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Izzafein Fel'amrit

    Drow Merchant — Evil 
          Created by EyeoftheNyte


Stats / Appearance

Character Picture
Gender Male
Status Single
Alias izzafein_felamrit
Gamescape Not Applicable
Location Underdark
Clan House Fel'Amrit
Quotes "Why lie when the truth is more profitable?"


Saren Fel'Amrit


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Izzafein was one of the last children of the Matron Relia. Though he respected hims mother and her position he saw that his younger sister desired the position as Matron of Fel'Amrit and had the foresight not to try to intervein in the coup knowing that his family would prosper under the leadership of his strong sister.

Having shown aptitued for bartering early on, upon comming of age he was placed incharge of of the families mercantile buisness bartering with those outside of the house of various races and houses in an even larger array of goods and even information to the benefit of Fel'Amrit and to Saren herself.

As with dealings of that sort there are bound to be those that touble cross to gain a monitary advantage. In Izzafein's past there are a long string of dead merchants that died of unknown causes. The last thing that is know that they did buisness with Izzafein. There were many more however that did not come to such a fate and as always Izz has been accounted for elsewhere.

Journal Entries

No journal entries have been written.
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House Fel'Amrit
"Deep in the Underdark, the High Priestesses of Lolth rule over Ched Nasad with an iron grip, but the Spider Queen soon withdrawls her favor from the entire drow race, leaving Ched Nasad and it's houses Vulnerable. House Fel'Amrit is a roleplay based on Forgotten Realms. It is the story of one Ched Nasadian house During the War of the Spider queen book saga. "
06 December 2004

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