closed again. oh well I guess I can just hang around untill it opens." He opened his coat and grabbed some dried meat to eat.

Kathryn Moondancer "Do you live in this forest too?" she asked him as she went back to studying her stone.

Witmin laughed "With the amount i walk in it I might as well" He leaned against a wall.

Kathryn Moondancer "For this tavern being the only building here, there seems to be alot of people that live in this forest." she commented as she brought the stone close to her face again, creating the serious-yet-cross-eyed look.

Witmin Witmin looked over. "Seem to be confused by that rock."

Kathryn Moondancer She shook her head. "I'm studying it. I can feel the magic in it, but I don't know anything about it beyound that...." she said as she looked up at him, blinking several times to un-cross her eyes.

Witmin nodded. "Perhaps your using the wrong tools. Try using your mind. Close your eyes."

Kathryn Moondancer "I never even thought of that!" she said. "Thanks!" she closed her eyes while holding tightly onto the stone.

Witmin laughed. "few ever do."

Kathryn Moondancer After a short moment she nearly drops the crystal as she gasped and opened her eyes, her tan skin going just a little pale.

Witmin watched closesly. Making sure she's ok. "Looks like that things more powerfull then i thought. I'm sorry"

Kathryn Moondancer "I-I-I'm alright..." she tried to convince him. "Th-th-that's nto magic in the stone..."

Witmin moved closer. "You don't look fine. What did you see?"

Kathryn Moondancer "There's a-a-a soul inside..." she stammered. She was holding onto the stone like it might burn her. "It's so... sad...."

Witmin took a step back before he stepped forward. Things like this are delicate so he didn't just want to take it from her.

Kathryn Moondancer "Maybe I should try to find that strange man. I bet he would know how to put the soul back into it's body." she said as she put the stone in her pocket. "I better not break it, I don't know what will happen to the soul if I do that." She slowly got up. "How could someone be so cruel as to trap another person's soul?"

Witmin put his hand to his head to think "Trust me. You don't want me to answer that question."

Kathryn Moondancer She looked at him. "I saw a man, but he wasn't really like any other human I've ever seen. He became a horde of bats when he flew. Do you know where I could find him?"

Witmin's hand fell to his side and he looked at her. "Please don't tell me you got this thing at night."

Kathryn Moondancer "I found it in the forest a couple of evenings back... why?" she asked.

Witmin moved once again as if thinking. "If I’m correct, that stone used to belong to a evil creature of sorts. A vampire...or demon...or something."

Kathryn Moondancer "Then it must be a victim inside." she insisted. "I have to make sure it is returned to its body!”

Witmin looked to the side. "It may already be too late..." But he shook his head. "regardless we should figure out how to get that soul out. We may just have to track the previous owner down.."

Kathryn Moondancer "The man that turns into bats said he was looking for it. I think we should give it to him." she said.

Witmin shook both his arms as if in alarm. "NO! that is the last thing we should do. But we do need to find him."

Kathryn Moondancer "But he said the stone would make someone not be stone...." she said, looking confused again. "If we shouldn't give it to him, then why do we need to find him?"

Witmin says, "Soul storing spells are fickle, there's two ways to release them. Breaking the prison. Or releasing the spell. Unfortunetly, if you do the wrong one the soul will be destroyed. If I could figure out which spell he used I could find out which way to release the soul."

Kathryn Moondancer "But what if it's this stone person's soul? Then we would have to find the stone body... and he already knows where it is... so tell me why we can't give it to him? And don't tell it's jsut because he is a bad man. Veyoh already told me that several times, and I'm still not convinced."

Witmin says, " There is that possibility, people attempting immortality often put their soul into an object to allow their body to never die or regenerate when killed." Witmin sighed. "Lets end this argument once and for all. Close your eyes again and speak to the soul. Find out why its there, who it is, if its the person's soul we'll return it."

Kathryn Moondancer "You want me to talk to the soul... in the stone again?" she asked hesitantly.

Witmin nodded. "If I spoke to it would you really believe me? If you speak to it then you'll know for sure what should be done. Besides it still deserves a say.”

Kathryn Moondancer She nodded. "Okay." she pulled the rhombus-shaped crystal out of her pocket, and closed her eyes as she held it tightly in her hand.

Witmin waits for a responce

Kathryn Moondancer After a moment she sighed and put it back in her pocket. "It won't talk to me, it just says that it wants out. The poor thing, it must be very lonely without it's body. I say we find that strange man that turns into bats." she says as she steps off of the porch.
Witmin shakes his head. "Uncooperative souls are the worst..." followed beside her

Black Anvil "Speak of the devil..." Suddenly he is there, standing in front of the porch and off to one side, leaning idly against the rail. "...And he shall appear, or so the saying goes." His left hand is wrapped over his forehead, and he grimaces with what appears to be pain.

Kathryn Moondancer She turned quickly as the voice startled her. She frowned as she saw that he was in pain. "Are you alright?" she asked as she quickly approached him.

Witmin turned fast surprised he reached into a pouch and hand four metal balls in between his fingers. "Huh?"

Black Anvil says, "Not even remotely... I've had a pressure headache for two consecutive weeks, and Bel'los refuses to be silent. It's like a hangover, only more annoying." He lowers his hand from his reddish-hued head and its circular crown of ridged horn. "More to the point, I believe you have found something of mine."

Kathryn Moondancer "Have you tried willow bark tea?" she asked, momentarily getting off-topic. She looked at him blankly for a moment and then reached back into her pocket. "I would have given it to you the other day, but you left.... and both this guy and Veyoh think I shouldn't give it to you, but if it belongs to you, and it will return the soul inside to the body it belongs to.... I don't see how it can be a bad thing..." She slowly starts to move her hand, closed over the stone towards him.

Witmin says, "What are you even doing with a soul trapped in a rock anyway?"

Black Anvil 's off-hand begins to flicker with a purple light. "To be fair, it's four souls, and my son did it some time after losing his mind. I've been seeking that stone to free them since he was killed."

Kathryn Moondancer "F-f-four? B-but I only heard the one...?" she said as she turned her hand over and slowly opened it. "I really hope I'm doing the right thing...."

Witmin was begining to sweat he didn't know what to do but he senced power. And he wasn't trained to fight this sort of thing

Black Anvil picks the stone out of her hand before she can re-think the matter too much. "The words 'right' and 'wrong' really don't apply here. The important things are that I have my kin back, and you have five open-ended favors from the Darkstar family. We always repay our debts, and there isn't much you could ask for that we cannot provide." He closes a fist over the stone, which pulses very brightly with a purple energy... and crystal dust falls from his hand like sand.

Witmin put the metal balls away there was little else he could do.

Black Anvil opens his hand, which now contains four small glowing spheres... yellow, blue, dark grey, and a pale blue-grey. His own hand is still lined with purple. "So I did... I destroyed a prison." The spheres begin to grow, and quickly become too large to be held in one hand... so he tosses them to the ground like seeds. Still they grow larger, easily the size of pumpkins in under a minute.

Kathryn Moondancer "There is magics that strong? I wish I could learn magics like that...." she said, obviously in awe.
Witmin nodded. "It would take time to learn."

Black Anvil continues to observe the spheres as each ceases growing in its own good time. The blue-grey one is smallest, and the dark grey is largest by far. "Some magics are inborn, and cannot be learned... such is the case with mine. Others are potent rituals, requiring several to combine their power. But of course, power, responsibility, the whole bit... my son had potential, but he was forced to grow up far too quickly. Soon he couldn't control himself, and I wasn't exactly around to aid him."

Kathryn Moondancer "Could you... teach me? I... don't have one right now... A teacher, that is." she stammered.

Witmin stayed silent. Feeling now was not the time to speak

Black Anvil The yellow sphere cracks first, like an egg, then disintegrates. Left in its place is an ancient man in mustard-colored robes, leaning heavily on his staff. "Not I... you'd have to have been born with my power. Sure, there's another way to get it, but you don't strike me as that type." Second is the blue-grey one, revealing a shivering girl in her late teens. "My brother, however, could... he practices sorcery, which is more will and art than books and study."

Kathryn Moondancer She looks at the ancient-appearing man. "Which one is your brother?" she asked, her eyes wide.

Witmin Witmin's eye's widened. "The spell brings their bodies back as well! I haven't seen power like that in years."

Black Anvil As Anvil gives the withered old man a respectful nod and places a hand on the cold girl's shoulder, the blue sphere cracks, disgorging an older woman who has yet to lose her beauty... beauty marred by her cruel expression. "My brother is currently a statue in my garden... petrify spell backfire. I expect Father will be able to restore him." He pulls the teen girl into a tight hug, and the grey sphere breaks open almost on cue. The last person freed is a very large blond man in black armor, heavily decorated with all manner of skull icons and dark imagery.

Kathryn Moondancer The half-elf steps back, a slightly startled and scared look on her face as the last person is set free. She swallowed hard as she forced herself to be still and not look scared... well anyore scared than she already looked.

Witmin decided that it was best to hide his face with his hat, just incase he knew anyone

Black Anvil steps back from the cold girl, who immediately vanishes into the darkness, and addresses the huge man. "The elven woman deserves our gratitude. I have already offered the usual, given the magnitude of the situation." The ancient man smiles, a faint ringing noise going off in the back of your mind... the woman stalks off to recover some dignity... and the large man looks sternly at Anvil, turning to Kathryn as he considers those words. Finally he prounouces simply, "Double it."

Kathryn Moondancer "Wha...??" she said before she could grasp what he meant. "No! I-I-I mean, I just want a teacher. I was... unhappy with my previous one. That would be more than enough for me."

Witmin lifted up his hat. "I appoligize for not believe you were going to release the souls." With that he stayed silent in the background. It needed to be said

Black Anvil snaps his fingers, addressing the giant man again. "That reminds me... Widower has been in the garden for some years now... petrification is a curse, right?" The big man nods in understanding, grabs at the old man's robes, and both vanish in a blast of smoke... leaving only Anvil. The devilish warlock turns back to Kathryn and Witmin, speaking to Witmin first. "No need. If you believe what I say, nothing can go wrong. If you trust me implicitly, everything already has." Kathryn is next. "Don't worry... he'll fix up my brother, and your lessons can start soon. And that's only your first request of ten. I'm very surprised he doubled it, though... Father normally hates owing favors."

Kathryn Moondancer "Um... I don't know... can we just call this one equal for the ten and that be good? I know it's going to be a long time before I'm not a student anymore...." she said, fidgeting a bit. "I just found the stone, that's all..."
Witmin nodded. "being trapped like that can make one gratious."

Black Anvil "I've never heard of someone turning down wishes before... you don't
really have to call them in, of course, but the option will always be there. Anyway... belated introductions. I am Black Anvil, and those four you met tonight..." he begins to tic off on his fingers. "The old man was Uncle Vince, also known as the Black Mind. Powerful psychic, doesn't mind his real name being thrown around. The big guy was my father and the family head, Black Omen. The woman was Black Soul, my mother, and the young girl was my daughter, Black Ice. We have a convention with aliases, as you may note. Not present were Black Widower, your future instructor, and Black Wind... my crazed son, who is very dead and not returning to mortality anytime within the next century."

Kathryn Moondancer She nodded as she commited the names to emory. "Alot of... black... I see..." she said, trying to make a small joke of it. She cleared her throat and looked at the ground. "Where should I wait for my instructor to show up?" she asked.

Witmin sat down and leaned against a tree, pulling out a stringed instrument from his backpack. From there he began strumming it for the purpose of tuning it.

Black Anvil holds out his hand, palm upward. "Right around here. It may be a few days, so don't go out of your way to be present... he'll have to get some affairs in order first." A familiar illusion of a half-elven woman pops up in his palm, slowly rotating. "Would you say this looks like you? Also, I don't believe I have your name."

Kathryn Moondancer "Wow, that's pretty good." she said. "Oh, my name in common is Kathryn Moondancer."

Witmin looked around. Something was making him nervous but he couldn't tell what it was...

Black Anvil echoes, "Moondancer... right. As soon as he recovers, I'll send him your way." He allows the illusion to dissipate and begins to glide toward the clearing center.

Kathryn Moondancer The young half-elf yawned as she realized how much time had passed already. "Wow. I guess the tavern is just going to stay closed all day..." she commented as she walked towards the building. "Too bad."

Cliffside Chat Log

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A Message
by Cliffside on Sun, 9 Dec 2007 14:55

Kae looked at the message in his hand as the deliver shut the door to his study. "Are you certain that Figment confirmed this?"

"Yes sir. He was there, hidden by his illusions. He arrived last night. It was luck, being there at the right time. Veyo was also in the area, and felt the magics."

Kae crumpled the parchment and tossed it to the messenger. "Burn it. No one else must know of this yet. I will make an announcement tomorrow. In the meantime, send Veyo to the Forest's heart. He must pass the news along. Now go." The man nodded and slipped from the study, leaving Kae alone to stare out the window. "I had no idea, I assumed it seems I was not the only one who was wrong..." He whispered to himself as he grasped a tablet shaped like a wolf's head, which slowly warmed beneath his fingers.


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Guards and band wagons.
by Cliffside Tavern Live RP LogPM MemberMember Profile on Mon, 10 Dec 2007 01:43

Basil Dichali narrates:

: Two elderly and dead trees on the south shore of the lake suddenly blur and fade away; in their place are two Painfully brightly colored wagons connected together. They rise about 12 feet off the ground and seem to have two floors though of a size only a small creature would be comfortable with. A metal fence has been put up in a semi-circle on one side of the wagons, connecting the back of the smaller to the front of the larger. Within it 6 small stocky horses graze, guarded by one elven hound and one Zang'Ao mastiff. a soft glow comes from the windows of the larger wagon and a small stream of smoke drifts lazily out of a metal chimney in its roof.

Alanon says, In accordance with his nature, Alanon appears without fanfare upon the north shore of said lake, clad in typical attire - which consists primarily of robes now muddied at the hems by a too-close-to-shore apparation. Eyes locked onto the newly arrived compound across the way, he walks across the shoreline. He arrives a small distance away, eyeing the animals warily and hoping for a greeting.

Basil Dichali The dogs look Alanon's way upon his approach and leap to attention. The mastiff stands quiet, but the elven hound lets out a single bark before becoming silent himself. Movement can be heard with the garish wagons and a moment later the front door opens on the main one and a gnome steps out, dressed in various hues of purple with a wide brimmed hat sitting on his head, a feather sticking out of it. " 'Allo There," He calls out the to the muddied robed stranger.

Barrak Four small bone claws appear, floating absently in space about seven feet off the ground. These slash abruptly downward, then a second set appears at the midpoint of the tear in reality to rip the gate wide. From this extradimensional hole comes a harsh grit-laden wind, and a large red-scaled draconian. He appears on the northeast side of the tavern, between it and the river.

Alanon says, in a voice perhaps too jovial for either his haggard visage or the dusk, "Allo! What a curious spectacle you present, but certainly a respectable one, also! Whom do you claim to be, and further, wherefore do you?" He eyes the animals warily and proceeds to the entrance into the gated area, where he stops without admitting himself.

Basil Dichali The robed man made a common mistake which caused the Gnome's face to alight; he asked for a name. "Ah, I am Basil Dichali Teetonka Yanisin son of Dorbin Lornsonna BalifCornissonn aderrickbosssonna Kelfdinthewoefulsonna Morimbronzetoe." Somehow he managed to not take a single breath within that. "A merchant tinker headed to Central City, though I seem to have gotten a bit lost on my way there." He offers a short bow before hopping off the wagon porch, which was just outside of the gated area and unhinging the fence from the side of the wagon, allowing the two dogs to get out and to start running around the wagons. He shut the fence one more and turns back to the stranger. "And you sir, your name and place If I may enquire?"

Barrak Reorienting on his surroundings, the large wyrm vaults into the sky... and is immediately taken with what appears to be a large set of wagons. The bizarre and outlandish have always been common around here, but it never hurts to investigate... at least not immediately. The red makes a beeline for it.

Alanon says, "Alanon the Grey, of places of shades as much darker as they were undesirable. I claim only the Grey Tabernacle as home, although a--" His speech ceases instantly in kind with his body's presence; an instant reaction to a forceful disturbance incoming. He remains in a wraith-like state, incorporeal. His speech resumes moments later, although he continues to be barely visible. "--similar claim on my part would not be made regarding purpose. You say you're a merchant?"

