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Laode Marsh

    Human Pirate — Chaotic Neutral 
          Created by CrownedInBlood


Stats / Appearance

Gender Male
Age 29???
Status No Answer
Alias laode_marsh
Gamescape FR Story Forge
Location Cross-Realm
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 181 lbs.
Hair Color: Auburn
Hair Style: Shoulder length, worn tied back
Facial Hair: Braided full-beard
Distinctive Marks: Scar underneath and to the left of left eye
Typical Outfit: Long, frayed navy-blue officer's coat, black laced shirt, black buckskin pants, brown leather knee-high boots, and a black bandana woven with multi-colored beads.
Additional Information Marsh's backstory is taken with my own creative liberties from the curious fact that, despite the fact that it was once one of the most prominent pirate vessels in the world (and remains one of the most prominent in the history of European piracy), there is absolutely no record that I could find... ANYWHERE... of either what class of ship the Royal Rover was, or it's fate after the capture of the crew at Edinburgh.

Despite the fact that it almost certainly was nothing of the kind, I have decided, for the sake of this character, that the Royal Rover was, in fact, a snow-class sailing vessel (it was rather almost certainly a sloop of some kind, but since I can't find proof to dispute my claim anywhere on the internet or in my many books on the subject of European piracy, my claim stands), in case anyone is curious.


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Laode Marsh was born a human in 1697, in Wales. While it is no longer known what name he bore at birth, he made a name for himself among those he served at sea with, namely, the crew of Walter Kennedy (originally underneath Bartholomew Roberts, until Kennedy's betrayal). Serving as quartermaster for nearly a year, he witnessed the rest of the crew being rounded up in Scotland for a trip to Execution Dock.

Slipping away, seeing that the fight was lost, he gathered a band of seamen about him in Edinburgh, while Kennedy slipped away to Ireland for his own date with destiny. Under the cover of night, the men snuck aboard the Royal Rover, and cut her from her moorings, taking to the sea once again. Immediately hoisting a new flag, they set out with the intent to reach the rich ports along the East India trade routes, but such was not to be their destiny.

Soon after setting sail, the ship was caught in a tremendous storm, such as Marsh had never seen before. While he was new to the office of captain, he was not lacking for mettle, and he led his crew in steering clear of the storm through sheer force of will. When at last the battered ship escaped the edge of the churning waves, the pirate crew found themselves upon the shore of an uncharted island. It was there that Marsh first found the old man who was to play such a pivotal role in the rest of his life.

The old man claimed, when the crew stumbled upon the cave in which he had made a home of sorts, to be a seer. The men, being a superstitious lot, asked him how they might avoid capture, and find their way to fairer waters. The old man simply laughed, and invited them all inside for a drink and a meal. When the crew had fallen to sleep, the old man took Marsh to the very back of the cave, and gave him an old sea chest.

"Here," he said, handing the chest to Marsh, "You've need of this now, as I do not. I had my time, and a high time it was, but my day is done, and yours is come." When Marsh asked him what he meant, the old man grinned at him toothlessly. "You will see what I mean, when you have taken the contents of my old sea chest and made them your own. But mark me, lest damnation befall you all: let no man know that you have seen me, and tell no man of the gifts which I have passed on to you."

Marsh stowed the chest in his cabin faithfully, and the next day, as the Rover pulled out to sea once more, he opened it. He was never sure what happened, exactly, in that moment, but he felt a change come over him. His face and body took on a somewhat ageless quality, and he was filled with the vigor of youth; indeed, he was filled with a vigor he'd never known even when he was a youth. The ship shook, and the crew were terrified, as the wind howled across the deck, pitching the Rover back and forth.

From that moment on, Laode Marsh discovered that he could set a course for anywhere, real or imagined, and sail upon the eddies of his own desire until he made berth wherever he was wont. It seemed that not even old Cronos himself could bar his way, as Marsh sailed through time as readily as he did through space. Though Kennedy would never know it, Marsh stood amongst the crowd and watched him swing, and cheered as lustily as the rest at the death of that foul traitor.

The crew, like their captain, seemed impervious now to the ravages of disease or time, and took to their old ways with a zeal unmatched. Traveling anywhere and anywhen that their captain bade them, they lived the pirate dream across a thousand different worlds. Now, flush with wealth, but still with a hunger for adventure unending, they seek ever more exotic places to explore and to pillage, as the mood may take them.

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Berth At Last   07 July 2017

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created on 02-July-2017

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