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Huck Tor MacLee

    Consulting the Spirits
          Created by JAD


Stats / Appearance

Character Picture
Gender Male
Age 34
Status Married
Alias huck_tor_maclee
Gamescape ULT
Location Canteon
Clan n/a
In all appearances Huck is a young man that would seem natuaral to find on the banks of the Mississippi river of an Earth Realm. His hair is never neat or combed and is blondish brown in color. He does not seem capable of growing facial hair. While his eyes seem to mimic the color of the closest body of water. In height he is a mere five foot three inches tall with a thin and slightly muscular build. Though obviously due to exercise and not his eating habits. Perpetually a strand of wheat can be found in between his teeth or held in his hand. Also he normally does not wear a shirt or shoes, just a pair of comfortable shorts.

Known Abilities:

  • Communication with spirits/ghosts ect.

  • Viewing of the astral plane upon which the spirits/ghosts walk and exist.

  • Long distance communication in Canteon

  • Bound to Nevereth Region

  • Conjuration of wheat, water variations.

  • Teleportation of self/objects in Canteon

In regards to weapons, Huck has only been known to employ 5" long spears that are slightly curved.

Additional Information When Huck became a PMF he had to choose what abilities to take with him. As well as memories as indeed it was a war time situation. So like Wanda he created several dozen artifacts, races, places ect. to serve the functions he formerly did on his own.

Two of the known races Huck created are the Venians and the Finnian Worms.



Jupiter Granite

Grog Smash

Jade Darvison

Friendly Rival
Azuka Souza-Elorian

General S.S. Granite

Griff Sanderson

Wanda Wendy Withers


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Very little is known of Huck before the Lochian War forced him to resign as the "Underground Library and Tavern/ Main Frame" or ULTMF, an artifical intelligence into a personified human and mortal form. It is theorized that during the Sal Dilemia that he had his first taste of conciousness, yet none, not even Huck himself can be sure of that. After the Lochians in the newly formed Canteon had been dealt with the Palace of Naut was opened and it's sleeping chambers made accessible for those wishing to take the long sleep into the future, when the Telorians would return. During that long sleep, Fabler was moved to Canteon and Huck began courting Wanda Wendy Withers. Though it has been noted that Huck was courting her before the movement of Fabler to Canteon. This is can be explained to some degree by Wanda's travelling in time upon Fabler, the appearance of older Wanda's there ect. Though that certainly has other strange implications on the Huck/Wanda story. What is known, is that Wanda arrived Naut or Huck's Underwater Palace via turtle along with Azuka, Kayce, Jupy, Steve, Kat and several others whom had also arrived on Fabler during the great move. After the Telorian return Naut was turned into an orphanage in which Huck and Wanda ran.

Journal Entries

No journal entries have been written.
Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
ULT: Canteon
"With the fall of the Telorians in the shockwave... the invasion of Canteon and the typically overwhelming number of zombies... black lagoonians and well... all out war. The realm is pretty much closed for buisness. That is unless your business is war. Welcome to the reality or realm known as Canteon. Home to the Underground Library & Tavern... where brownies build mechs, mages contemplate boiling their eyes, and a society of Telorians are attempting to keep the gods out of their buisness. Only well they keep turning into gods themselves. "
07 May 2005

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