Basil Dichali "Aye that I am, as well as inventor and entertainer. I try not to limit myself to one profession. " The horses suddenly started moving around their pen anxiously, their nerves clearly on edge as the neighed and stomped their hooves. One of them kicked at the fence, causing a visible shudder. Basil stared at them with a worried look. "What has gotten into you? Something in the air? Tala! Calm the horses!" The elven hound turned and began circling the pen, simply staring at the scared equines. They were still antsy, but none of them kicked the fence again. "I don't suppose you going ethereal on me has anything to do with my horses getting upset?" he asks Alanon.

Barrak pulls up short, closes his wings, and lets gravity take over, colliding hard with the ground itself just behind and to Alanon's right. "Something in the air, I'll bet."

Alanon says, in tandem with a materialization process that operates as he speaks to Barrak, "In the air or upon the ground, I've not seen you in quite a time. A decade, at the least. We must hold palaver." To Basil, "Your question's answer would appear to be evident."

Teguro Ujio Ani says, A gloved hand touched wood. Connected to that hand wrapped in leather was a body, oddly enough. It too was encased, not in leather, but in a long pitch black cloak and robe ensemble, hiding the being's face. A smooth voice said, nearly in a purr,"I've been here..." the shadows under the hood seemed to act of their own accord, allowing enough light in to shine against white teeth that seemed a BIT too pointy, the mouth opened to finish the sentence,"before...but...before what?" The being stood six foot even and, as he moved around the tavern, left...feathers? his wake. The feathers seemed more from a raven, than from a normal bird..and even as far as ravens feathers went, these were ugly. As it came back around to stand where it had previously, under the sign, the feathers started to rot and melt into the ground. "This place...I've been here before." Then...three designations stuck,those made by a shattered mind. Dragon Boy, Devil Bitch, and Idiot Boy...the being grunted,"Looks like I'll stay for a while.

Basil Dichali The gnome started, his eyes wide at the dragonman. "Er, yes....I suppose it was at that." He gave himself a small smile. "Er....Allo there." He was at a loss for words, and that means something for a gnome...other than being profoundly uncomfortable. The horses were whimpering now and were huddled at the far end of the pen, but they otherwise seemed in control, with the elven hound watching them. The mastiff on the other hand had come to his masters side, his nose wrinkling at the dragonman, though he didn't growl. The gnome reached up and patted his shoulder. "I'm Basil Dichali Teetonka Yanisin son of Dorbin. And you are?"

Barrak answers flatly, "Drachenflagrion." He looks to Alanon as he rises from the ground, wings draping over his shoulders like a cape. "You want my other half, I take it..."

Alanon says, "You know, I was never clear on this. Apparently so, at your suggestion." Then, to the gnomish one, "What is it that you trade, or invent, or entertain with? I'm terribly curious."

Basil Dichali He was still a bit shook up and so it took him amoment to realize he was being addressed. "What? Oh, right! I sell many things, trinkets, herbs, alcohol a lot. Taverns are good places to make a profit. And I invent whatever comes to mind. Or tinker with it. Have you heard of Interior water transportation tubes? I do lots of that. And I'm working on self lighting candles. Entertainment...well" He held up his empty hand in a simple gesture and suddenly the lake was no more. Instead a Fortess stood there, complete with armored Knights and engines of wars laying seige. The noise was tremendous and the detail unsurpassed. He lowered his hand and the illusion faded. "Its a hobby we gnomes have."

Teguro Ujio Ani says, A sudden noise, distant as it was, startled the being into motion. The cloak billowed out as wings, sickly and black, rose up and down beat backwards away from the sound. Under the hood, an unconscious smile passed over a still hidden face . The thrill of flight was still a part of were its eyes, which now saw what had startled the illusion. Memories returned, all partial, but enough to glean some sense of knowledge. The first thing to come, was a sense of manners, twisted though they may be. Still...he knew it would be rude to hover there, and besides he would not learn anything by staying aloof from others. He flew over to where three beings stood, coming to land a short distance from them. He caught the tail end of the gnomes last sentence, and smiled again. "Hail gnome and goes it?"

Barrak whirls to face Teguro, snapping his wings wide and immediately taking hold of the sword haft poking over his shoulder. The blade on his back immediately catches fire, not that the half-dragon seems to care. With plumes of smoke trailing from his mouth at every word, the red demands "How many times do we have to kill you?"

Alanon instantly allies himself with the red, perhaps out of habit or simply because he has a natural disdain for sudden appearances of suspect persona. His staff materializes in hand just as he returns to his incorporeal state; strangely, the staff retains its substance - although the means by which it does so is too mystical to be fully understood by mortal creatures. He says nothing and only holds pause for action.

Basil Dichali The gnome is very taken aback, both by this new stranger and the violent reaction he produces in everyone around him. If the horses weren't already subdued, Basil suspected they would have bolted. He draws a shortsword which he holds in front if him, as if he were just trying to fit in with the big boys. "I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage. You seem well aquanted with the others, why not offer me some curtousy of a name." His free hand flickers arcane motions, as he prepares a spell just in case things turn ugly between his three guests.

Teguro Ujio Ani says, The creature blinks, and takes a step back....seemingly afraid, and his hands in the air, showing no weapons. Though if the creature is who the dragon thinks he is...he doesn't need them. Words stammer out,"K-kill me...w-what are you t-ta-talking about?" The smooth voice is gone, replaced by an obviously scared one. "H-hold on...let's all be reasonable here,"he says as he see's the other two prepare to lay the, as they say, smack down on him,"I've been here before admittedly...but that's all I know." He points at the dragon,"I know you...I think......would it help if I took off my cloak?"

Barrak says, "Make any move other than backing up, and I'll remove that cloak for you from here." It doesn't take much to stoke Drach's flame, clearly. "If you have lost your memory, it shouldn't take long to remember that you're an excellent liar. If you haven't... then the fact stands." Something's off... the creature Drach remembers didn't know what fear was... or at least didn't show it unless it served a purpose.

Alanon stands down, which consists solely of his staff dissipating back into the nether where it resides. A quick interpretation on his part dissolved, in his mind, the necessity of present aggression. Although he remains incorporeal, it is a more lucent state.

Teguro Ujio Ani says, "o-okay," the creature said, now petrified with one had looking as if it wanted to go for the cloak...but not moving, unless one counted uncontrollable shaking as moving. A bit of....pride?!...filtered up to mingle with the fear. "It...seems that I'm at a bit of...a...well I'm not in a good place." He shifted back a bit...and blinked as an orange, of all things, fell out of his cloak and rolled a bit on the ground, towards the dragon,"Umm...doe...does that count as a move?" The creature asked weakly...

Basil Dichali He lowered the shortsword and took a few slow steps back toward his wagon. This new stranger obviously had a past with these men, whether or not he knew it, and the gnome did not want to get in the middle of it.

Barrak immediately tracks the movement and torches the orange, the ground around it, the lower edges of Teguro's cloak, and possibly an ant colony or three. Not even trusting the innocuous citrus for a second, is it paranoia or wisdom?

Teguro Ujio Ani says, He blinked at the dragon's action, as well as jumping and...squeeking?! a bit. "Ohpleasedontkillme,"he managed to get out in record time, onion fell out next. If one were watching this...they would find the fact that the dragon was torching what-ever piece of food fell from the whining man as...funny, or maybe they'd think that the dragon had been molested by an orange...

Alanon raises his right palm, letting it twist around to face the sky, filling it with energy; in a single moment the hand, supported by a thrust and a step from his shoulder and foot, released the energy toward the vegetable-man. The energy consumed itself in flame, and ruptured in its own strength, leaving a trail of embers; its path will bring it inexorably to Teguro's chest, providing Teguro doesn't defend himself in time, or, failing in that, Alanon will cancel the attack entirely. It was his means of inciting a reaction, either natural or conscious.

Basil Dichali He reached the porch of the wagon and pulled himself up onto, moving until his back was to the door. Basil motioned to his dogs and waited for them to join him.

Teguro Ujio Ani says, As the creature saw the attack coming...he had a mental picture of a man....EATING the flames?! No...that was at a different time, but the other creature in the mental picture did the same thing as the one standing before them....stunned immobility.

Barrak lets go of his sword, remembering that he's so much more dangerous without it... been too long since he's seen a fight. And he waits to see what survived the incendiary assault... if both onion and black-winged man survive, he has every intention of telling one to eat the other. "Yeah. That's a move."

Alanon shrugs, letting the flaming projectile dissipate in a hiss of disappointment. "Huh. Well, apathy certainly doesn't run in short supply with you, now does it?" He returns to full presence.

Basil Dichali "Well. I think its best if you sort out your issues with one another in private, don't you?" His dogs climbed aboard the wagons and almost instantly they began to fade from view, the horse pen and its occupants as well. Within moments two gnarled old trees had replace the wagons and whether it was an illusion or not was hard to tell, for if one were to walk into it, there would be no sight nor sound of the wagons and the trees were real. Which begged the question of where exactly they had gone.

Teguro Ujio Ani says, Turning a bit towards the dragon as he let his sword go, the creature held his ground. "I don't want to fight...but I'm certainly not going to get slaughtered,"something clicked within the creatures mind, and in that instant...he knew how to end this, painlessly. Pulling back his cloak he showed the human face under it...along with the glowing markings on his face and neck, blood red was the color. He quickly got rid of the cloak and stood there in the rob, blood red light coming from inside his sleeves. As he took a step back, the fact that he was armed with a Katana became apparent as that cloak fell. Red light, and a certainly clashed with the black wings and the random bits of food.

Barrak 's hatred fractures a bit in confusion. "Teguro... T'alran... both... doesn't matter. I'm not the law here anymore, and there's nobody left alive in this region that I give a damn about." His tail lashes behind him, the hooked bone spur ripping a gash in the air itself... a gash that doesn't close right away, and ejects a strong wind and grey particles. The red steps backward, through the portal, and holds it open with his claws. "But I still know you. Take care who you kill, the dragons watch."

Alanon disappears. For whatever reason, he saw no reason to be present any longer. Every trace of his existence left with him, leaving doubt he had ever been there to begin with.

Teguro Ujio Ani says, He blinks...but, after a pause, says quickly,"I don't intend to kill anyone...I doubt that I could actually... Before you go...what is this place called and where can I find a woman that can be classified as a..."he clears his throat,"devil bitch?"

Barrak says, "This is the Cliffside... and I haven't seen or heard of that Jezabel succubus for an eon." With a sharp crack of finality, the portal slams shut... which is unusual in that they normally close silently all by themselves. All that's left is a fine dusting of extraplanar grit.

Teguro Ujio Ani says, He mumbles to himself..."Jezabel...not...that's not right." As he picks up his cloak, another...yes ANOTHER orange falls from it. He growled, and gestured towards the oranges,"Where the HELL do these keep coming from!!" Another gesture...and much to his surprise, they exploded into green arrows that shot out at seemingly random angles. "Holy..."he blinked,"no wonder that dragon didn't like oranges...I had no CLUE that they did that..."

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Precautionary measures revealed
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Kae He finished signing the last document, picked up the stack and made his way into the hall and down the stairs. Dropping the papers off at the desk in the main room, he went back upstairs, grabbed his weapons and other articles and took the secret passage from the keep, leaving him standing on the grassy knife range. The archery field was visible some 100 yards away on the north bank. No one was practicing today, the cold and rather unpleasant weather made outdoor lessons next to impossible. Kae pulled his cloak tightly around him to ward off the chill as he walked to the falls. He stood far enough back as to avoid the cold spray as he gazed across the clearing, waiting for a sign.

Alyssa Adarve' says, It was all a matter of perception. What one person shielded himself against, another gloried in. Alyssa was outside, with her green cloak open, and though she had the wool lining in it she stood outside in the clearing between the tavern and the water, with her arms flung wide, spinning a circle and her head looking straight up. Her tongue was even out as she danced around in the cold, Inviting the first big fat flakes falling from the sky down into her moouth.

Kae He reached out a gloved hand, letting a few small flakes land on his palm before crushing them and moving down the encroachment arriving at the southern edges of the cliff and walking back northward along the base. He makes no attempt to hide his movements, though by nature he blends into the shadows. Kae finally stops some distance from the spinning woman. "Evening, Alyssa. Enjoying the snow?"

Alyssa Adarve' stops and looks at him with a child like glee on her face. She was like this every year. Good memories came with the snow. Innocent times. Wondeers of pureness rediscovered. She pulled the cloak around her, with flecks of snow melting in her hair, and looked at him with a warmth that would make Jack Frost's heart melt. Where a smile could make the plain woman pretty, she was now radiant. "I love the snow. I hope it coats !everything! tonight." she said as she started laughing.

Kae Her happyness was contagious and despite the facts that made Kae dislike snow (It was harder to hide ones' trail in afterall), he did understand the merits that others saw in it. "It will make the clearing look like a crystal wonderland, this is true." He glanced around at the various buildings and up at the sky, as the flakes fell around them. "There is something I wished to discuss with you, but it is not in the mood of the moment I'm afraid. Might we go in and sit down to the drink...what's it called? Cocoa? There is a matter of importance I need to speak to you about."

Alyssa Adarve' pulled her cloak around her, warm in her happiness, and although Kae's words sounded serious, they werent enough to damper her mood. Kae always sounded serious. She nodded to him and hooked her arm in his, moving toward the tavern. "Hot cocoa.. If you like, I'll make you a mocha. I got some coffee when i was in town this week."

Kae His eyes alight. "Mocha, how'd you know? That's my favorite." he let out a light laugh as he let her lead him to the tavern. "I've noticed the lake seems clearer lately, it seems like as there is life in the tavern the clearing becomes happier. Even the man eaters out back have become a bit more docile. You re opening the tavern might have been more positive than I first thought."

Alyssa Adarve' she smiled at his words and stepped up the steps with him, She even held the door for him. The inside of the tavern looked like St. Nick regergitated. There wasn't just the christmas tree anymore, but silver stuff hung from the chandileer glittering like wealth to a halfling and there were candles lit everywhere. "I wanted to ask your opinion of something, but only after we've had coffee and discussed what you wanted."

T'alran says, The woods, they held meaning for him...but why? Ever since coming back to the one place that he was back, he had been attracted to the woods. Epically after the encounter with the ill tempered dragon. He could feel the cold wind coming off of the lake, he was south of it after all... As he walked...he took out an orange, and let it drop. Oddly enough, it didnt explode like the one did near the lake. "So..."he said with his usual soft purr,"....I did that....interesting." With that, he started walking towards the tavern...maybe he could find a few more answers there.

Kae He stared agape at the inside of the tavern and gave her a sly grin. "Perhaps I spoke hastilly." He patted her shoulder and moved over to the table by the fire. "The matter I wish to discuss concerns both you specifically and the entire forest. Both are in danger and from unfortunately familar foes. I'm sure you realize that little happens in the woods nowadays that my school does not hear about. Nor are we ill prepared. We took preventive measures after the cleansing to prevent such a thing from happening again. Do you remember about 7 years ago I had my first class of students working hard excavating 8 different sites around the clearing? "

Alyssa Adarve' says, She stopped just at the edge of the counter and faced him, listening to what he had to say. There were many things that could haunt this place, and none of them were paticularly settling. "Yes, I remember when you did that. They uprooted trees and used more magics than dryad themselves had to replant them." Her smile had faded.

T'alran says, Walking toward the tavern he suddenly felt...odd. Stopping for a second, where Alyssa had spun around, he placed a gloved hand on his head...feeling his scalp through the cloth of his hood. For a few seconds, he urge that he found odd. Before he could identify vanished, but not before something else clicked in his mind. The dragon had called him two names, Teguro...or T'alran... His name wasn't Teguro, he was T'alran. He could almost tell why the woods attracted him...but couldn't. Growling a bit he said,"'s not like I killed anyone out there..." He placed a gloved hand on the door, and opened it (or tried to if it's locked). He stood there as a cloaked figure, six inches higher than six feet, with a black cloak and hood ensemble, the inside of which was red...and a flowing robe. The shadows in his hood seemed to act of their own accord...and only showed his teeth, and only when he smiled. At the moment that he pushed against the door...he was smiling a very...odd way.

Kae "Yes, the druidic circle themselves laid down magics for that. And it seems that our paranoia was well founded. The other day....well... I'm not sure there is a good way to tell you this. I have been informed by two seperate sources that Anvil got his hands on the crystal he was searching for." He took a deep breath. "The Darkstars have been ressurected." He quickly amended that, "All save the boy, thank the gods - not even the darkstar clan wishes to deal with that monster." He now awaited the reaction he expected to come. Ten years without the shadows and now they returned from the aether. While they meant little to him - save Anvil and the boy, he really couldn't care less - they meant something to the area, and they were involved in the disaster that had left deep scars both physical and emotional throughout the woods. That made it his business and first and foremost was protecting the residents of the area and keeping secrets good and buried.

