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Nimaz Velven Ri'zun

    sub-seelie Knight — Neutral Evil 
          Created by Rhydin


Stats / Appearance

Gender Male
Status Single
Alias nvr
Gamescape Nationstates
Location TFL
Clan Ri'Zun
Build: Athletic
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Chest: 96.5 cm
Arms / Biceps: 38 cm
Waist: 76 cm

Race / Ethnicity: Sub-seelie/Dark Fae
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Light Blue

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Distinctive Features:
Slight scar running from left brow to just past eye.
Additional Information Being a member of the Hegemony Purification Order, and the massacre at Sieaz Square within the territorial holding of Karthay. Four thousand refugees were declared a stain on their genetic purity and were murdered on his orders.


Yanna Ke'la Velven


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Apart of the royal family that rules the Hegemony, Prince Nimaz Velven Ri'Zun only appears human. He is a creature of shadow. More in common with vampires, though his race is Dark Fae.

The Dark Fae are split into two distinct categories or bloodlines even: the Lament and the Torn. The Lament are those born into the race. The Torn are various subspecies of fae converting to live the way of the Dark Fae.

Touched by evil long, long ago and now trapped in darkness, the Dark Fae are consumed by an unquenchable thirst for power and dominion.

The hellspawn race known as the Fey'ri were effectively entombed underneath Myth Drannor for 5000 years until some of the magical warding had eroded and they were able to escape to the surface. It is known to some, that some of the ancient Haru families were present in this age, and did assist in the escape of the Fey'ri from their ancient prison as a means to effectively weaken their enemies.

Long apart of this mortal coil, for even the Fae do eventually expire, Nimaz and his clan have watched this land of Lore become a wretched husk of itself. Gone the beauty of an age past, to the empty shell of a lost future unless something can be done.

Journal Entries

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The Forgottenlands
"Lands beyond the mist, a place of gathering for worlds of fantasy and the modern born together as one. We are a region of writers apart of the Nationstates role-playing community. We espouse multi-species, Cyberpunk, Future Tech, Independent, Modern Tech, Role Player, Fantasy Tech, Medium, and Post-Modern Tech. "
30 May 2016

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created on 30-May-2016     last edited 30-May-2016

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