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Admiral Leek

    Anthromorph Soldier — Chaotic Good 
          Created by Muroidea


Stats / Appearance

Gender Male
Status No Answer
Alias muro
Gamescape Nationstates
Location TFL
Admiral Leek is of the species Peromyscus leucopus, although within the lands of Muroidea, like the rest, is an anthromorph version of this particular breed of mouse. Known as white foot's, and in appearance, their soft fur can vary in color, from white to black, but all have a distinguishable white underside and white feet.

Naturally a good portion of this is not visible due to clothing and so forth.

Full Name: Asuran Leek
Age: 52 years
Marital Status: Married
Children?: Four sons, two daughters.
Kin?: Leek is a family of cousins to the Muroi bloodline.

Height: 1.76 m
Weight: 80 kg

Identifying features:
Leek has a severe scar along his snout, it starts just above the nostrils and runs nearly to the bridge between eyes.

His right eye is slightly milky due to age.


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The Muroidean Bloodline stems from the legendary Martin the Warrior. An iconic figure whose history tells the story of a young mouse named Martin, a slave in Marshank under the cruel stoat Badrang the Tyrant. When Badrang leaves Martin to be tortured by the weather and the birds, a young mouse-maid named Laterose, or Rose (whom Martin falls in love with) and a mole named Grumm hear his cry of defiance. They become instrumental in helping Martin, along with a squirrel named Felldoh, and Rose's brother Brome, escape Marshank.

When that is accomplished, they decided to travel to Noonvale to rouse an army to attack Marshank. However, in the ocean, Felldoh and Brome are separated from Rose, Martin, and Grumm. Felldoh and Brome meet up with the Rambling Rosehip Players, a traveling band of creatures, and join forces with them, eventually freeing the slaves as Brome bluffs his way into and out of Marshank, disguised as a rat from Badrang's horde.

Meanwhile, Martin, Rose and Grumm meet a hedgehog named Pallum after being imprisoned by pigmy shrews. They are eventually freed by saving the life of the Pygmy Queen's son, Dinjer, along with Pallum, who in turn joins up with them.

After a long series of adventures, the four adventurers reach Noonvale, Rose and Grumm's home. They gather an army there, but it is not large enough. But all is not lost. Boldred, a scholarly owl who they met on the way to Noonvale, helps gather a huge army, including the pigmy shrews and the Gawtrybe (a group of savage squirrels). The entire army then sails to Marshank and reach it in good timing, since the Rambling Rosehip Players are in a predicament. Badrang and all of the vermin under his command, with the exception of mad Cap'n Tramun Clogg, are slain.

Sadly, Rose is murdered in the final battle by the very tyrant she had gone with Martin to defeat. After the battle, Martin, along with Ballaw, Rowanoak, Brome, and Keyla all stay in Polleekin's treehouse for the short rest of the season. Martin is devastated, his one love gone and with nowhere to go. He denies going back to Noonvale with the rest, the memory of Laterose lingering too strong, not to mention he'll have to tell Urran Voh what had happened to his daughter.

He makes a vow not to tell anyone about his friends or Noonvale, in order to protect them from enemies... He decides simply to relate a tale of living by the sword in the caves until the time came to move on southward.

The story of Martin and Rose is later brought to Ufange during the time of Abbot Saxtus by Aubrieta, a descendant of Martin the Warrior, and his second love, Frella, who accompanies it with a sprig of climbing-rose culled from that which grew on Rose of Noonvale's grave. This becomes the Laterose of Ufange. In the passing of Spring to Summer, it blooms year round a bit later than the rest, and that is why it is called, the Laterose.

Aubrieta became The Abbess Muroidea, and then upon leaving Ufange, created a new home known as Salmas. Salmas then became the city of the Muroidean peoples, as creatures were invited from all over, many of which were refugees and so forth from other areas affected by war and so on. Thus the bloodline expanded to cover a wide variety of races, and while many were in name only, the culture of the bloodline has expanded so that most if not all of the Muroidean people attach themselves to be apart of the actual Muroidean bloodline itself.

Generally with the last names of Muro, Muroi, or oi'Dean. These are the most popular of the names though there are others as well.

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09 June 2016

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