Alyssa Adarve' sat down heavily on the stool. Her eyes were on him, as if not believing what he had to say. She knew he had yet to ever lie to her. Mislead maybe, but not lie. She had lived a long time under Kae's protection. An unspoken agreement between the two of them. It was never really arranged, It just started happening. Perhaps it was the boy, Waelin that drew them together as he was at her house nearly as much as Kae's when he was a youth. Regardless of why, she had lived under Kae's wing for a long time, and in turn had given him gifts and such.. feeding the students, private dinners for Kae and Waelin, mending work, teaching sewing and stitching.. and now running the tavern for them. SHe had no reason not to trust Kae's words after so long. Regardless, she stood from the stool and walked out the front door, moving around the bullk of the man that was standing there and stepped off the porch. When she stood about ten feet out, she looked up at the sky once more, but not at the snow this time.. She (C)

Alyssa Adarve' says, was trying to see the stars. It would have to wait for a clearer day as they were hidden behind clouds, but she stared anyway where there had long been an absence of the pentacle of stars.

T'alran says, He looked at the lady as she passed by him, stepping to the side politely to give her more room, he raised a hand and in a random british accent asked,"Uh...'scuse me m..." but she kept going, obviously busy. He nodded slowly and turned to the other in the room, and, once again in a random british accent spoke,"ello bloke, eye whas wonderin wer' I coould git a bit o' warm cider, maybe sum info on the surrounin's too." As random as it was, he found that he rather LIKED speaking with that accent, and hopped that it would stay...

Kae He stood up as if to follow Alyssa but thought better of it and instead moved to the bar as he looked over the new man. "I'm afraid the tavern is poorly stocked at the moment. There's some whiskey, cocoa, tea, and some funny mini wine bottles that seem to hold some sort of beer. As for surroundings, Ask away. I'll provide what I know. Isn't very often we get strangers...or at least there was a time that was true. Lately they pop up every other day or so."

Alyssa Adarve' stepped back in the door after only moments with her head down and her mind whirling. She moved up to the fireplace and started buisying herself in making the coffee. She had skilled fingers when it came to cooking, a lesson well learned and so made such a task seem effortless.

T'alran says, He watched the man for a moment, then smiled and pulled back his hood. A human face, a rather normal looking one with normal features and normal hair was easy to see by normal eyes. The faint red scars that covered his neck, however, were not normal. He took off his gloves and joined the man,"'Well I'm not sure I'm new to the area," he smiled politely whilst losing the accent," I arrived here the other day, and this big red dragon...thing called me two names and seemed to know me. Anyway, why does this place feel so...I dont know, odd? The wood's seem to be...a little off, ya know?" He stoped for a second,"OH and I was wondering if you have seen, and pardon my harsh language but this is all I have to go by, a woman that could be called a Devil Bitch....or Evil Bitch, I can't remember which...I just know that I used to know her."

Kae His eyes narrowed the instant the man said he was not new to the area. A slight flicker of his wrists loosened the daggers there, though since they were hidden behind the bar, such movement would be unnoticed. " is you. I was told you were back in the area. Thank the gods the dragon knows how to drop names. The evil bitch or whatever you wish to call her, would have to be Aliesh. She's the only one I know who could earn such a title. And she is gone, passed away like many things here." He looked over at Alyssa, trying to signal her with his eyes without alerting the one in front of him - a difficult thing to do indeed, but Kae was quite talented, so there was a small chance.

Alyssa Adarve' moved up to Kae at that moment, as if her movement drew his eye, but it was merly hapstance. She lay her hands on the bar, one precicely beside the other, fingers closed and the tips of her thumbs touching. "Kae?" She said with a soft, nearly shakey tone that strengthened as she spoke in to her normal more confident tone. "What did that excivation of so many years ago produce?"

Alanon pushes back his chair. Of course, this action begs the question of how he came to be sitting -- but the answer would be less than evident and certainly not particularly pertinent. The sound of his chair moving was completely silent, a curious property for wood on wood, but not one Alanon was not able to cause to be present. He stands presently near to a wall more or less directly behind T'al, perhaps at an angle where he could be seen by those tending the bar but not those attending the stool area. He winks for the sake of the lookers on, although this could come across more menacingly than intended; it appears more alike an ember fading and rising beneath his mageweave robes' hood than an eye shuttering.

T'alran says, He smiled again, finally someone that would know who he was...without trying to freaking KILL him. Oddly enough, the news of Aliesh's death...angered him. One line popped into his head, oh she would just to freaking SPITE me. T'alran had been able to read people like a book, this new man...couldn't. Still...he could tell something wasn't right. However, the woman coming up to Kae startled him a bit...and the feeling was lost. The man reached into fold of his robe, and pulled out an orange...and a knife. He laid both on the counter, and reached for another one. Asking softly,"Sorry to interrupt...but do either of you mind if I eat these here?" The question was innocent enough, as was the tone. He took off his cloak completely...and stretched his black wings out backwards a bit...they did contrast oddly with the red markings on his neck and hands. Today wasn't turning out to be a very bad day at all, in fact he might make a few new friends...

Alyssa Adarve' says, (Its cloud coverd and snowing.. the snow is only just starting to fall so the ground is still clear, mostly. everyone else is in the tavern which is decorated up in the typical western christmas decorations.)

Kae Her question suddenly produced a what seemed a cruel smile on the elf's face, though it is gone a moment afterwards. "Protections. Magics to bind Magics. Psionics to bind Psionics. To prevent such from happening again. In simpler terms, The Clearing becomes an anti magic anti psionic zone. All abilities related are supressed making even the darkstars mortal." One couldn't help but notice however that he was staring straight at the man with the wings in front of him as he spoke. His eyes widened at the instant appearance of another patron and there was a sudden blur of motion from Kae though the minute it was over he seemed to not have moved at all. The *thunk* *thunk* *thunk* *thunk* which came at nearly the same time as the blur however suggested otherwise. Four shiny throwing daggers had arranged themselves around the Alanon - two in the wall, one to each side of his head, and two in the table. "One need only activate them. You best have a good reason for teleporting in here." The last was directed at Alanon. The elf shrugged indifference to the oranges and the question T'alran posed.

Mith Kal'daka D' Quellar ischarri says, He didn't bother with the path this time, or even the stairs. The door simply opened for a moment into nothingness and In stepped the old drow. He had his staff in his hand and two hilts stuck out from behind each shoulder. he let the door close and when opened again it would once again lead outside. he walked at a respectable pace towards the bar watching all in the room as he did so.

Alanon says, in a voice that seemed to carry sound simply from the listeners ear to his mind, skipping the distance between yet still operating within natural bounds, "You're assuming I teleported. To the best of your knowledge, or to anyone elses, I was here all along. I would not advise unwarranted near-misses, by the way; also, beware his fruit. I've seen them explode..."

Alyssa Adarve' looked up at T'alran once again, her eyes focusing on him as Kae spoke. She didnt remember him, but then she didnt NOT remember him. He was somewhat vaguely familiar. Brown eyes then moved to Alanon, now that one she didnt recognise. Then they landed on the drow who's ship had been hovering outside. She had been watchign this.. but then it was a spectical, intended to draw attention. Time faded some memories, obliterated others. She stood quiet, her hands on the bar still, as if that were all that was rooting her there. She held her tongue for a moment, the plea on her lips went unspoken, but it showed in her eyes. "Please.. please!" her eyes seemed to say as she looked at Kae. But what was it she wanted? that would have to be voiced. Saved by the coffee pot, it started whisteling and the woman moved automatically, pulling back brown hair shot through with grey as she started making the Mochas.

T'alran says, He was already halfway through his first orange when the knives started flying. He wasn't sure, but he suspected that, in that moment, he was the stillest that he had ever been...ever. As he finished the first orange, he grunted,"I would like to know what the hell I did before that has most of you so worked up." He turned to Alanon and pointed with the end of his knife,"You know, worry leads to stress...which will turn your hair grey." He turned back, and went to eating, folding his wings around his body, as best he could, as he did so. He looked to Kae,"You narrowed your eyes at me when we started talking...and you said that you had been told that I had returned. Could you explain that further please?"

Kae "I never miss." It was said in a tone of such seriousness that one felt the gods could hear the truth in his words. "This is the Cliffside and under my jurisdiction. Guests who appear from thin air, regardless of how they arrived there are not something which one such as I appreciate." One eye flickered to Alyssa, an unsettling thing as eyes generally move as one and his were pointing in two different directions. He knew what she wanted, but he wasn't about to state it in current company. His eyes focused once more on the same target; first Alanon, then T'alran and finally resting on the drow. However he spoke to Ta'lran first. “I have eyes and ears scattered through the forest. How I came to learn about your return is irrelevant. You were here before. A monster among monsters. It is actually surprising you were not involved in the cleansing that changed the clearing, but stories of what did in the area still linger, for those willing to listen.”

Mith Kal'daka D' Quellar ischarri says, Once he reached the bar he waited to find out if it was once again a 'serve yourself night' as it was a week ago. He arched a brow at the near hostile words and the sense of paranoia he felt in the air. "he is worse than the dragon." he muttered to himself. he leaned himself against the bar, his staff leaned in the cradle of his left elbow. He continued to watch each of the persons in the bar in turn,as if measuring them.

Alanon says, "Then you revel in the wasting of daggers. I know not your face as authority, and I doubt I will acknowledge it so; my path often through here came, but greeted only by faces Draconic and Disdainful. I simply came to seek palaver with a certain Bronze whose presence is lacking, and I simply remain because my trust the black-winged one is, also." He settles back into the chair from whence he rose, and bowed his head; in this manner, he takes on the stereotype of dark wanderer, his ruse of olde.

Alyssa Adarve' brought the coffee back to the bar mixed with chocolate, sweet and warm. She didnt ask people what they wanted, but started serving it to people in turn. A cup was laid on Kae's table as she made her way to Mith. She set the cup infront of him and slid it forward with a smile. "Ill be glad to serve you something else if you like, Sir."

T'alran says, He narrowed his eyes a bit, his earlier statement coming back to slap him in the face now. It seems like he had actually killed quite a few people. No remorse tainted his next words,"Seems like you know a lot then... Allow me to guess, I was also a great liar and went by the name...T'alran?" He gently grabbed the next orange,"Tell me...if I am still such a monster........why would I have come in here all smiles? Wouldn't I have taken you by surprise and killed you before you knew who I was, or at least before I knew that you knew who I was?" He looked at Kae,"All I want are some answers...nothing more, nothing less. Besides..."he smiled, honestly joking,"I don't want any babies...I already ate."

Mith Kal'daka D' Quellar ischarri says, The drow Eyed the cup warily then picked it up sniffing it carefully. it smelled simmilar to a bean based beverage he served in his own taverns. He nodded as he took a sample of it, then a actual drink. he looked to the woman tending the bar."I see though much has changed some things remain the same. Still have stand offs over small petty disagreements."

Kae Now he gave Alanon a little smile. "Fine by me, but you are mistaken. Those are my daggers...I did not waste them at all." A short quick motion of his hand and the daggers hiss and evaporate into mist. One cannot be certain, but chances are they are back on his person. "Thank you Alyssa." He says as he takes the mocha and takes a sip, actually almost letting his guard down...almost. "Quite good." He focused on Ta'lran once more. "Yes, you were and yes you did. Let me make this clear, I don't believe I ever met you personally but my father did and so did many others here. You got pleasure out of the niceties before the cruelity. It was and is all a game to you. That more than anything was probably your downfall. You couldn't help but to gloat your greater intellect by showing up and acting civilized and taunting those you hunted instead of killing them outright. Don't think to try it now, That much I'm prepared for."

T'alran says, He smiled, once again...politely. "It seems that,"he said, holding the orange in the palm of his hand now,"nobody has forgotten,"he shrugged,"lucky them...wish I was among that number." He slowly skinned the orange,"So...a good liar, manipulative,"he glanced at Kae,"I'm gonna go out on a limb and wager evil." He took the drink with a slow nod and a smile,"Well..."he looked at Kae,"it seems that there's a bit of a problem here. You still see me as what I was, and I see me as what I am." He glanced over his shoulder, if they wanted him dead...he would be dead. Might as well get some info..."What was your father's name,"he asked as he took a sip of the Mocha. "My my...what is in this, it tastes lovely..."

Alanon nods almost imperceptibly. From within his hood his eyes see little, yet he is nonetheless aware of the environment; carefully analyzing speech for hints of events yet to unfold. What he was really focused on, however, was trying to discern what was about to enter the door. He had sensed it before.. but never so close. What arrived through the door, however, was a human man named Illus -- or, what seemed to be, one would note. This man stepped through the threshold, the wetness and snow almost appearing to be .. absorbed.. into him. He approaches the bar and takes a stool relatively close to Mith. "When you have the chance.." He addresses Alyssa, presuming she would be the one to beguile in return for a drink or meal; his voice is quiet, with a gritty edge. Almost as if his throat was harshened by heat, as a smoker's would be; but this was not the case.

Alyssa Adarve' says, A smile was flashed to Kae in responce to his compliment and then glanced at T'alran, "Chocolate and coffee." with that she lowered her voice and leaned forward to Mith. "Its been quiet so long, and then suddenly there is a flood of people, and then dangerous people started showing up. Its understandable for the natives to be edgy, wouldn't you think?" Her eyes go to the newcomer in the bar and she smiles welcomingly.. though her eyes are downcast. "Yes, Sir, How can i help you?"

Mith Kal'daka D' Quellar ischarri says, He watched the newest of the bunch as he moved to the bar, his mind adding his demeanor and movements to the information he was compiling. One should never be caught unawares about those that surround him. He looked to Alyssa once again. "you wouldn't have seen a Kitten around here recently have you?" he took another taste of the liquid. "or perhaps an elven girl with Brown hair? Eats like a wolf?" he asked quietly.

Alanon continues to listen avidly from beneath his hood as Illus begins to speak, then pauses as Mith interrupts. His patience seems inexhaustible as he waits for their exchange to finish, then says, "I'd love a meal, or a drink; but I've not currency to exchange. I do, however, have the will, and the strength, to perform any tasks worthy of a coffee or a sandwich.." He smiles with the proposal, a warm one that conveys a wealth about his nature; he's never been one to betray trust earned, but the state of trusting was never in his nature to demand; he continues, "..but, barring the availability of such, I would just as avidly welcome conversation." His face angles down slightly, almost to match the eyes borne by the woman across the bar.

Kae "Evil is a concept I do not subscribe to, but you did things which not even I can accept. Whether or not you have changed, only time will tell. If you haven't, then we are ready. If you have, then there is nothing to fear." He took another sip of his mocha, savoring the taste. He would have to make a point to invite Alyssa up to the Keep on the Winter Solstice. "My father was a being known as Tobias. He, like Aliesh is no more. It is perhaps interesting to note that he was the one who began the events which led to the cleansing a decade ago." He gave a nod to the newcomer, but did not otherwise acknowledge him. He did give a glance towards Mith. "So the little cat was your spy. I should have known." He said the word spy sarcastically, as if he didn't really mean it. In fact, for once his words to the drow had an almost pleasant tone to them.

Alyssa Adarve' smiles to the man and goes and pours another cup of coffee. She had yet to ask anyone in here for money. "I have not made soup today. It excaped me in the excitement of the moment before. But you have the mocha and dont worry about paying for it. "She looked over at Mith. "I saw first one and then the other as she became something different. Interesting trick."

T'alran says, He looked to the cups of coffee around him, then down to his own. Something struck him as odd... He looked at the orange, then to the coffee. A slight smirk crossed his face,"I wonder how she passed on...and how many people she took with her." He looked up,"I am sorry to hear about your father...and I really should learn about this cleansing." He needed to leave, the conversation had brought up memories, and he wanted to examine them throughly,"Well...I can honestly say that the coffee and the conversation were good." He drained the coffee and stood and, through some random impetus, said,"Dark Eve all...." Although he heard Alyssa say that payment wasn't nessicary, he left what little coinage that he had on him as he walked out.

