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Krunch Skullmasher

    Rock Troll — Neutral 
          Created by EyeoftheNyte


Stats / Appearance

Character Picture
Gender Male
Age ??
Status No Answer
Alias krunch_skullmasher
Gamescape Not Applicable
Location Nevereth
Krunch stands easily three times as tall as the average man, but probably close to four. His hair, black, long and oily. His eyes are rather small in comparison to the rest of him but solid black, and rather creepy. His eyebrows were of the same oliy hair but thickly banded above his eyes. His skin was craggy and hand an odd gray green muttle hue with some spotting of a brown color. It was hard to believe that up in the mountains this massive being could blend in well enough that not even some of the keenest eyes would beable to detect him. But all in all he's a kind hearted fellow, and a bit of a softie. Becareful not to offend him he's got a bit of a temper, and if you hurt his feelings well... what's worse than a blubbering troll? (If you find out let me know)
Quotes Krunch lykes BEEER!


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His mother and father were, Mums and Basher Bludgonfist. Krunch takes any other being speaking about his mother as an insult, and any other that speaks of his father as if it would summon him. But all in all he holds his family in the highest respect. We will forgo the fauna index version of how Kruch came about and just put it this way... if you've ever seen two heavenly bodies collide you might have some idea of the moments before Krunch's conception.

Krunch keeps to himself mainly, as most trolls of his planet, except for a few types, unless they are bothered. And being they look monstrous they are usually the target of quests, and extermination squads. But Trolls are normally very kind, if only because they're dimmer than a candle in a cup of molasses.

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