Mith Kal'daka D' Quellar ischarri says, The Drow Laughed heartily setting his mug down with a firm thud. His eyes reflected true amusement. "I spoke the truth to you I have interest in only one of your secrets and the Child would not even know what to look for let alone who." He picked up the mug and drained it. Perhaps this place could indeed offer him some entertainment once again. to Alyssa he replied. "She studies the ways of nature. her skill in forms is unmachted in all the under dark. now she needs practical knowledge the kind only gained through interaction and experience. she is a child no better in maturity that the magling that was here when i first came back."

Illus looks at the cup, then picks it up. He drinks a measure of it, savoring the taste; he loses himself, almost, in the sensation, carried away to distant lands. "I thank you much for both. Have you worked here long? I'd warrant a guess that this role is less menacing than others you've played.." Here his face lifts, seeking to meet her eyes; perhaps to solicit an answer of greater depth, or simply to try and monopolize her focus.
Kae He watched T'alran leave and relaxed almost instantly, albeit subtly when the door shut behind him. "Hmm...he is playing a game, whether or not he knows it. Still, We will see. The forest is already on alert, one more to watch will not be so difficult." He took another sip of the mocha and moved over to Alyssa. "If you have a moment, there is the matter I wished to tell you of." He glanced at the drow, "That so? Fair enough. What is it that your charge is looking to gain exactly?" He was intrigued. He...the gods forbid, was actually considering offering help.

Alyssa Adarve' says, "What secrets do you have interest in." and what child? Through her instant suspicion, she could assume he was speaking about the cat girl. Yes. lets leave it at that child. The funny thing was, Alyssa didnt have many secrets, if any at all. She hadnt addressed the gent standing at the bar yet. Small chat, with now three people. She shook her head at Kae and continued to address Mith.

Mith Kal'daka D' Quellar ischarri says, The drow merely Arched an eyebrow at the mention of his 'relation' he wondered how this man had gotten the information. No matter he would simply atribute it to a lucky guess.. he answered "The girl must learn about other people besides the drow, and she must learn for herself, not be given a biased view from any one else. Those who serve in my house are taught in this fasion, it saves me from facing to many questions about misleading teachings." he smiled He looked to Alyssa "the secret i have intrest in i will not speak of right now, as per my agreement with that one." he indicated Kae.

Kae let out a small laugh. "Actually speak about it if you wish, don't expect any answers though. I'm having a good night. And besides I may have an oppurtunity for her. Tell me, what is her chosen profession or training been so far?" And then he does something rather uncharacteristic and slips into a chair near Mith, still sipping his drink.

Alyssa Adarve' smiles as Kae engauges Mith in conversation and she moves over to the other gent at the bar. "Its gotten buisy all at once." she said, smiling to him. "Do you need a refil?"

Illus shakes his head. "One cannot drink something so delicious as one would water. I've still half a cup at least; 'tis very well made. I had only requested conversation. Given the state of things, however, I am more than willing to suffer without." A smile greets the last word, defusing the facetious gravity of the words. He only wanted an audience for the sake of itself, not for the sake of a higher motive that must overall all social means.
Mith Kal'daka D' Quellar ischarri says, "Her training has been very complicated, She knows a good deal about combat, Magic and enough stealth to get her whee she wants to go." he shifted his weight more evenly against the bar, one leg forward holding the weight that the bar did not support, the other bent slightly backwards, heal against the base of the bar. "Her profession.---- she is to young to have even contemplated one."

Alyssa Adarve' says, She nodded as she listened to the man. Her eyes moved over to Alanon scanning him for any want or desire. She had become available for chatter, but she wasnt going to force herself on anyone. There was always dishes to be done, counters to clean, liquer to bring up out of the basement so the shelves were stocked.

Alanon met Alyssa's eyes for a moment as she scanned; they almost seemed to be abyssal, absent of emotion yet still raging in their cores. He looks away as Illus speaks again to Alyssa. "My name is Illus. How do you call yourself?"

Kae "Her training is very broad, which is good. The topics covered are all important, though I might have put different emphasis, but that is because of my background. Ah, speaking of which, does she have a name? I cannot keep refering to her as she." He leaned back in his chair, idly flipping one of his throwing knifes in one hand. "I run an academy, which you may have picked up from your evesdropping," the word was said lightheartedly as kae knew that there had never actually been any as such. "While we do tend to focus our students down a specific career path, graduates are not required to follow it, though as of yet they all have. We cover much the same as she has been given, though as I said our priorities are slightly different. Still, we are always looking for new talent and there is a mix of other races. One of our founding principles is leave your preconceptions behind. It is just an option really which I put on the table before you since she is already training in the area."

Alyssa Adarve' says, "Hello Illius, I am Alyssa." she said, putting her hand out, mostly palm up. She greeted him with a smile and the offered handshake.

Illus says, "A fair greeting." He receives the offered palm with his own pair, gently closing on both sides, rotating her hand to face palm down while he leans forward and, in a fluid motion, leaves a brisk brush of the lips upon it. He returns to sitting and picks up th conversant role once again. "What sort of arrangement brings you here?"
Mith Kal'daka D' Quellar ischarri says, "She calls herself Murrpau, Apt for the form she chooses most. If you wish to lure her into your school you must bring that up with her. I require only one more lesson of her, to learn of other cultures so that perhaps conflict can be avoided." he didn't pay the blade any heed, he had grown out of the need for such displays of skill long ago. "Other than that the lessons she will learn will be taught to her by experiance in service to House Ischarri. It is the best way to learn, where every failure stays with you for life, every success does the same."

Alyssa Adarve' says, She smiles warmly, watching the act. Such a rare thing, this. It had been many Many years since someone was so .. formaly gentlemanly. She pulled her hand back and placed it flat on the bar next to her mug. "I live here. Decided that since there was life coming here, it was time to bring life in here. So I'm trying my hand at bar service." as opposed to the many other kinds of service she has done.

Kae The knife tossing was actually more for something to do with his hands than anything else and he continued to do it without even conciously noticing. "As life comes. It was a suggestion which I shall give to her should I meet Murrpau. It would be a good way to unite similar purposes or at least to aviod any misunderstandings within the area. " The last was said in a whisper more to himself as an idle thought than to anyone else. "Ah well. Perhaps I will be lucky and another student will wander into the area shortly. I do have to fill the slot somehow." He finished off the rest of his drink and set it down letting his eyes drift to the ceiling.

Illus nods, his eyes closing slightly as his head angles down and opening as he regains focus. "Live here? That's a strange arrangement, indeed. Well, I suppose not so strange -- this Tavern is rather remote. Bar service.. what had you done prior, if I may inquire? If not, feel free to disregard. I impose no request of mine on another without their own consent and for you this policy is still yet more prevailing." It is in his nature to be a gentleman; the roles he plays require diplomacy in equal parts with power, but sometimes the difference can be seen as negligible.
Alyssa Adarve' says, "I ve done many a job, both befitting a Lady and not befitting one at all. I think the very best thing ive ever learned to do here was to shoot arrows." Her eyes lit up. "Now it wasnt for profit, but it was certianly a task. I had a great teacher, and it was a lot of fun.. and im just glad the area was deserted a the time. I was such a terrable shot we are still finding arrows around the clearing." she was laughing by the end.

Mith Kal'daka D' Quellar ischarri says, He nodded to that. "How she chooses to learn her final lesson is up to her. I merely suggested this place, since at one time it was diverse enough to suit the situations I foresaw her getting into." He dropped several coins stamped with the Scimitar encircled wolf on the counter. "I must be going. if you intend to try to make her your pupil do so know that she may already know much of what you will try to teach her. One set of her lessons in life was to avoid being Caught by a rival house after i had evidence planted that she killed the matron. the rest she will learn quickly she has mastered much before her time of freedom." He pushed back the mug from the edge of the counter and stood up. "For now i will leave this place if any one see's the elf from the ship hovering above you can tell him he need not wait for my return." He walked to the door his fingers tracing arcane symbols into the air as he moved.

Kae watched Mith. "I will keep that in mind. Good night." He turned his back as the drow was leaving but then stopped and faced him once more. "Oh, and Kaldaka. I said we no longer had need of your supplies when last you were here. WHile I stand by the fact we do not need most drow goods, if there are drow beverages you wish to still stock the tavern with, I'm sure a price can be worked out." He watched the drow leave then, his mouth pursed in thought. "He is either a very good teacher or a blind one. Time will tell." Kae leaned over and looked at the coin left behind, a flair of recognition in his eyes as he stared at the symbol imprinted there. "I've seen that before...a long time ago..." He couldn't place where, but he knew that mark.

Kae got up and passed by alyssa, pulling her slightly away from her guests for a moment. He whispered a few smallt hings in her ear, that which she needed to know and then moved out the back door, vanishing amongst the man eater plants.

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Self discovery
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T'alran The woods seemed to attract him...but then again that was now a known fact to him. Instead of wondering why he was so obsessed with walking the woods, he decided to admire the wonder of the well as keep his eyes open. He considered himself a new creature, seperate from this T'alran in everything but name. Others seemed to want to pin his reputation on him, but he had already decided to prove them wrong. He had decided last night when a major part of his memory came back to him, and he remebered how ruthlessly he would go after a goal. He also remembered that time was something he had to spare, and that he had patience. So, his first order, besides the proving part, was to scout around. He had already found a fortress, and decided to head the other way. He was now deep in the forest, and had come upon....a very large grave. One that he had been at before......"Interesting,"he purred as he just stood if waiting for something.

Kae Kae walked across the yard and into the great hall where many students were finishing their meals. He went about, checking some here and there as he moved about. It was a ritual of his to go around during dinner at least once a week and get a feel for how the students were doing. The lessons taught here were hard and it was good to get a sense of where everyone was in their studies. Afterall, it wasn't a big school by any means. Moving back out into the evening, Kae went into one of the main buildings that flanked the gate and climbed the stairs until he reached the parapet of the wall. He walked out, a small smile on his face in the damp air as he gazed outwards towards the falls. The snow from last night had left a small dusting over everything, just enough to give it the slightest glow in the dying light.

T'alran says, One the stone were a few lines of carving, Here lies Teguro, may he rest in the pieces that I left him in, and choke the worms that eat him. These carvings made T'alran just grin, for some odd reason, and he nearly did a little jig due to the happy feeling that those words left in his torso. After a few moments, he decided that he was curious....and started to dig.

Kae looked up at the overcast sky which diffused what little light there was and yet seemed to glow regardless. It would probably snow again this evening. Cheering and laughter floated up from the great hall and he turned from gazing out towards the falls and looked down towards were building where so many students were eating. He let out a contented sigh and then went back inside, making his way to his study. Sitting at his desk, the elf began writing in his best script. When he finished he went downstairs and on the post board just oustide the classrooms tacked it up. 'Pupil and Apprentice Levels are allowed to visit the Cliffside Tavern after classes during the Solctice Holiday.' Yes, there wer dark things out there, but the school would not show fear. And besides, Kae had great faith in his students, afterall, their training was much more rigorioius than any other such school he knew of. Slipping through the secret passage, Kae left the academy and headed towards the Cliffs.

T'alran says, One of those dark things was now up to his knees in grave dirt. As he dug further, his grin grew wider...much like that of a child at Christmas, save there were bones awaiting him...not another pair of underwear. His fingers were unrelenting, and dove through the hard dirt rather easily. Another while passed him by, and finally he had hit something. Two blades of bone were sticking up from the ground, albeit they were about a foot down from the real surface. He decided that he would need shovel, but that the blades would come with him... After three minutes, he was out of the hole, blades on the ground next to him, recovering the hole.

The night was calm, and little of the snow had gotten through the trees to settle at the ground at thier base. The clearing had a white cover to it, at least mostly, adding to the serenity of the area. The birds were chattering away during thier evening meal and the forrest was calm as it could be. But with a suddeness of a tidalwave overtaking an island, a wave of pure panic burst out of the south woods. There was a thumping instantly afterwards as the rabbits, all white in thier snow fur gave a warning thump and then several ran out of the woods toward the clearing. The squirls started chittering an angry warning as they flipped thier tails. The birds silenced and even a young fawn saw fit to remove himself from the woods. The burst of terror did not end at the woods edge though, but expanded out nearly half way to the water in a nearly tangable shock wave.

Kae The 'slide was more dangerous with the dusting of snow and ice, but that didn't slow Kae in the least as he went down it, giving a barely perceptable nod to the watchmen hidden in a tree near the top. In no time at all he was at the base and turned towards the tavern. The sudden disturbance however stopped him and almost as it occured he became one with the shadows. Without thinking he slipped on two rings, one on each hand. The first caused his form to fade from the visual spectrum while the second caused his mind to do the same rendering him silent to mental and scrying attempts. Despite the invisibility, he moved through the shadows, silently scaling a tree and leaping from bough to bough among the canopy, covering area far faster than one could on ground, heading towards the center of the 'wave'

T'alran says, T'alran turned, his work done and the blades in a sack that he had just found in the hollow of a nearby tree, towards the tavern, which was west of him. He started for it...but stopped for second as he felt...odd for a moment. The feeling passed and he started for the tavern again.

Waelin Jusron says, He lay at the northern most edge of the wood, just inside from the snow's edge. Moving wasnt much of an option and so the young Drow lay there clutching what he was given. His white hair spilled over the leaves and sticks, and this black leather hid what it was that kept him still, with the exception of a silver handle protruding from under his ribs on the left side. He clutched a box tightly but it was the dagger in his side that kept him still. The placement of the dagger made it hard to breathe and the wave of panic that swept over him didnt help him be calm, but he knew not to take the blade out regardless of his urge do do so. His hand shook violently as it hovered over the handle, not daring to touch it.. but he knew the tip of that blade.. being curved like that it would rip parts of him right out with it. It was his own blade, but to get it at that angle in his body seemed nearly impossible to be self inflicted. The box under his other arm was not released, held tightly and forgotten.

Kae His eyes, searching the woods as they were, caught sight of his foster son huddled on the forest floor below. Without thinking, the wood elf leaped from the tree, landing with such force that had he not rolled he surely would have broken both his legs, and even then one could see him stumble as he pulled himself up. The ring of invisibility was ripped from his finger and tossed to the ground as he ran over to where Waelin lay. "Gods, Waelin! Who did this?" Still the general direction which he came from led Kae to dangerous conclusions. "I will kill her! I will rip her limb from limb and leave less then even she can come back from!" He shoved Waelins arm out of the way of the dagger and he looked at the wound without touching or turning the drow. "Gods...gods....This can't come out. You need a healer. maybe more." He didn't know what to do and fear ran through his veins. Even a small mis-movement of the blade would kill the drow and he couldn't think coherently on how to remove it without magic.

The ghost didnt need a ring to be invisable in those trees. It watched on, unsure of what to do either. The weapon wasn't like that and so the ghost didn't understand the severity of the wound until Kae spoke. She stood, as still as she could, using that natural invisability, against a large tree, with tears streaming down her face at the scene infront of her.
T'alran says, ((I'll go))

T'alran He reached the tavern quickly, and as he neared it, so too did he near the southern woods. It was then that he became fully aware that something wasn't right, something was happening, and an old part of him was whispering... You might be able to take advantage of the situation, or at least see someone bleed... He turned towards the woods where the wave of panic had come from. Before he could take a step towards it...he remembered how people saw him around here, and thought about how many ways that they might try to blame whatever was happening out there on HIM. This lead to a hesitation, but only a minor one. If he could help, he would...then he might be able to get more than a 'hello and allow me to introduce my friend, Mr. Dagger-in-your-face.'

Waelin Jusron says, "NO!" he said hearing Kae's words. He reached toward Kae, wrapping his fingers around his leather. "... Its a.. accident.." He started panting, wheezing with each breath. His head lowered to the ground again, still half curled as if he had been carried and dropped in place. "Oh god.. 'Buk.. it hurts." he said weakly and started reaching for the handle again, though not quite able to grasp hold of it.

Kae He splutterd, his eyes red with rage and pain. "Accident?! How do you achieve such a thing by Accident?!" He was not going to be swayed on this, not now. He pushed Waelin's hand away from the dagger once more. "Stop that, you can't touch it. " His voice held sympathy though instead of the anger it had held before. "Of course it hurts, I'm amazed you are still concious." There was a sort of strange pride in that remark. "We need to get you help. You will die if we don't. But you cannot be moved. " He began looking around for the ring he had thrown down. "Where the hell did it go?"

The ghost moved out of the shadows, wrapped in wood colored clothing and stepping with a lightness that made her seem to be what the rumor was. She half bleneded into the surroundings, even without being against that tree. As if floating, the ghost lowered to her knees by Waelin's head, running a pale hand over white hair soothingly, so softly it was as if it hadnt even touched him. The other hand though, moved down to the ground and scooped up something little more than the size of a small rock and turned that hand over, holding the ring in the exposed palm. The vissage moved its head down, almost in a subserviant move and lowered its head, focusing on the fallen boy and running her fingers over his hair once again.

T'alran says, T'alran could feel that he was getting closer. He didnt know how he knew, he just knew he was. Seeing the gathering from a distance, he decided that dropping the blades would be the best course of action. He slowly took out an orange, and peeled it as he stood there...waiting. More than likely, at least one of the two, the drow boy and the elf he had met earlier, knew he was there. He debated wether or not he should move towards them...or just turn and walk away, this wasn't his business...

Waelin Jusron says, He felt that aura of fear even stronger as he and Kae were joined and yet he was unaware that it wasnt all his. He looked straight up into the face of the one that he had been fighting when this happened and then back at Kae, with a newfound fear. Kae would kill her. Of this he was sure. He leaned up, moving to sit up and then laying down hard once again. It wasnt her fault.. It wasnt her fault. His lips barely moved, the words so soft that they well could have been missed.

Kae He moved quickly, even for him, a silverly blade identical to the one currently in the drow's stomach appearing in his hand as he makes a move to hold it against the shade's throat. "Give me one reason why not to end it here? On reason not to spill your blood to make up for his?" In his anger he had not even noticed the approaching man nor the fact that the shade held his missing ring.

Andus makes his slow way up the path from the see, refreshed from days resting at sea, but unaccustomed to the cold, and the uneven ground. He trudges on, occasionally slipping and keeping upright only by leaning often on his stout walking staff. Finally reaching the top of the precipice, he rests and checks the straps of cloth that serve him as gloves. Satisfied that hey are tight, he peers over the frosty ground. He stands at a solid six or so feet tall, a brown-cloaked humanoid shape behind an emotionless wooden face-mask. Though he had been instructed to head for the tavern, he now suspects his guides may have been less than sincere in their descriptions of the place, for the tavern he saw in front of him looked cold and empty, whereas he had been told to expect a warm and welcoming hospice. All the same, he figured he might as well take a closer look, so he set off again, this time, thank god, across more even ground.

The ghost: looked down at Waelin a moment more and then ran her hand backward, not stroking his hair anylonger, but covering his eyes. Her hand pressed down on his face, forcing his eyes shut and even bending his nose down a bit. She raised her chin high as if looking up at Kae, but he was behind her. Her eyes closed and her body shook against Kae's as she sobbed softly. But move she did not. She watied for the death strike that matched the one she had delivered to this Drow.

Illus says, Above the lake, the falling snow becomes rain, then steam. The clouds part, its seam meeting the edges of the lake perfectly; and, from that gap, pours down from the sky fire. It is encapsulated as if in raindrops, and merges with the lake's water just the same. A single gout concludes the downpour -- it strikes the surface of the water and pours across it, somehow not boiling but instead throwing ripples across. It curls its edges and fades as it reaches the shore; but, at the center of the lake -- where the gout struck -- there now stands a man, clad warmly in several layers of wool covered by a tightly wound cloak of leather and hemp. He walks briskly towards the tavern's main entrance, purporting to be ignorant of Andus the possible onlooker. The snow returns even heavier than before, perhaps to justify its absence.. He turns towards the forest and walks even faster; coincidently, his path is almost directly towards the drama ongoing within.

Kae pressed the blade against her throat, the sharpened edge easily breaking skin. "You dare to pretend to care for him after this? Woman if it is the last thing you do, speak to me."

T'alran says, T'alran moved quickly...he couldn't really make out who the elf was threatening, but something was screaming at him to stop it...or was it not to stop it...he couldn't really tell. He reared back with his only weapon, the orange, and let fly as hard as he could...which turned out to be surprisingly hard, aiming at Kae's elbow such that, should the orange would knock his arm away from the shades neck and should it miss? Well an orange flying in the dead of winter was just weird enough to stall a person. As he did so, he shed the cloak and spread his wings out wide. Subtle changes could be seen in his the red markings becoming black, and the subtle tints of blue appearing on his skin. He could see the drow's face, and knew that Kae was about to make a mistake...

Andus Stands and stares. Signs and wonders, he thinks, if ever I saw them! Planting his staff in the ground beside him (no mean feat, considering the temperature of the earth), he holds out his arms in greeting to Illus, this personage descended from the heavens in a flood of flames. "Ho! Miracle-worker, are ye God, Man or Outer Being?"

Waelin Jusron says, The drow raised his hand, covering the pale one on his face and curling around as if to pull it off. He didnt succeed though, in fact he barely made a difference in the scene going on. Blood rushed in his ears, tempering what he heard, and his eyes were covered, and that dagger.. wholy hells that dagger hurt. He moved his other hand up and grabbed someone's sleeve.. but as he did, that box fell from his grasp and opened, spilling its contents on the ground beside him, clinking the bottles togehter dangerously as they fell.

Kae The orange hit its mark and Kae's arm and the blade were forced away from the ghostly woman. But his arm continued moving even after the orange had bounced off, twisting around - his whole body following. In the time it took the orange to bounce off his elbow and hit the snow he had completely reversed directions and the exotic dagger lay in the snow at his feet. Both his arms were flung out, the four daggers hidden on his forearms leaving the tips of his fingers and in one swift motion flying towards the one who threw the orange. Two more were already finding their way into his hands before the first four had finished their flight.

Illus calls out over his shoulder, as Andus is essentially behind and to his right, "Words are trifles -- only fools place them above what their eyes perceive--" The last word is cut off sharply by a lunge forward. Anyone watching would see him shatter seemingly, bursting and shimmering -- what they could not see would be him then reforming dozens of yards ahead directly between T'al and Kae. The daggers are still feet away when his clothing also begins to shimmer; this shimmering indicates the incredible heat generated. Snow evaporates instantly on contact, just as the daggers also likely will. Barring a tempering designed to withstand temperatures beyond even that of supernovae, that is.

The ghost opened her eyes, looking around confused. Was she alive? was she not? that seemed to be the debate of late everywhere. She ran her hand over her neck smearing blood down her throat and then looked at her hand. Her eyes went up to Kae, seeing him facing the other direction and in a fighting stance, and then she looked at the man Kae faced. Her eyes widened and she leaned down, kissing Waelin softly and without seeming to move from that crouch she melted, nearly invisable, back into the forrest. Just as easily as she was there, she was gone. It was only when she was settled in her hiding spot, she looked in her hand at Kae's ring.

Andus whips around, looking through the snow to find Illus, spotting him with the others across the clearing. Though his mask prevents him showing it, he is less astonished now than he was before. A real Power wouldn't have need to show off as such, and so this character, Illus, must be a lower spirit.

Kae Unfortunately for Illus the four daggers are not simply metal and the enchantments laid upon them prevent them from melting as they fly still fairly straight and true, though they do turn an amazing bright near white from the heat. The other two daggers leave Kae's hands now as two more replace them and should they encounter the same heat, they will being little more than puddles of slag which evaporate into the sky.

T'alran says, A planted foot, a back beat, and T'alran had killed his forward momentum. He turned to the side as he back beat, and back beat again with his wings, launching him out of the way of the four...even though a man had appeared in front of him. He addressed Kae,"Easy Elf...I could have killed with that Orange but I chose to save instead. I want no fight...and no blood spilled other than what has already been spilled. Besides...killing that person wouldn't have helped the boy, your wasting his time attacking me." He got up quickly as soon as he landed, about mid way through his first sentance, and got ready to move again...however, he had dropped the weapon of mass vitamin C.

Illus raises a brow at the daggers' reactions; although he was unfamiliar with the nature of their enchantments, he assumed them to be the cause. In fact, as he thought about it in the moments he had before impact, it seemed out of character for such finely-crafted items to not simply find their target while ethereal then solidify within key organs. He threw his shoulder into the daggers just as they hit him, sinking them solidly into his arm at an upward angle. Curiously they struck neither bone nor flesh, although that is how they would appear. At the moment, his body was literally constructed of lava; he left the daggers where they were and repeated the process with the second volley, walking forward with the second thrust. He speaks in a voice that carries harmonic overtones in it, an almost divine sound too deep to be clearly angelic. "You waste time while the boy dies? Mortals .. so selfish in their lives, however short.."

Andus takes a moment to complete the signing of a prayer protecting him from magic and Extra-planar beings.

Waelin Jusron says, He looked down at his stomach, and the ever growing pile of blood next to him. His hand shook as it hovered over the dagger's hilt. With all the bravery he could muster, he put his hand on the dagger finally, biting back any sounds of pain that it caused. He need only pull and and the thing would be out of him. He took as deep a breath as he could, and pulled and it only moved a little before the boy let out a howl that would unnerve most demons from the pits.

Kae He grins cruely. at the being walking towards him. "Immortals, no respect for allowing us to live life our way. And surprizingly stupid." Something is said under his breath, arcane, divine and something far more ancient. All at once there is a muteness about the clearing - a heaviness that did not exist a moment before. All magic and Psionic effects, powers and abilities cease to work or become surpressed. "Stay away from my son and I and I will not make you regret destroying my daggers." He twisted back to his son and let out a shout. "No! Stop you fool!" He leaped over the bottles on the ground and knelt by the boy's side, looking both at the dagger and then to bottles. "T'alran. As much as it burns me, Get over here and tell me what those vials are of. I need to get see about getting the dagger out."

T'alran Grins, and debates gloating over it...but that's not why he was there. As he walked up and looked at the bottles, he got serious. There was drow on four of the bottles, he knew what the language was, and that he could read it. However, was it wise to let Kae in on it? Not at the moment...he grinned and pushed forward four smaller bottles,"Healing potions, the others are in I wouldnt suggest it."

Illus shimmers and shatters, just as he had before. His mere presence was only viable through exceedingly intricate magicks; the field essentially erased his presence in the plane. He left behind nothing except the daggers Kae had impaled him with, which, oddly enough, show no wear.

Kae He glanced up and looked surprised at the vanishing act of the fireman, that wasn't expected. "Alright, good. Find me a stick or something for him to bite down on." He turned to look at Waelin. "I need to break your ribs before I try to remove it. Its going to hurt." He glanced around at their position on the outskirts of the clearing. "Damn, the potions won't work, we are still in the null fields." He looked at the boy and and spat on the ground. " can't be moved... I'll have to take them down." He glanced at the vanished mans spot and curses again in drow. Words barely whispered leave his lips, arcane, divine and another ancient tongue. Just as the muted feeling had come, it fades away and all magic and psionic abilities restore themselves. "Where's that damn stick?"

T'alran says, By the time that Kae had said,"that damn," a stick had been found and was offered to him. Untrue to the form that Kae knew, T'alran had been truthfull about the healing potions and didn't deliever the stick pointy side first to the boy or him.

Kae He almost paused in taking the stick, but not enough to be noticable. The elf reached over and placed the stick in Waelins mouth, assuming he would accept it - it certainly was a better alternative than biting ones own tongue off. "This will hurt." he repeated as he reached over in the snow and grabbed his own exotic dagger from where it lay. He positioned it just above the first rib which the other dagger had slipped under and in a fluid motion jabbed it between the ribs, twisting it slightly once it was in so that its hook would latch beneath the rib and then forcing it from a vertical to a horizontal position just as quikly, to snap the rib in half.

Waelin Jusron says, The drow boy came off the ground half sitting up with a fist aimed right at Kae's head. The hit was accompanied by a roar of rage and the inability to see exactly who he was swinging at.

Alyssa Adarve' says, This couldnt be missed if you were half deaf, swimming in the bottom of the lake with earmuffs on. Alyssa made her way around the building, having to walk the long way around to avoid the flesh eating plants that liked to attack her when she passed. She moved to the edge of the porch and stopped, leaning on the outside of the rail. She saw Kae and that new guy with the wings, and had yet to identify the man laying on the ground until he came up swinging. She wanted to approach and ask what was wrong, but she knew better than to get into Kae's way. So by the tavern she stood, watching.

T'alran says, T'alran was thinking of how funny it would be if the boy reacted violently to the pain and tried to knock Kae's block off when it actually started happening. T'alran was shocked...even more shocked when he saw his hand moving to block the blow. Muscles flexed before the impact and spread the shock out evenly as the boy's punch landed right on T'alran's forearm. Instead of a solid thud, there was a hollower sounding thump, as if T'alrans arm had a bit of extra space in it. T'alran pulled his arm back quickly to grab the boy's wrist in a grip that wouldnt hurt, but wouldn't budge either. "I'll release it when he find's his sense again..." T'alran said calmly...

Kae "Vith..." He said as T'alran blocks the blow. "Ya....hold him down. I can't have him moving around at this point." When the boy was restrained, Kae would reposition the dagger at the other rib by the impaled blade. "One more." With the same motion as before he sets about breaking the second rib.

Waelin Jusron says, "No.. NO!" the boy found his voice now and struggled with an unexpected strength against T'alran. His screaming stopped as his body rected voilently to the second rib snapping. He nearly came off the ground entirley, arching his back up. The knife could stay.. it felt better than getting it out.

Alyssa Adarve' put her hand to her mouth watching from a distance, nearly crying in the process. A look of horror was on her face as she watched the abuse to the boy.

T'alran says, As the boy fought, T'alran seemed to grow in strength, almost as by fighting back...he gave the man energy. T'alran could feel the difference, and as he moved to better hold the boy down, he made a mental note to look into it. As he got another hand on the boy, T'alran had a bit of a flashback. A similar situation in the woods, save the target was a woman...and was bound. He was holding a silver knife...and she was alternating between screams of pain...and moans of pleasure as she reached the breaking point. The flashback ended quickly as T'alran shook his head before it could get more graphic. However, he could think on that later...for the moment he had a struggling drow to hold down...

Kae "Bite the goddamned piece of wood and be still!" He dropped his dagger in the snow once more and went about pushing the two ribs slightly apart. The amount of blood lost was impressive, more so the fact that waelin still had the strength to fight. "The second I get the dagger out pour a potion on the wound and one down his throat, do you hear me?" He asked T'alran. He didn't even wait for an answer. The dagger was lodged in a bad place, and he had to push it farther into the drow to make sure it wasn't putting pressure on his heart or lungs as he slowly turned it, getting the hook facing the oppisite direction of the vital organs. "Son...This will hurt more than anything you've ever felt. I'm sorry." He slowly began pulling the dagger out, stopping, pushing it back in and rotating it everytime it seemed to snag. Finally, towards the end, he yanked it out, noting the sudden rush of fresh blood suggesting he had caught a lung or major artery in the process. He prayed the potions were fast.

T'alran says, As soon as he saw Kae tense for that final yank, T'alran moved. Two potions were snatched up quickly and before the knife was even clear of the wound, T'alran already was moving to pour the potion on the wound. He quickly handed Kae a potion as he picked up a third,"Just in case," he said as he moved to pour the third down the drow's throat. He noticed that the extra energy that he was getting wasn't stopping, and reached a conclusion, he was feeding off of this situation. He didn't know how or why, he just knew. Still, this new discover and conclusion didn't slow him a bit. The potion was already being poured down the boy's throat. As he did so, T'alran remembered a question that he had asked Kae...and the way that Kae had worded the answer. He also remembered the shades face. Questions would come, and straight answers would be given...

Waelin Jusron says, It would have been better for the boy if he had passed out. He bit teethmarks into that stick and struggled, trying as he might to get the thing to stop hurting. It killed him, he was sure of it. He panted, unable to even move any longer from shere exhaustian. He didnt weep, in fact the muffled weepin that was heard was from somewhere else entirely. somewhere lost in the woods. As the boy's wounds started to mend, which hurt no less, he simply lay there. He knew that this was for his own good, but pain blinded one's perception. He was angry, laying there, even after T'alran let him go.

Enpici says, *flicker, sizzle, spark. Like an image from a movie projector with a dying bulb and gritty film, the image of a middle-aged man winks into and out of existence behind the bar several times. After a few moments nothing permanent or solid appears, but the smell of burning dust wafts through the tavern air. Another attempt to apparate leads to flickering images that once again fade to nothingness. Anyone near the bar might not have noticed the feeble light, but the unmistakable sound of a man cursing his bad luck can be heard.

Waelin Jusron says, It would have been better for the boy if he had passed out. He bit teethmarks into that stick and struggled, trying as he might to get the thing to stop hurting. It killed him, he was sure of it. He panted, unable to even move any longer from shere exhaustian. He didnt weep, in fact the muffled weepin that was heard was from somewhere else entirely. somewhere lost in the woods. As the boy's wounds started to mend, which hurt no less, he simply lay there. He knew that this was for his own good, but pain blinded one's perception. He was angry, laying there, even after T'alran let him go.

Alyssa Adarve' still stood there with her hand covering her mouth, that was perhaps the most horrific thing she had ever seen. as the man blinked into existance, she ripped her eyes away from the scene and looked at him instead. "Eve." Not good.. not bad.. just eve.

Enpici *made another attempt to coalesce, and this time is a little more successful. He stabilizes, bright and clear for a few moments and looks around. He appears to be exactly the same bartender he was a decade ago, dark hair and scarlet vest on white shirt. his mustache and temples might have just a touch more salt to the pepper, but his eyes and mouth are the same. "Miss Alyssa. Good to see you again." He fades momentarily "I felt the presence of people around here again, but could only just now summon myself. Seems the rune has discharged." As if to prove his point, the projection wavers and dims.

Kae sighed and slumped to the ground, dropping the bloody dagger in th snow. "Gods...its over with. Th...Thank you T'alran. I don't know what game you may be playing, but you have at least earned my gratitude for now." He clumsily cleaned his hands on his pants before rubbing his face and wearily standing up, collecting the two silver daggers and placing them under his belt. He gazed over to where his other four daggers lay in the snow and waved his hand, causing them to hiss and vanish into steam, ending up back on his person. The faint sounds of tumbling stones and running feet could be heard from the cliffs now that the screaming was over with. Kae looked over that way, though there were trees blocking the specific line of site. "Good, some of the students or guild members. He needs bed rest out of the cold. Again, you have my thanks." He offered a hand to T'alran.

Waelin Jusron slowly sat up, holding his side and looking down at his dirtied blade. It was a blur how it had gotten into him. He leaned against a tree and took it in hand. Its always good to try both sides of something.. Well.. that was something he never wanted to try again. but he knew what it felt like now. He looked over T'alran and then looked over at Kae. "Thanks 'Buk." he said quietly.

T'alran says, T'alran looked at him, that old smile on his face...though now it had a hint more rougishness to it. He got up under his own power, waving off the hand politely,"Currently my only game is to gather all the knowledge I can,"he said this next softly,"Already enough of my memory has returned to tell me that you were quite good at sliding the fact that Aliesh didn't exist anymore, but that she wasnt dead, right past me. That shade...that was her,"he looked at Kae, not accusingly,"wasnt it?" He looked back at the tavern,"You don't have to answer that question if you swore you wouldn't...I know the answer. However,"he said, turning back to Kae,"I have one I helped you with your sons too would I like help with mine." He glanced at the drow...he wasn't going to ask about the boy's linage,"If you want me to return to my former ways...allow me to continue being attacked,"he looked at Kae,"I don't want that...and neither do you. What I DO to be left to study the surroundings

Enpici * the illusion curses as he fades steadily. "gah. I'll try this again later, ma'am. not enough energy."

T'alran says, , relearn my own history, regain my skills, and follow my first obsession...knowledge, in peace." He looked around,"To do'd be the polite thing to ask your permission to travel the woods, so I will." T'alran smirked at his next request,"and to make up for your throwing knives at me...I'll also ask that you not try to kill me on a regular basis, unless I attack you with something more dangerous than a squash."

Kae says, " I swore years ago to make sure you didn't kill yourself foolishly and I don't plan on breaking that now." He gave Waelin a weak smile. An Elf and the green student known as Chevey'oh came around the trees, weapons in hand, looking from the blood to Waelin and Kae to T'alran. "Stand Down. Help Waelin to the Keep and fetch the healer. I her to have a look over at him immediately." He turned to face T'alran and nodded but stayed silent when he mentioned Aliesh. His anger had waned enough that he would not state her presence out rightly, but he would not deny what the man's own eyes had seen. "That is fair enough. Roam the woods if you will, though there are dangers there which I do not have control over. And know that neither I nor anyone from the Academy shall attempt an assault on you while you keep you word and do not fall into your old habits. If possible we will intervene should another give you trouble. I owe a debt to you, afterall."

Waelin Jusron is helped up and carried but with a whispered word, they stop and he turns, half drug, half carried. "Kae.. it wasnt her fault. It was a sparring accident.. I fell on her." he frowned as if not compeltly remembering, because he was holding the dagger. "Don't hurt her." he said, not asked but said.. but it wasnt a demand either.

T'alran says, "Nooo...unless I ask for it, I'd rather deal with those people personally." He said in response to Kae's offer of help with anyone, or anything, that would attack him,"I merely ask, in that case, that I be allowed with them as I see fit." He glanced at the the devil woman wasn't a shade...she was still enough on this realm to fight. Pity he couldn't hunt her down...he wanted to speak with her, peacefully for a change,"I'd ask that you not hurt her either,"he odd detached quality coming on to his voice,"I have history with her....history that I want to deal with before I can't." He looked back to Alyssa, and grined a bit...mainly because he wanted to see if she was as skiddish as Teguro's information had made her out to be. He walked away from Kae a bit to pick up Teguro's blades, smiling as he did so..."Well at least one person from this places history won't be making a come back tour..." he said half to himself," Anyway...don't let me keep you, go tend to your son."

Kae He glances at the drips of blood staining his own dagger. "She has already paid the price for this 'mistake' I think," He turned and faced the woods. "And she will be certain not to make it again." He said rather loudly. The fact was that Kae couldn't hurt her now. Before when he was enraged, he would have been able to but his calm and analytical mind were back in control now. Waelin cared for her, regardless of if it was an accident, and Kae knew he would lose Waelin if he took action. Besides the injury was not fatal and Waelin would recover. It was not right then to take out ones anger for something that could be undone. "Lets get you back to the keep." he glanced in the snow for his ring one last time, but it was nowhere. "As you wish T'alran we will not interfere." He then turned his eyes to the woods themselves, questioningly before moving to follow the others to the keep. Without another word, he and the others from the academy begin the trek home.

Alyssa Adarve' looked at the man as he started approaching her. Her eyes held him steady and waited until he was in earshot before speaking. "That was a nice thing. Would you like me to draw some warm water to wash your hands?" she asked T'alran as she stood there leaning on the outer railing of the tavern.

Teguro Ujio Ani says, T'alran debated telling her that he'd rather lick it'd been a while since he had given someone the creeps... "Yes please,"he said, still polite...people tended to speak more when one was nice. Teguro's information had been wrong and T'alran was starting to think that it hadn't been worth the taste...or the resulting complete insanity. "Inside?"

Alyssa Adarve' nodded and walked up the steps. pulling the door open for him and only when he passed did she go to the back of the room. She filled a kettle with water and then half filled a bowl. The kettle was set to cook and she turned around to him. "Will he be alright?"

Teguro Ujio Ani says, As he passed her to get inside he let loose with a smile, a nod, and a thank you. As he sat down and took off his cloak, allowing his newly cleaned black wings to stretch a bit before folding them around his body for the time being. "I believe so...he was well enough to speak afterwards, and his father didn't seem afraid enough for his life to ignore my requests. At the worst he'll have a scar, if that.

Alyssa Adarve' says, "Im glad to hear that." she said with genuine relief in her voice. She pulled the kettle from the fire and pours the warmed water into the bowl and sets a towel next to it. "It was good of you to help out."

Witmin A man walk into the bar. He sits down at the bar. He has weathered travel clothes, and a large hat capable of hiding his body from the sun and due to it being tilted downwards it hides his face.

Teguro Ujio Ani says, T'alran glanced over at her a bit...and just smiled. That was the second time that she had said something to that effect.... He had a good idea that she was testing him, or that she had no CLUE who he was and just really liked thanking nice guys. Either made him want to go out and slaughter a couple of puppies in front of her. "I have my reasons for doing what I did," he said...and added,"most due to the fact that I was tired of his father eyeing me like I was a moving knife dummy." He started to wash his hands, and chuckled.

Alyssa Adarve' smiled at the new gent walking in moving over to him and smiling at him. "What would you like?" she said, making herself at home behind the bar. Her smile faded as she looked back at T'alran. "Im sorry to hear that."

Witmin The man knocked his hat back and showed his face. He had red hair and a young face. "A whiskey if you have any."

Teguro Ujio Ani says, T'alran looked up at her as he finished washing his hands,"Sorry to hear that he eyed me that way, or sorry to hear that was one of the reasons why I helped?" Curiosity made that question, and the fact that he liked the way that this woman talked...

Alyssa Adarve' says, "Certinaly." she said as he commanded her attention again. She moved behind the bar and poured a glass of burbon and brought it back to him. She set it down but moved away without asking for money. "Im sorry that was your drive."

Witmin He drank it slowly. Enjoying the taste of the drink.

Teguro Ujio Ani says, T'alran smiled at that answer, it had been the one he expected. "Im sorry that you find that drive to be something to be sorry about." The counter point was given...and he wondered what vaugness (new word) that she would come up with next.

Alyssa Adarve' says, "Perhaps you are misunderstanding a term of dissapointment for a term of acceptance of responcibilty."

Teguro Ujio Ani says, "Doubtful, I'm well aware that your disappointed in the fact that an act that you thought was selfless, had semi-selfish intentions. I'm just sorry that your disappointed in that." He looked up at her and smiled,"Better than the alternative...not doing anything at all." He dried his hands on the towel,"It would have been near impossible for him to do what he did alone....and he would have killed..."he cleared his throat and stopped there. THAT had been done as a selfless act...but he couldn't let anyone else know THAT now could he? After all....he had a bloody reputation to keep.

Alyssa Adarve' says, "Were Kae doing it alone, i would have stepped in. Ive taught half those boys up there minor wound care. I am not shy to such things. Your insinuation is left wanting, Sir." but that ws it.. her mind was changed about him. He was Not a nice man.

Teguro Ujio Ani says, He smirked,"No insinuation intended...but I am glad you took it that way, wouldn't want anyone to think I've gone soft with age and become would I?" Had she played him back into thinking he was bad, no...he had been tempted to tell kae that himself. He was born evil, he LOVED being evil, and he would die evil...and probably take over whatever form of hades that he would be sent to. Still...he had an agreement...and he knew that he couldn't kill Kae just yet. Besides, he had no reason to, and there was no yet to that. As he stood up, he broke eye contact with her. It wouldn't suit his needs to intentionally intimidate her...and the gold piece that he left under the towel wouldnt be found by her until he was out the door. Was the old T'alran back?, and this new T'alran doubted he ever would be until he was needed... All he knew was this...he loved making others think that he was an evil asshole. Made studying in peace a LOT easier. As he left, he turned a bit and said, over his shoulder

Teguro Ujio Ani says, with sincerity in his voice,"I'm sorry that Aliesh has passed on...she was a good woman, and good tavern keep. Your filling her shoes nicely, and more...and with less blood on the floor I might add..." With that he left...and went right back out to where he had helped Kae. He had the blades to get...and he wanted to see if he could catch any sign of Aliesh........and he wanted his orange back too.

Alyssa Adarve' says, Alyssa cleared up the things around the tavern, brushing off the compliment, as it seemed empty, until she picked up that towel and the coin dropped out. He had payed before for services rendered. She looked back up toward the door in time to see his retreating form behind the closing door.

Teguro Ujio Ani says, Always keeping people guessing, always playing games, and always...ALWAYS having a secret agenda; thats how he knew most looked at him. He did wonder if the new owner would get it, if she would be smart enough to see through most of it. Kae was a bit blinded, due to rumor. Lord KNEW the dragon was, and as T'alran walked, guided by instinct rather than actual knowledge, he wondered if anyone would...or if he was doomed to walk the planet...laughing at the idiots that couldn't think. He came to an area...that was a bit different. On both sides....the forest was old growth...but where he was walking...wasn't. He blinked...he had killed out here before...but,""

He had walked clean through the clearing and through the wood bringing himself to a place that looked overgrown. In the center there was a glass house, perhaps a green house, and there was a difinitive break in the trees between the older, taller treees on the rim and the smaller trees on the inside of that ring. There were plants of every kind in various stages of growth and currently covered with a light dusting of snow. To his right, just out of sight, there was a movement, and then it was gone. A deer perhaps.

Teguro Ujio Ani says, T'alran grinned, and took a big wif of air as he took off his cloak and allowed his black wings to stretch out...knowing full well that she was close, and that his life JUST might be in danger. "Ten years,"he purred as he tried to get a better sense of where that sweet scent of blood was coming from,"a long time." He took out an orange,"You've changed....,"the words almost seemed like an accusation,"from your look remember me." He rolled his head a bit,"I helped that elf out in exchange for rights to wander these woods...unassaulted by those he can boss around." He couldn't catch her scent...time to stop stalling,"The boy will live." He looked around for her,"You remember me...even though I don't fully know who or WHAT I am... I was hoping that you could tell me."

She stepped out of the wood, blood smeared on her neck still and blood on her hands, which she tried continually to rub off with her thumb. She barely came into the light, only enough to let him know that she was there. He was in her territory, or so close to it that she was still affronted. The ring of the scar seemed to have some sort of barrior around it, other than the physical differenciation of the foliage. She moved along the tree line, staying on her side and silently willing him to stay on his. Those once familiar touches of the mind were not present though, nor were there any words flowing from her. The boy called her the mute rightfully so.

Teguro Ujio Ani says, He looked at her for a moment...near pity on his face before he switched to a probing subject. "Teguro's dead, stood up to me in his final hours...quite assertive actually." He held up one of Teguro's blades,"For all the good that it did him." He walked RIGHT up to the barrier, staying a few feet on his side. Respect, it seems, was something that she still had from him. He eyed her for a few moments...and nodded once. She had given up, in some way. "You either can't, or won't give me the information that I seek at this present time...but one thing's for sure...there is no need to kill you." He took a step back, bowed a bit...and turned. He would be back...but he had a bit more experimenting to do with Teguro's body. T'alran knew that his human form wasn't his natural one...but had NO clue on how to get to it...or what it looked like. "Sleep well...if you do that anymore...the boy will no doubt challenge you again once he gets better." This was an odd case with him...he wanted to kill her, yet he didnt... how odd... It was a kind of morbid procrastination with him. However, he would be back...and he would try to figure her out so more. Her current state was a bit of a shock to him...

The Ghost melted back into the wood, the news of Waelin was good to hear, but her mind moved over the rest of what he said. Of course he remembered, she had no reason to question his memory. SHe knew instinctivly not to trust him, but then there were so few that he could trust. She didnt look her human self anymore, but looked very elven and like she was a piece of the forrest herself. The cut o her neck and the deep gash down her arm were not the only wounds she had recieved. Clearly, if not the boy, then someone was her sparring partner, and was getting to be her equil. She blended away, gone like an elusive myth of the forrest, for now days, thats all she was.


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If Posession is 9/10ths of the law, then Possessiveness is 9/10ths of psychotic
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Toby A cloaked figure walked up the old south road, leading a spotted mare. The brown cloak was wrapped tightly about his form to protect him from the chill weather. He stopped at the edge of the clearing, his eyes looking over the empty shop that stood just off the road and then the tavern some distance farther ahead. It didn't seem like there was much life in the area, but the journey so far had been long so he started across the clearing, his horse following docilly.

Dolen La'croix says, He was bored again. Seemed he was bored or lost most times here. There simply wasnt enough work, enough fun or enough entertainment to keep him in one place long. He searched the woods until he got lost, and then had to end out following a deer to the water. After a long walk in the wrong direction, he turned about face and followed the river upstream until he found that cloearing that harbored vile things that tried to bite him.. and that was just the folage. And so when the rider came into the clearing, the boy was standing there by the river telling those horrid plants what-for.

Toby he stopped by the Tavern porch, tying his horse to the rail there as he stepped up to the door. No light or sound from within...It was turning out to be rather bleak. But there was a voice somewhere....he could just hear it. Seemed to be coming from the back of the tavern. Hopping of the porch, the stranger walked around the side and towards the back, looking for the source of the voice. A couple of the man eaters which had managed to plant themselves around the corner from the back door hissed and lunged at him. Few suspect plants to try and eat them and he was caught off guard, stumbling backwards and landing on the ground. However as the second lunged, he withdrew a slim double bladed axe from beneath his cloak and swung it at the stems, cutting both plants in half and causing them to let out rattling screams as they died. "What the bloody hell?" He said from his semi-crouched position on the ground.

Dolen La'croix looked over from where he was chastising the horrid little things. He started walking over to the newcomer. "Id keep your distance from them. They are vile little things. Attacking anythign and everythign. Its a shame they arent canabailistic." As he walked forward, the exposed part of his arm peeked through the ripped cloak he was attempting to use to keep warm.

Toby "Aye, so I can see." His hood had fallen back, revealing a young man, perhaps in his mid 20's with dark brown hair and blue eyes." He pulled himself off the ground, putting away his axe and dusting himself off. He looked over at the boy. "Looks like they went after you too," he said nodding towards the ripped cloak. "You know if the tavern is open?'

Dolen La'croix says, "Its open enough. Come on, I'll let you in." He moved toward the tavern, unclasping his cloak and pulling it off hsi shoulders. Now if the Gods are with him tonight that door would pull right open. he put his hand on the handle and ... YES! Success! he sauntered in as if he owned the place.

Toby He followed the boy in, glancing around at the empty tables and bar. "Don't get too many travellers I take it? Where's the barkeep?" He walked across the floor towards the bar, resting his gloved hands upon its surface as he gazed around the room.

Dolen La'croix says, "She isnt in yet. And no. I dont see many people at once, but there are a few that filter around here. Ill get you what you want." he said moving behind the bar and lighting the candles on the bar.

Toby looked dubiously at the kid. "She your mum?" He asked in reference to the supposed barkeep. He felt rather uncomfortable being the only one in the bar, with a strange kid walking around as if it were his.

Dolen La'croix says, The boy dropped his cloak on the bar and swept his hand through his hair. On his ring finger was a crest ring that looked nearly too big for him. "Hmm?" He said, turning and looking at the man, moving his hand from where he held his hair back. "Oh no, my mom's an elf. The barkeep is human." he said as if it were simply common knoweldge. He looked down and then nodded. "Here.. Lets have this." he said and pulled up two bottles with canning lids on it. He held the thing in one hand and tried to pop the wire that held on the top, and then ended out having to hold the bottle between his legs and pop it with both hands. When the ceramic lid swung down the neck of the bottle, he put it on the bar, then took to opening another one.

Toby "Look kid. I'm not a thief. If you mum isn't the barkeep, then you got no business behind there and I have no business drinking." He pushed himself off the Bar and began to idly walk around the tavern, running his hand over tables' surfaces.

Dolen La'croix says, He looked up from his task. "My mom was the owner, and in the event of her death, that makes me owner." he looked dead serious in this and though his claim had yet to be validated with the people runing it, it had not been invalidated with him yet.

Toby stopped and looked back at the kid. "That so? Sorry to hear it. But I'm afraid that thats not good enough. People say stuff all the time but it doesn't make it true." He continued his idle walk around the room. "You're first mistake was not knowing where the barkeep was and the second was offering a drink without asking what I wanted and without tell me price."

Dolen La'croix says, He looks at the man as the top of the lid pops and he raises his drink as if in salute or victory. "Yeah.. never said I was a bar tender. Just the owner." He took a drink of the liquid and went around the other side, sliding up on a stool, half leanin on the bar as he rested his elbow on the bar and the bottle in his hand on his thigh.

Toby shook his head. "Yeah, right." His path was bringing him slowly to the door. "Any place around here to grab a bit and hit the sack?"

Dolen La'croix says, "Not unless you want to sleep under the trees."

Dolen La'croix says, The boy smiled crookedly, enjoying the irony of the situation. From his point of view.. the man was forced into his company and the tavern. That was, until someone else showed up. it was a sadistic moment and one just had to ask... Nature or nurture?

Toby "Pity, I'd rather not. Though I guess I can pitch a tent. Look if you see the barkeep, let me know, will you?" He didn't believe the kid and he didn't really have time to deal with thieves, expessially ones which wove such tales. "Oh, where exactly am I?"

Dolen La'croix says, The grin just spread across his face. "When the barkeep shows up, your stomach will let you know. She cooks the best meals. And to answer your question, You are at The Cliffside," he said. "..and it looks like not in any position to question anything you hear around here as true or not."

Toby The kid wasn't helping his case of being in charged. He was probably some urchin or runaway that was mooching off of the rundown tavern. "Thats true, I'm not. But so far you story is thin and one can safely assume false."

Dolen La'croix says, He shrugs it off.. liturally with a shrug. "See ya when Alyssa gets here then."

Toby gave the boy a small salute. "To the future." He pulled the door open and and went outside. He walked to his horse and began fiddling with the saddlebags there.

Dolen La'croix says, He moved to the door, opening it and leaning against the rail post. He drank the beer and because used to stronger stuffs like elven wine it didnt go to his head.

Toby untied a canvas bundle and placed it on a shoulder before moving over to a small area on the west side of the tavern where he dropped the bundle and began to dust the snow off the ground with his foot.

Dolen La'croix says, He moved over to the other side of the porch and sat on the rail, watching. There really wasnt anythign to do. Once he nearly offered help, but thoought.. naw.. let the man figure it out himself.

Toby It was a simple tent, 5 polls and two pieces of canvas plus a few connections. Within in five minutes it was set up and the man was sitting beneath it, his hand absently rubbing something about his neck. He gazed out across the clearing and the roads. "At least there's a good view if anyone shows up." He didn't know why the boy was following him, it was a little disconcerting, but he wasn't going to yell at the kid.

Dolen La'croix says, "True enough." he said, as if the man were talking to him. "Unless they show up from the east. Then Gaia's got your foot." He said smiling.

Toby ....okay he had no idea what the kid meant by gaia having his foot. "Er....okay." He dropped backwards, lying down under the tent, staring at the canvas draped overhead. "Don't you have a home or tree to live in?"

Dolen La'croix says, "Im in it." he said flatly, then went back into the tavern, lighting a few more candles.

Toby "Crazy kid." He closed his eyes, wrapping his cloak around him.

Dolen La'croix went to work, moving stuff around, cleaning the floor, cleaning the tables, he was earning his keep much like the barfy girl did when she was here.

Toby the man beneath the cloak and tent shifted and then vanished as if he had shrunk. It was warmer that way.

Aliesh says, The ghost, as she was called at times, but rarely by herself, moved around the forrest once more. She went to the edge of the wood, looking at the tavern that by all right was still hers. She saw two figures, one on the porch and one pitching a tent. It wasnt the first time she had seen people there, but like all the times in the past, she didnt move up to the tavern instead she kept to the edge of the wood, picking up several bottles and putting them into a discarded box. Quickly and quetly she moved south into the forrest once more. After a few moments she could be seen again, moving across the path to the south, but from the place she chose to cross, you would have had to be in that dogleg to see her at all. She crossed further south than Kae's house and went through the woods again. It was several more minutes before she could be seen again and this time she was on the southern most ridge of the cliffs, walking clean around so she could move up without being on the sheer face and kept to the (c)

Aliesh says, woods. This kept her out of sight and brought her up to the east of the school, clean on the other side of the school from the tavern. It didnt matter how long this treck took, she had all the time in the world. And yet, her feet moved silently and quickly. She broke the clearing clearly out of her territory and into Kae's and stood at the edge of the clearing, not far from one of the watch towers. She was making herself known, silently asking notice.

Kae It wasn't long before the gates facing the river opened and a wood elf dressed in black walked out. He crossed the bridge and then looped around to the wooden one that led into the cleared land. "So, the shade walks out of the shadows." Kae said and a strangely nuetral voice.

Aliesh says, Only when absolutly vithin necessary. She spoke not, but offered out the box that held three filled vials of healing potion and four written in Drow toward him. There was a look of concern on her face though and her eyes drifted upward, looking at the arrow slots in the turrets.

Kae "They won't shoot you." He thought about giving a reason and then decided better of it. He walked up the proffered box, taking it from her hands and looking at the bottles within. "These are what he had when you nearly eviserated him. Care to give a reason why?" Whether or not he was asking about why she tried to kill the drow or why the drow had had the box was unclear.

Aliesh says, She wasnt afraid of shooters. There wasnt any reason to fear arrows. If they were going to shoot, they would have already. Her eyes looked for other things that she couldnt see on the other side of the window. She lowered her hands down to her sides, keeping them visable. She was armed, with her sword and her dagger at her side, but her hands werent anywhere near them. She took a breath and her tongue moved over her lips. If she were going to talk. It needed to be now. The drow words labled out two bottles of black widow spider wine, one spider poison and one antidote. They were clearly from her personal stock.

Kae He watched her and waited. "Hrmph. I didn't think so. Thanks for the box." He shook her head at her and turned on his heels. If she wasn't going to be helpful, there was no reason for them to stand out in the snow.

Aliesh says, "It was an accident. I fell, he fell on me." she said quietly as he walked off. "The box was because I didnt know how to pull out the knife without killing him, even if i had the healing potions." her voice dropped, either from his steps going away or because she lowered her voice that much. "I needed you, son of Tobias."

Kae He stopped, so she hadn't lost her tongue afterall. "An accident. So he said. Without the potions, he would of died, for that I thank you. But if it were not for you he would not have been in that position to begin with." He turns around and faces her, his face hard. "Make no mistake, this changes things between you and I. I cannot forbid him from seeing you, nor will I do anything to sway either of you one way or the other. But know that the moment his life is taken from him, regardless of how or why it happens, from now on I will hold it over your head and you will be leaving this existance within hours."

Dolen La'croix says, The boy is inside the tavern, black hair falling in his face as he scrubbed the tables. He looked like he was working rather hard, getting things ready for some big event that had not been scheduled yet. He wore clothes in dark blues and greens, and his cloak was flung over the bar.

Aliesh says, The ghost listens to him, nodding sliglty while her thoughts mirrored his. She wouldnt kill kae, but she would certainly see that the boy wasnt mortally wounded again. Once his words would have brought about harsh words and even perhaps drawn weapons, rising to the chalange. But this was not those times. She simply nodded. "Keep the potions. They will help your healer and are the best thing I could offer in way of payment."

Kae "Payment. You have caused my family anguish, that cannot be repaid." He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. "However..." He shut and opened his eyes, looking at her now with a much cooler expression on his face. "I do not wish to become ...him...," if any knew his relations, then they would know who he spoke of., "Nor do I wish to become like the Dark family and require an eye for an eye. Both paths lead to disaster. Waelin says it was an accident, and while I would like to think that he is just protecting you, I will take his word on this matter. An accident. No permenant damage in the end. "

Aliesh says, She looked at him a moment longer, watching him control his anger. She knew what he meant on each of the levels he mentioned. "It was an accident, but we were fighting. Sparing, Kae. Do what you will to me as your conscience dictates." she had found out what she came to find out. 'No permenant damage' he said. So Waelin was going to be alright. She looked releived and at this point her eyes stopped flicking to the cross hatches that drew the eye.

Kae "I will do nothing to you. It is not my way. It should not be our way," he nodded towards the keep. "Revenge only begets more revenge. I think in the end you will be more careful to not let this happen again because you care for him more than anything I could possibly attempt to do to influence you."

Aliesh says, He had repeted himself twice now and she nodded. She heard him the first time, there wasnt need for him to repete himself, but clearly he didnt see it that way. The point was made. She turned and moved into the woods, blending away at the edge. She did owe him an explination so he wouldnt hut the boy or think it was out of her own anger. Reputations are a hard thing to shake, even if only in one's own mind.

Kae Repititions were in order simply becuase her answer after the first time had made him unsure of if he had made his point. But regardless, her deed seemed done. He paused, as if to say something as she walked away but then turned and went back towards the keep gate instead, the box clutched under one arm.

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Lessons to learn
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Herberth Kwentra says, The dark Hulled ship still floated nearly a hundred feet above the tavern, where it had been for over a week. In the daylight decorative designs of elven origins could be made out across the hull. During the day figures could be made out performing tasks about the deck of the ship, a skilled sailor would recognize them as routine maintenance and sorting tasks. As the sun would go down so would the activity on the deck of the ship, a few lanterns would be lit on the aft deck, but otherwise the ship remained dark. Thus had been the cycle since they had arrived here. Herberth stood on the deck of the ship this evening as the sun went down watching the new growth to the south of the tavern. The pattern was odd, to odd to be natural.

Kathryn Moondancer The half-elf wandered through the forest, which is what she had done alot of the last few days since the Darkstars had been released. As it was getting near dark, she headed for the tavern. Event though she wasn't resting inside it, she stayed close to it at night as huddling against it's outside walls was better than sleeing in the wild forest at night.

Murrpau says, She stood next to the elf on the deck of the ship. Her current form was that of the brown haired elf. She was growing bored with the daily activities that seemed to repeat themselves like clock work up here. "Why do you remain here Captain, it is not like sitting here makes you money?" she inquired thoughtfully looking at the same unnaturally different patch of forest. It was tempting to go exploring there. But something told her she should stay away.

Herberth Kwentra says, The Elvin sailor looked at the woman and chuckled. "Sometimes there is more profit to be made than in just gold and silver my dear, try information friendship favors. Each of these things can be more useful than any amount of gold." He smiled as he watched the woman move towards the tavern then out of sight beneath the ship.

Kathryn Moondancer Kathryn looked up at the ship. It had been there for a while now, her own curiousity starting to get the better of her. She stepped back up until she got a better view of it's side.

Murrpau says, She looked back at him and frowned. "I do not understand, Who besides the Old drow could you expect to gain favors from? What information could you hope to get in a place like this?" She seemed to be testing him rather then truly naive. She noticed the girl backing away from the tavern below, recognizing her from the night she had arrived with her father. "Hello!" She called out with a smile

Herberth Kwentra, He shook his head and laughed. "Quite simple my dear. Favors -- some one might need passage out of here, Information--who brings this tavern its supplies. All these things can ad up to usefull things." He continued watching the area though saying nothing to the girl.

Kathryn Moondancer The half-elf girl looked up, but didn't recognize the voice as the last time she saw Murrpau she was definately not in that form. "Ummm... Hello?" she replied back, waving.

Murrpau says, "I see she replied to the elf." and looked back over the edge. "is there any in the tavern yet, this old coot is boring me with his theory of non substantial economics."

Herberth Kwentra says, Herberth sighed as he leaned against the rail. The girl was obtuse on a good day. "Child one day you will learn the value of a favor and information. till then you had better get alot of coin to Buy the favors." he looked down at the girl below and nodded in greeting.

Kathryn Moondancer Kathryn yelled back up. "I don't think so, at least I don't see anyone in the windows." she replied as she looked in through the tavern windows.

Black Widower The creature coming up the south road is not human, nor even organic from the look of things. Nor does it have a concrete form... but it glitters a bright steely-silver, this irregular blob, trundling over the snow with an erratic mix of rolling, walking on tendrils, and 'flowing' forward. It moves very slowly, giving the impression of caution, as though this area were not safe for a gargantuan metal ooze.

Murrpau says, She frowned at the girls response, odd that a tavern would be deserted at this time of day. but then again nothing about this clearing seemed as it truly was. "she smiled and replied "I will come down, or perhaps you could come up?" the second half of the sentence was directed as much to the girl below as to Herberth

Kathryn Moondancer Kathryn shook her head. "Actually I need to stay down here. I'm... waiting for someone... actually..." she replied hesitantly as she walked around to the front of the tavern. She saw the large ooze and froze, panicked as she didn't know what it was.

Herberth Kwentra says, The elf merely shrugged at the girls request he cared not iether way. he signaled a crewman to bring the boom over with the loading flat attached to it. when the girl refused he left the boom extended over the edge incase she changed her mind. It wasn't like he was going anywhere.

Black Widower Apparently satisfied with the safety of the region, the blob flows into a more cohesive form... that of a giant metal spider, its legs flexible rather than jointed. High on the back of this metallic arachnid is a man in heavy brown robes, seated on a throne shaped of the same material his mount is made from. With every step, the thing sparkles in a different fashion and pattern, and it makes great speed to the clearing center. There, the creature melts into the snow, leaving its master to trudge the rest of the way to the tavern.

Kathryn Moondancer Her panicking subsiding, she hoped that this is who she was waiting for while she had wandered the forest the last few days. The aura of magic around him was truley overwhelming and he didn't look like he even had to say any incantations to do what he just did. If this was her new mentor, then she hoped to learn everything she could from him. She didn't dare approach him just yet. "Are you... Black Widower?" she asked in a hesitant voice.

Murrpau says, The Girl frowned the sat back to watch events unfold,with a disapointed look on her face. "So much for that idea" she mused to herself. After several moments her form folded up on it's self and she disapeared from sight.

Black Widower proves himself to be a man of few words, by simply answering, "I am. And you?" In the time it takes him to say those words, his eyes have tracked the length of Kathryn's body, sizing up the unknown person. Apart from the robes, he doesn't look like much of a mage... he is not old, carries no staff or book... or anything, for that matter. And even the robes seem more to keep the cold out than to broadcast any arcane majesty. All in all he looks... ordinary. But beyond simple sight, he does carry the aura of a practiced spellcaster, and a strong one at that. A second aura, almost as strong, clusters around his feet... and a third is perched on his shoulder. But the eye alone cannot explain these phenomena.

KathrynMoondancer "I am called Kathryn Moondancer in the common tongue." she replied. She shivered under her robe, as it felt like his eyes looked right through her. She knew that many powerful mages in her own village usually did not dress in a way to impress others, as thier auras along ususally did that, so the clothing really didn't throw her off. She bowed her head. "I hope that you will do me the honor of being my mentor." she said with all the respect she had.

Black Widower smiles at the show of fealty... that's what it is to him, anyway. "I hope you can learn something. Come on... I feel uneasy here, and privacy is more easily enforced out of plain sight." Despite saying he wishes to be elsewhere, he does not take a single step. Instead he closes one hand over the other (you see the glint of a ring on the hand he hides) and the ground itself shifts slightly. Wait... that's not ground underfoot anymore. Then Widower asks, "How's your balance?"

KathrynMoondancer She didn't seem to have any problems as she casted levitation on herself fairly quickly. "About average, I supposse." she replied earnestly. "Do you wish for me to follow you, sir?" she asked in her naive innocence.

Black Widower The shifting ground rises, bringing an unimpressed Widower up with it. The snow filters through the disturbance, which begins to glint... his blob didn't vanish after all, it's been hiding beneath the snow! Now you're close enough to see that the uneven sparkle is because its surface isn't smooth... instead it's made of interlocking metal ovals... steel links... chain. "Actually, I want you to land on my pet here. Good reaction, though, and I'm surprised to see you've already have some knowledge. How did you learn?"

Kathryn Moondancer She floated herself onto the spider. "My previous mentor..." she explained, though it was obvious the topic made her uneasy. "I've been a student of magic since I was a very small child, but I was not allowed to learn much... as such, I became dissattisfied and... left..."

Black Widower 's chain creature ambles westward along the frigid river, with both of them on it. "That's not what I asked. 'How' did you learn? Some octogenarian with a staff and a conical hat, teaching incantations and formulae... like magic was the new math? Or was it from more of an eccentric, personable figure, describing energy flows and shapes like some twisted art class?"

Kathryn Moondancer "Through rote and memorization. And no, he did not have a beard nor some silly hat. I sat and was taught a few spells to memorize, and when best to use them, and have been repeating the same spells since I was five." she said. Now that the levitation was gone, it was appearant that there was one other spell on her, focused mostly on just a few parts of her body... her hands, feet, and back. It was clearly a glamour spell. "My mentor refused to teach me anything else."

Black Widower takes a seat. Which is to say he begins to sit down, and the metal blob creature senses this somehow and forms an elaborate chair for him to meet halfway, all of woven chain. A similar, though simpler seat rises just behind Kathryn, an unspoken offer. "What I am trying to determine is whether you learned sorcery, wizardry, or something else entirely. I suppose what I should have asked to begin with is 'Do you have a spellbook', and 'Do you need to memorize your spells every day, or are they a part of you to be used at will?'"

Kathryn Moondancer She carefully sat down in the offered seat. "Once I have a spell commited to emory, I do not have to memorize it again, so long as I perform the incantation correctly. I think the human equivalent of this a wizard, as I have to learn the spell from a book, or at least did have to, since I never learned any other method of spellcasting. What you do with just weaving the magic as if it second nature... it is truley awe-inspiring."

Black Widower "Two corrections. First, what you describe more closely resembles sorcery, as a wizard must study and memorize his spells daily... and they are forgotten once cast. Sorcery only requires that you learn to cast a spell once, and then it is yours forever. The simplest comparison is that a Sorcerer cannot possibly learn more than a small fraction of the world's spells... but those spells will always be at his fingertips. A wizard can learn as much as he likes, but must choose a selection daily based on what he expects to encounter during that day." Perhaps this man is more long-winded than his first impression would leave one to believe. "The second correction is more brief... I haven't cast a single spell yet. This metal monster below us is a powerful construct, the product of several months' work and a lifetime of fine-tuning. To say nothing of the cost in raw materials and reagents..."

Kathryn Moondancer "Oh." she said, a bit stunned. "I do apologize... I've never seen a construct in real life before...."

Black Widower says, "The common golems are more hassle than they are worth, most notably because by the time you are powerful enough to create one, the fool thing is less than a quarter as dangerous as you are. They're suitable only as guardians, to discourage intrusion. And if someone decides it's a challenge worth taking, and beats it... then you have to wonder if he'll be after you next. This one, though... is unlike any other golem you are likely to see." When the river forks, the golem continues in a straight line, pushing through the woodland. Widower seems entirely at ease despite the speed at which they travel, with thick trees frequently zipping just inches from his back... and once or twice, passing between he and Kathryn as the golem simply flows around the obstacle. "But that is hardly the point... you have a few spells in the manner of sorcery, and seek to learn more. This I can help with, depending on what you would like to learn. My own selection is... unusual... and I've reached my limit as to what I can learn."

Kathryn Moondancer She shrugged. "I've got a few hundred years left, in the very least, what can you teach me?" she asked, revealing in that one sentence how far she will let her curiousity take her. "I know so little and wish to learn so much more than my fa-- my mentor was willing to teach me."

Black Widower chuckles a bit as the golem finally comes to a stop. "I still have two-thirds of my life left in me, assuming it's not cut short anytime soon. Age means nothing, rather the mind is only so large... there is a hard limit to how many spells you can make a part of you, and this limit reduces as the spells themselves get stronger. It's possible to stretch that limit, but not by much. The Sorcerer's way is all about choosing your spells carefully, knowing that you'll always have what you have at your disposal, and that you'll never have the one spell that would be perfect for a specific circumstance. General-purpose spells, therefore, are 'best', as are spells that can be put to multiple uses. 'Fireball', for example, while not one of mine, can quickly solve a wide variety of problems, often several at once."

Kathryn Moondancer "I only learned one spell for defense, and I was told to only use it in an emergency." she stated simply.

Black Widower snaps his fingers before continuing, a signal for his chain golem, which hides below the snow again. The metal creature is tasked with keeping the area 'clean' and free of witnesses, the detection and capture of creatures being the primary purpose of its design. There is no sign of it even being around anymore... unless it were to find someone. "In this region, emergencies tend to be commonplace. What is this defense magic?"

Kathryn Moondancer "Never-miss missiles, if translated directly from elven. You might have another name for them? They do not have much in the way of damage, but they do live up to thier name." she said. "The few spells I do know are not very strong...."

Black Widower 'Ah, the time-honored Magic Missile. No sensible mage goes without it. In that respect, I am not a sensible mage. If that is your mentor's idea of an emergencies-only spell... it's just as well, starting from the basics. I reccomend you choose a theme or central idea. It makes it easier to remember things if they're all similar, and it also makes it easier to discover spells on your own, if they all conform to the same theme. Some go for destruction, specializing in Lightning Bolt, Fireball, eventually Disintegrate, and every form of hard-hitting assault magic concievable. Some would focus on an element, selecting attacks that mirror that element and utilities that also reflect it. Have you any ideas as to how you would like to develop? Power alone is a poor goal.

Kathryn Moondancer "To be honest... no. Let's see... I know the Never-Miss Missiles.... Levitation... Glamour.... and Wine-Sans-Vine...." she said, counting them on her fingers.

Black Widower sighs and rubs at his forehead, then offers a tight roll of paper sealed with wax. "These are spell scrolls, each can be used only once... thirty in all. Consider them suggestions, many of them are common magics, a few are personal favorites of mine. Between the family library and my own, I could instruct you to cast nearly anything you had a mind to... but you do need an idea of what it is you want to do. Direction and motivation is ever the duty of the student, I can only teach what you wish to learn. It should also be good exercise for you to try deciphering and casting each one, they are scribed in the simplest terms I could find."

Kathryn Moondancer She nodded as she carefully took the scrolls. "I do know that out of the spells I do know, I like Glamour and Wine-Sans-Vine the best." she sat down carefully and opened the first scroll, carefully reading it silently before casting the spell inscribed on it.

Black Widower The first scroll burns up, literally dissolving to ash without heat, and nothing happens. But something tickles at the back of your mind, basic magical tricks, rabbits from anywhere, things that would make stage magicians jealous, all at your disposal at will for a full hour. The scroll's title was 'Prestidigitation'.

Kathryn Moondancer "Ah. I have seen that one before." she said. "If I had thought to study it just a little bit more...." She tried repeating the spell again... just to see if she could really make a rabbit appear.

Black Widower "Scrolls cannot be studied. They're laced with just enough power to cast their inscribed spell once, and it consumes them." Widower's part at this stage is just to watch, and make sure nothing goes too badly. But his words ring true... the spell was cast, and it lasts an hour. Just at the thought of rabbits, a small family pokes their heads up from Kathryn's shoe. "That spell does nothing useful, per se, but is excellent for adding a mystic flair to any activity."

Kathryn Moondancer She giggled as she let them free to run around for an hour. Then she picks up the next scroll. "Oh, what do you wish in return for teaching me?" she asked before unrolling the next scroll.

Black Widower "I'm told this in itself is payment on a Darkstar open-ended favor. I can't accept anything from you other than your full attentiveness once we get to proper lessons." The next scroll is titled 'Pulsing Fireball', and seems several times more complex than the last one.

Kathryn Moondancer "Oh, that's right. I'm still not fully adjusted to all of this...." she said and then unfurled the scroll. It took her about the same amount of time to cast the spell as it did with the Prestidigitation. She shreaked and looked scared as the Fireball appeared. "That... was larger than I though it would be..."

Black Widower Once isn't enough for that particular fireball, either. After the blast, it 'echoes' blasts of equal size, four more, with the last one being barely wisps of flame filling the target area. Widower's remark, "Powerful, most effective on immobile targets, though also useful as a sort of short-term blockade." Then he smiles, perhaps aware of what is next in the sheaf of scrolls... one titled only 'EBT'.

Kathryn Moondancer "It... was different..." she commented, and then picked up the next scroll. "E...B...T...?"

Black Widower says, "Evard's Black Tentacles. More shocking than useful, as the tendrils aren't as strong as you'd expect. Still, it's one of my favorites, as I have ways of making it more effective."

Kathryn Moondancer "Oh?" she said, curious. She read the spell to see what would happen.

Black Widower Immediately several thick, black, whiplike shapes erupt from the ground a safe distance away, waving angrily. Those that happen to be near trees quickly twist around them tightly, trying to crush them. Being trees, the only damage done is some bark scraped off when the spell expires. "They're grabby, and tend to constrict. Most folks are good at dodging, or strong enough to out-wrestle the things... it helps to weaken a target somehow first."

Kathryn Moondancer "I see." she said, just barely managing to dodge them.Once the spell ended she grabbed yet another random scroll and began reading it.

Black Widower The next spell is a strange one. You feel your muscles bulge even as you forget about magic... you feel as though you could uproot a tree and use it as a club. With your new strength and dulled mind, you remember the scroll was titled 'Tenser's Transformation'. "That one takes the spell out of any caster and puts them on-par with a warrior, almost. Good for disguises or when it's all you have left. Perhaps you should practice these on your own, they'll give you an idea of what magic can do. Perhaps you'll likewise get an idea of what you'd -like- your magic to do."

Kathryn Moondancer says, "Perhaps. Unfortuantly with the colder weather setting in, finding a place to stay will not be easy. I do not want to trouble the owners of the tavern, and the one woman there... I do not think she cares much for me."

Black Widower "An elf, worried about the ravages of nature? Not what I'd expect, certainly. There's little I can do or reccomend for you for shelter, the best I know is that a cave lies behind the waterfall of the cliffs. Though considering what lies atop the cliff these days, it's hard to say what lies within those caverns."

KathrynMoondancer "Well, it would be worth checking out then. If it's more than I can handle, then I'll figure something out...." she said. "I... wasn't allowed outside much..."

Black Widower says, "I'm sure there's something in those scrolls that will discourage anyone trying to say you can't use that cave during the winter. It's certainly large enough, I don't think anyone has explored it completely. It may even go as deep as the Underdark itself in places." Considering the discourse finished for the day, Widower begins to take his leave. His ever-present golem leaves off guard duty, and lifts him up into the treeline itself, where it can walk practically across the treetops.

KathrynMoondancer She waved goodbye and walked towards the lake. She didn't liek caves, but could handle the as long as she had light.

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by Cliffside Tavern Live Chat LogPM MemberMember Profile on Fri, 11 Jan 2008 03:13

Murrpau says, She arched her right eyebrow "which other one?" she asked quizicaly, and began listing off city names. "Sshamath, Bhaerynden, Cloibbra, Menzoberranzan, Chaulssin, Buiyrandyn, Dallnothax, Dusklyngh" - she rattled off a few more. and chuckled again their are many other underdark cities of drow, though most are secluded from each other to the point most do not know about each other."

Liriel Baenre says, "Menzoberranzan." She commented with a cold remaniscense. She was trying to forget that it had one time been her home. She had been happy there once. And though she actually enjoyed the vibrance of the forest, she still felt as though something was missing. Maybe it was just her. "I only knew of two cities. How do the others fare?"

Murrpau She shook her head. "Menzoberranzan is a little worse for wear but unfortunately very much still there. A few of the smaller cities fel as well but my father does not have much about them in the books I read of his, but then again his library is a little big to find things quickly and since he scribes most of the original books himself it takes a while for him to get to what we would call recent history." She peered about then drew out a medium sized volume. the book had a strong magic arua for those who could see such things. "If i had the time i could search for them though.."

Liriel Baenre says, "That Toby fellow had said this place was abandoned. I imagine if you chose to stay here for any length of time that you would likely be able to find what you were looking for." Her eyes focused upon the book and she could that the book had magic about it, something that was always of interest to her. "Who is your father, if I may ask?"

Murrpau "It is not as abandoned as one would believe. the people on the hill that seem to be running some kind of school use it." She smiled as she opened the book. the pages in the first part of the book were written on in a fin script while middle was mostly empty. it wasn't until she reached the back pages that the magic became evident. the Text on the pages seemed to shift constantly switching from one topic to another. "As for who my father is, he is an old warrior wizard obsessed with collecting knowledge, people call Him Mith Kal'daka, fitting name when translated back into common."

Liriel Baenre has joined the room.

Murrpau . o O (wb)

Liriel Baenre says, She gave a hmph laugh as she thought about it. Her father was much the same way. She was one of the few that had ever seen it, and even fewer that was allowed to hold the books within it. Then he sent her to the surface because he learned that the priestess school intended to kill her for her possessions of some novels that told her of surface dwellers, a subject that'd held interest for her for years before she left the Underdark.

Murrpau She browsed through her book's ever changing pages before touching a gem on the bottom end of the spine, the changing pages held their current content. she browsed them and sighed. "It looks like my father never went to Menzoberranzan after the Silence. only thing here is that the house structure remains intact and the slave population is severely reduced. And that there are rumors of some one named Gromph having a spell duel in the streets of the city with a lich. All the notes are excerpts from trader reports." she removed her finger from the ewel and the pages started shifting again.

Liriel Baenre says, "Does it specify the outcome of that spell duel?" She had always known her father to be an exceptional wizard even amongst the women of the city. He was one of perhaps three men alive that had any respect and was not treated like complete dirt. Of course, he did allow the respect to go to his head from time to time and they warned him that death was still a reasonable possibility if he did not keep himself in check.

Murrpau She shook her head. "Nothing Written but i do know that the Gromph fellow is still alive, he iether already was or became the archmage of the city, so iether it was a draw or he toasted the Lich, If he is smart he hunted down the phylactery and killed it." she closed the book. and slipped it back into a pouch, the book shrinking as it neared the mouth of the pouch. "Much of our information comes from our traders and ship officers, some from the house assassins. But Senger ischarri only scribes the information when he is not out searching for whatever rumor catches his interest.."

Liriel Baenre has left the room.

Murrpau says, She smiled as she finished off her drink. she put her mug on the counter. she nodded farewell to the drowwes and walked out the door shifting as she opened it. afterwards another set of at prints led away from the tavern.

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